Toy Story Midway Mania Fastpass coming soon!

Disney California Adventure Park is about to receive a new Fastpass attraction. One that’s long over-due in our book. Toy Story Midway Mania on the Boardwalk has long been one of the most popular attractions at DCA park. Since it’s opening it consistently has had lines 40+ minutes or more.

That’s why when we heard it was going to receive a Fastpass line we got super excited! It was announced several months ago and now it’s finally starting to show. We think within the next 2 week of this articles posting it should be up and running. 

On our last visit we were able to get some photos of the Fastpass machines location. It’s marked by a subtle sign and features 4 Fastpass machines colored white and peach. 

At the actual attraction entrance there are a few new signs of Fastpass. First is the big sign that says “Fastpass Entrance.” This is a great indication.. 😉 There’s also a sign right by the entrance that now digitally states the stand-by lines wait time and the Fastpass return times.

The last thing we saw that’s currently in but “hidden” is what we believe to associated with the new MaxPASS system. In Florida, every Fastpass attraction has two poles at the entrance of the Fastpass line. It allows guests to scan their MagicBands for entry. With Disneyland’s MaxPass system we think these two poles at the entrance of Toy Story’s Fastpass line will allow guests to scan their scheduled Fastpass here.

We can’t say for sure this is how it will work but it will be something along those lines. This also means that every Fastpass attraction at Disneyland will now need these poles installed.

Whatever it ends up being we’re really excited for this new Fastpass attraction as well as what’s in store for all Fastpass attractions!

Speaking of other Fastpass attractions (and new ones at that) the Matterhorn Bobsleds is the next Disneyland attraction receiving Fastpass. It’s currently undergoing construction for this and will debut later this year! Look for a story as time gets closer!