Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, opened in 2019, is the newest park in Disneyland. This park is unique because it is meant to be fully Immersive. It is not Star Wars themed, it is Star Wars. Leave Earth behind as you step onto a new planet. Galaxy’s Edge has several exotic treats to try and two of the best rides in […]


Tomorrowland opened as one of Disneyland’s original lands. Walt Disney had the idea to transport Disney’s guests to the future in a sci-fi world and accomplished it well. Disney was a big fan of space exploration and technology, so it became the inspiration for this park. Tomorrowland is home to fantasy and reality. It features rides for beloved movies and […]

New Orleans Square

Located just past Adventureland, New Orleans Square is a short walk from the park entrance. It has the largest collection of shops outside of Main Street. It is a great place to meet characters and sit to enjoy live music and excellent food. Stop here to make a trip to Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer’s Island via raft across the […]

Mickey’s Toontown

Mickey’s Toontown is a park created specifically for children. At Toontown, kids will be able to meet characters and explore their houses. It also features rides that all children will feel comfortable riding, and that parents will enjoy too. Knowing that children love more than just rides, character houses serve as interactive play places for kids to play.The Toontown entrance […]


Step back into the wild, wild west in Frontierland. Frontierland opened as one of Disneyland’s original lands. It is themed after the old western United States and home to Walt Disney’s favorite ride: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. While walking around Frontierland, look at the ground beneath you. You’ll see horseshoe prints and a path mimicking the old West sewage system. […]


Fantasyland was one of the original lands open on Disneyland’s Opening Day. It is one of the most kid-friendly sections of the park, but is nostalgic for adults. The majority of Fantasyland rides do not have a FASTPASS. Fantasyland closes early every night for the firework show. Fantasyland is home to the iconic Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Be sure to visit […]

Critter Country

Critter Country is the farthest park from the Disney entrance. To get there, pass through Adventureland and New Orleans Square. Critter Country is best described as charming and happy, or like forest-filled Northern California. It has two great rides, the most popular being Splash Mountain. You WILL get wet or soaked on this ride. We recommend bringing ponchos, jackets, and […]


Adventureland is the perfect name for this tropical land. Here, guests are taken on wild adventures through the jungle and underground. While the Jungle Cruise is suitable for all guests with a sense ofh umor, Indiana Jones is best forolder kids prepared for a scary thrill ride.Entering Adventureland will sweep you into a remote jungle based on the rainforests of […]