Is A Coco-themed Attraction In Disney’s Future?

Just as Maelstrom at EPCOT was changed into Frozen Ever After, we’re calling that the Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico Pavilion will change to a Coco-themed attraction in the near future. When we were last there Coco was fresh in theaters and doing very well. As soon as we jumped onto the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction it just hit us; this could very well be changed into a Coco attraction.

While the Gran Fiesta Tour is a classic in our book, the younger generations don’t know who the Three Caballeros are or any of the films they were in. The latest we’ve seen of them was in one of the new Mickey Cartoons but only for a brief second.

With the success of Frozen Ever After replacing Maelstrom it just makes sense that Disney would change the Gran Fiesta Tour into Coco. It would represent the Mexico Pavilion well and would be a great update to current characters that the younger generations know. Plus the Grand Fiesta Tour is all about music and so is Coco! 

While Disney has not revealed any plans to change the Gran Fiesta Tour at this point, we’re calling it right now. Coco!

As to image © Disney