Disneyland Coupons

If you’re in search for Disneyland Coupons you’ve come to the right place! One Smart Mouse has all the best savings whether you’re looking for tickets, packages, or hotels for a Disneyland Vacation. We of course have all the latest Disneyland Coupons and savings tips available for anyone to use.

Disneyland Coupons

Please find the following Disneyland Coupons available for your use:

Adults pay Kids prices coupon

$10 off any Disneyland Package of 2 nights/2 tickets.  Savings are automatically applied.

25% off your stay at the Disneyland Hotel

3rd Night Free at the Clarion Hotel

Over $300 in savings and coupons with any Disneyland Package

If these Disneyland Coupons don’t do the trick we don’t know what will! All coupons are current and active.

Other Disneyland Coupons and Savings

There are lots of other ways to save on your Disneyland vacation with Disneyland Coupons and shopping tips. First, Disney periodically offers savings of up to 35% off packages and hotel bookings. Follow our blog for these offers and then book here. The savings will automatically be applied to your hotel or package.

Some of the best times to buy are in January and March-April. These are the “slow” times for Disneyland and so some of the best offers are done during these times. January is the best way to beat the price hikes that happen every year. Not only will you save on the price difference between the old and new tickets but the discount as well. Sometimes up to $30 off per ticket! REad more about discounted Disneyland tickets in our guide here.

We highly recommend Get Away Today when it comes to saving on Disneyland tickets, hotels, and packages. They are always offering the best deals and savings like Adults pay Kids Prices.

Be sure to check out their website for current offerings and savings. All their packages comes with over 0 in coupons and savings plus free lanyards for each person in your party. That’s hard to beat!Disneyland Coupons