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New Orleans Square

Located just past Adventureland, New Orleans Square is a short walk from the park entrance. It has the largest collection of shops outside of Main Street. It is a great place to meet characters and sit to enjoy live music and excellent food. Stop here to make a trip to Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer’s Island via raft across the waterway. New Orleans Square is also home to an exclusive suite above the Pirates ride for sweepstakes winners as well as Club 33, a renowned Disney club. Stop in the Pandora shop for exclusive Disney charms or dine in the Blue Bayou restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean.

Age Group: Young Kids, Tweens, and Teens/Adults.
Park Characteristics: This park is perfect for families of all ages. There is a Disneyland Railroad stop here, shops, and plenty of treats. Pick up a piece of the famous bustling city and move it to Disneyland—that’s New Orleans Square.
Events: Fantasmic, a show with fireworks, popular music, and beloved characters that takes place on the water nightly; view from roped-o areas.

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