Big Changes Coming to Disneyland’s Adventureland!

We’ve all see it. Massive crowds trying to walk through Adventureland. The stroller parking right in the middle of the walkway. Lines begin to form just to get through. You hope you can find a Fastpass lane….

                       Tours Departing Daily
                      Tours Departing Daily

Congestion in Adventureland has long been a struggle for Disneyland…until now. Disney has announced that changes will be taking place this month (around June 12th) to alleviate that congestion and improve the dining space. It starts with merchandise….

                     Tours Departing Daily
                    Tours Departing Daily

The Indy Outpost and South Seas Traders stores will close and be combined with Adventureland Bazaar. Bengal Barbeque will also close during this time and re-open at the end of June with improved in-door dining. Finally!

The stroller parking will be moved to the current location of Tropical Imports by the exit of the Jungle Cruise. Tropical Imports will move next door to Bengal Barbeque and continue to serve its fruits, drinks, and snacks.

Disney is planning on having all this complete by mid summer, before Fantasmic! returns to the park. 

We’re really excited for thee changes and hope that in the future they will also improve other areas of the park the way they with this. Our “next on the list” is Tomorrowland by Star Tours!

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