Cheapest Place For Disneyland Tickets

Cheapest Place For Disneyland Tickets

Looking for the cheapest place to purchase your Disneyland Tickets? Park Savers has all the information you need! Let’s cut to the chase though: The cheapest place for Disneyland tickets is here! Let us explain.

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The Disneyland Resort has been around since 1955 with entrance fees starting at just .99 cents. You hear right. Just to get into the park you only had to pay $1. In today’s money that’s $9.11. Of course Disneyland was a lot different then than it is now. There were fewer rides and attractions but more shows and walkthroughs. People also wore their best when visiting Disneyland. Men in suits and women in dresses. Once inside the park however, you needed to purchase a coupon booklet with A B and C coupons in them. Each letter corresponded with a level of attraction or show. A was the most basic, maybe a show entrance and C was the best, something like the Jungle Cruise.

We’ve come a long way since the .99 cent era. In fact, over the last 60+ years a Day at Disneyland has gone from $9.11 per day to over $100. However, one must keep in mind that the parks has expanded significantly since then including the addition of California Adventure Park in 2001. Disneyland ticket pricing has surpassed inflation but there’s a lot more to that than just price.

So with Disney themselves selling the top priced ticket into their parks, where is the cheapest place for Disneyland tickets? Disney tends to keep what’s theirs, theirs. It makes sense right? If you have a product that millions of people are after and you have no hard time selling it, why share it with others to profit off of it? We’re not sure the exact answer for that but we do know that this is the case. Take Park Savers for example. We offer Disneyland tickets including 1 park per day and park hopper option tickets with a length of 2-5 days. Our prices are less than or the box office. In fact, many travel agencies will claim to give you a deal “overall” but really they are selling you at cost.

Park Savers offers tickets with savings over online and gate pricing. All the tickets are fulfilled by Disney themselves and offer savings up to +. So why would anyone buy from Disney themselves when you can pay less with us? We’re still wondering that….

There aren’t many companies that offer cheap Disneyland tickets to help you save money. And as we mentioned before they probably want to sell you on a package that won’t save you money at all in the end. Truly, the cheapest place for Disneyland tickets is here with Park Savers. No package is required to take advantage of our great pricing.

Here’s a sample of what you can save on your Disneyland tickets:

2-Day Park Hopper Ticket from is $244 vs. Park Savers at $240

3-Day Park Hopper Ticket from is $315 vs. Park Savers at $305

4-Day Park Hopper Ticket from is $335 vs. Park Savers at $333 with your 5th Day free

Park Savers also offers special promotion tickets including the 5th day free or free Character Dining. These tickets and promotions are always while supplies last so be sure to stay in touch with our Special Deals Newsletter. We don’t send it out unless there’s a really great deal going on. Typically, once a month.

Don’t pay full price for your tickets and use Park Savers. Check out our current pricing and promotions here and get ready to save! Don’t forget that the Disneyland Resort is in Anaheim, CA and has two parks, 3 property hotels, and a shopping district called Downtown Disney. There’s a lot to do here which is why we always suggest getting a 3-Day Park Hopper ticket or longer in order to experience it all!

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