Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is a Parents Best Friend

What if someone told you there was a place at Disneyland where parents could take their kids and let them run around, no lines, peace and quiet, and a chance to relax? We’ll there is no such place so too bad..

JK, we wouldn’t do that to you. There is a place and we’re going to share it with you! We love you!

The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in Disney California Adventure Park is THE place. Located near Grizzly River Run in the Grizzly Peak area, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is a huge outdoor activity center for kids and parents.

Walking in you’ll notice you feel some serenity; peace for the first time since you came into the parks. 😉 Haha. We like to pretend that this is our happy place in the parks. You may find the same after visiting it!

The nature feel of the  Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is amazing and powerful. Trees, streams, rock formations, and lots of shade. It’s paradise. The best part is that your kids will enjoy it just as much as you will.

Activities range from slides for toddlers to rope swings for the bigger kids and everything in between like a rock climbing wall and a Spirit Cave.

Depending on the age of your kids you can just let them go and run around or you can walk around with them from activity to activity. There are areas that have several activities so you can pop a squat in the shade and watch them play.

The Spirit Cave that we mentioned earlier is based on the film Brother Bear and features Kenai and Koda. Upon entering the cave you can place your hand on certain areas of the cave walls to discover what your spirit animal is. 

Be sure to wander around and take a look at some of the cases of wilderness tools and maps that are features; enjoy the streams and trees and meet Russell and Doug from UP. 

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is going to be your best friend from now on when you visit the parks!

They do have somewhat limited hours, typically opening at the time the park does (not open during Extra Magic hours) and closes at dusk. Depending on the time of the year this will change. Russell and Doug can be found during certain hours of the day. Be sure to ask a Wilderness Explorer Leader upon entering for their hours.

We hope you enjoy your time at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail!