New Guidelines For Disney Theme Park Guests Revealed

A task force for the state of Florida met virtually on Tuesday to discuss the eventual reopening of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. The task force, which consists of elected officials and 2 theme park executives have been working on guidelines for guests and employees as they eye a reopening of the Florida-based theme parks. Tentative guidelines […]

Things to Do in Downtown Disney Orlando

As one of the largest resorts in the world, Walt Disney World enjoys widespread popularity and has so many sights and activities to see and experience that it is impossible to take all of it in during a single visit. Most guests who regularly visit Disney World are well aware of this and always plan a return trip. Or, in […]

2 Magical Disney Park Recipes

More Disney theme park recipes for your at-home enjoyment! Today’s recipes feature a breakfast french toast from Disney’s PCH Grill at Paradise Pier Hotel and a Beignets recipe from inside Disneyland Park. Over the past several weeks Disney has been releasing park recipes for guests to enjoy at home while their theme parks remain closed. We hope you enjoy them […]

How Will Cruises Have Changed After COVID?

How Will Cruises Have Changed After COVID? As COVID-19 spread across the world, cruise ships found themselves moving quickly to react. A virus that spread through the air and could sit on surfaces for hours on end made cruising impossible. The nature of cruises makes close contact a part of life, a factor that many passengers choose to take a […]

Helicopter View Of Empty Disneyland Is Eerie

There isn’t much going on at the Disneyland Resort since it closed in March. And it’s kind of creepy. A local Helicopter Pilot, Micah Muzio had the opportunity to fly over the resort (with permission) and was able to capture some of the park with no one in sight. For anyone who’s ever visited Disneyland, it’s a strange sight to […]

Will Residents Have First Access To Disney?

There is a lot of talk swirling around the reopening of the Disney theme parks, particularly in Florida where they are already starting to reopen their beaches and businesses. Bob Iger, who just became CEO of Disney again, has been added to a task force to help reopen California and Josh D’Amaro, president of the Walt Disney World Resort is […]

Disneyland Is Deeply Discounted Right Now

If you’re ancy to visit the Disney theme parks since their closing in March, now’s actually a pretty good time to start planning and booking. Why? Because hotels and tickets are currently on sale, some very much so. While Disney hasn’t actually announced an official opening date for their parks, guests who are thinking of going this fall and winter […]

What Will Disney Look Like After Reopening?

It’s been over a month since Disney closed the gates to their theme parks in the U.S. They’ve halted construction on several new attractions and lands and even furloughed many of their employees. So when Disney does open for guests, what will things look like? How long will it take the parks to return to “normal” if there is a […]