15 Food You Have To Try At Disneyland

15 foods you HAVE to try at Disneyland

  1. Ever since Disney California Adventure Park added a Ghiradelli Soda Fountain to the park, guests have been flocking to get a taste of their famous ice cream sundaes and chocolates. Our favorite is a single scoop of vanilla with milk chocolate hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top!
  2. It’s obvious that the corn dog is a staple food of theme parks. The smell hits you as soon as the fryers turn on. Disneyland Park however is known for their corn dogs. Battered big, these corn dogs will have you coming back for seconds and thirds, day after day. You can get them next to the Plaza Inn at the end of Main Street USA. Be sure to get there early!
  3. Nothing says YUM more than grilled cheese and fresh tomato soup. On a chillier day at Disneyland Park, this meal hits the spot. Found at Jolly Holiday Bakery off Main Street USA this combo meal features lightly toasted bread with gooey melted cheese. The tomato soup is delicious and heart-warming. Dipping your sandwich into the soup is just magical.
  4. One of the best snacks in the parks is the Mickey pretzel. Found at several food booths through-out both parks, not only is it decorative and fun, it’s delicious! Be sure to get a cup of nacho cheese with your pretzel to make this treat even better!

  5. Speaking of Mickey food items the Mickey waffle is a must-try for any Disneyland Park goer. Served at several locations including the 3 property hotels, carnation cafe, and most character dining breakfasts, the Mickey waffle is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Topped with some powdered sugar, whipped cream, and syrup, this may be the only meal you need!

  6. With the closing of Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland Park to make way for Star Wars Land, many guests believed the famous Thunder Ranch Ribs were gone forever. Not so! Now being served at River Belle Terrace in Adventureland, these spice-rubbed ribs are still available. Slow cooked till the meat is literally falling off the bone and served with crispy tater-tots and beans, it’s one of the finest and hardiest meals in the parks.

  7. If you find yourself seeking a cold treat on a hot day in Disney California Adventure Park be sure to stop by Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream located on Buena Vista Street. With choices ranging from a simple cup to a fudge-dipped waffle cone and sprinkles, you can’t go wrong! Hand scooped flavors include Cookies and Cream, Strawberry, Butter Pecan, and many more! In additions to the cones they serve gigantic sundaes and hand-dipped ice cream bars!

  8. Considered one of the best sandwich shops in the world, Earl of Sandwich serves up some scrumptious hot and cold sandwiches. From their famous Earl’s Club to Hawaiian BBQ, you’ll probably want to buy 2, one for now and the other for now as well. Probably the best part about these sandwiches is the fresh house-made bread. You’ll be impressed with every bite you take. Earl of Sandwich is located in Downtown Disney next to the AMC Theaters.

  9. Another staple food of theme parks is the churro. For some reason though Disney’s is just better than the rest. Freshly baked each day at the stands you’re guaranteed a nice cinnamon crispy outside and a soft warm inside. These are not to be shared as you’ll have many regrets doing so. Want extra cinnamon and sugar? No problem. Just ask the Cast Member for a second round in the pan.

  10. These are not your ordinary tacos. No sir. These are Carthay Circle Lounge’s famous and very secretive Twice-Cooked Vietnamese Taco’s. The beef is slowly cooked in a special marinade and then deep fried right before serving. They are topped with fresh pineapple-mint salsa. Served in four min-taco’s, one person should not try and consume more than this. They are very rich. However, you will be back the next day for a second round.

  11. Dole Whips have been a park favorite for years and still are! Located at the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction you’ll want to get there right when they open to avoid the long lines they get in the afternoons. Enjoy a Dole Whip or a Dole Whip Float which features the soft serve pineapple ice cream and some pineapple juice! For those concern about dairy, it has none! It’s simply pineapple, sugar, and water.

  12. It only comes out seasonally each year at Halloween time. The most delicious Halloween candy ever tasted. It’s candy corn on steroids. Disney Park’s Gummi Candy Corn is a must try! Soft and chewy, it hits the sweet tooth’s sweet spot. You’ll never want to eat regular candy corn again!

  13. You may have heard of this infamous chocolate cake. But have you tried it? 24 layers of delicious chocolate on chocolate served with a sorbet and raspberry sauce. We promise you’ve never had anything more amazing then this! Stop in at Steakhouse 55’s lounge for a gigantic serving. Bring some friends to share it with.

  14. Macaroon’s are a popular treat these days so it’s easy to say they all taste the same. Put that aside for 5 minutes of heaven with this Raspberry Rose Mickey Macaroon. It’s unbelievably soft, chewy, and sweet. Fresh raspberries and cream fill every bite of this magical treat. Pick one up at Jolly Holiday Bakery to make your wildest food fantasies come true!

  15. Nachos can be simple food…or out of this world. Cove Bar in DCA Park serves up some of the best nachos we’ve had, period. Why? One word: Lobster. That’s right, lobster nachos piled high with everything delicious on a bed of fresh cut chips. Don’t miss out on this lunch and dinner specialty and be sure to arrive early. Lines get long!

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