Can you buy discount Disneyland tickets?

Yes, in 2020 there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing discount Disneyland tickets. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying from an authorized wholesaler. One in particular that’s been around for over 20 years is Get Away Today.
They are known for their Best Price Guarantee on all their tickets as well as e-ticket delivery which is very important.
Some things to keep in mind about discounted tickets to Disneyland include the actual amount of a discount. While guests may search for a 50% off deal, there never is through an authorized wholesaler. Searching for these types of deals typically lead guests to scams, so be aware.
Wholesalers typically offer discounts between $3 and $25 on average with some special offers discounting tickets up to $100.
Wholesalers also do not offer 1 day tickets at a discount. Only Disney can sell these tickets and they are not discounted to the general public.
Lastly, most wholesales offer e-tickets for delivery which is very important to get. It allows you to bypass ticket booths and head straight into the parks. If they aren’t offering this we would suggest looking elsewhere.

What is Fastpass at Disneyland?

Fastpass is a free service for all Disneyland guests who hold a valid ticket. Fastpass allows you to schedule a return time for most major attractions at both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.
Using the system is easy and can help you save a lot of time during the day by using it. Essentially, Fastpass saves your place in line while you go do other things. When it’s time to return to the attraction you skip the main standby line and go into a faster line.
To receive a Fastpass for an attraction all you need to do is have your physical ticket in hand and head to the attraction you’d like to use Fastpass on. If the attraction has Fastpass available there will be Fastpass machines close by. Simply enter your park ticket into the Fastpass machine and wait for it to give you your return time.
Hold on to your reminder card until it’s time to return to the attraction. When you do, have your park ticket in had and enter into the Fastpass line. You’ll scan your ticket as you enter the attraction and, assuming everything is correct, you’ll board the attraction faster.
Common issues with Fastpass not working include guests trying to schedule Fastpass for people who have not entered the park yet. Each ticket must have been scanned at the gate upon entry in order to use it.
Other issues include showing up too early for your Fastpass or too late. You’ll be given a one hour return window which you must fall into in order to use your Fastpass.

What is MaxPass?

MaxPass is an optional service to Fastpass. It enhances the Fastpass service at Disneyland by allowing guests to schedule Fastpass from their phones using the Disneyland App instead of going to the actual attraction and scanning their park ticket.
While Fastpass is a free service to all guests who have a valid Disneyland ticket, MaxPass is not free. It currently costs $20 a day per person.
The MaxPass service includes mobile scheduling of Fastpasses and unlimited downloads of Photopass and attraction photos for the entire day.
Guests who purchase MaxPass tend to get about 2-3 additional attractions done each day over guests who don’t purchase it. Some research suggests more and some less but on average it’s 2-3.
MaxPass can be purchased at the time of ticket purchase through sellers like Get Away Today and
If you are interested in the free unlimited photos for the day but don’t care about doing Fastpass mobily then it is suggested that just one person in your group purchase MaxPass and have all photos go under their account.
Kids 2 and under do not need a park ticket or MaxPass.

Does Costco Sell Disneyland Tickets?

Unfortunately Costco does not sell Disneyland tickets at this time. While they have in the past at warehouses and online, as of February 2020 they do not offer them.
Guests who are Costco members and looking to save on Disneyland tickets can purchase through wholesalers like Get Away Today. No membership is required and Costco members can take advantage of their Best Price Guarantee.
If you’d like to continue checking for Disneyland tickets through Costco we would suggest doing the following:
Check under travel and amusement park tickets. See if they get them in stock (they haven’t for over 3 years now). You can also call your local warehouse and ask if they are carrying them.
When Costco does carry tickets they typically are only one type of ticket such as a 4-day park hopper, not offering many options including 2, 3 or 5 days or the 1 park per day option.

Can I Buy Disneyland Tickets With PayPal?

Yes, there are actually several ways you can purchase Disneyland tickets with PayPal. While Disney themselves do not offer PayPal at, guests can purchase discount tickets to Disneyland through wholesalers like Get Away Today with PayPal.
The great thing about purchasing with PayPal for your tickets is that you’re protected 100% against fraud. If you had an issues receiving your tickets for some reason, you’re covered.
Also with PayPal, guests can use PayPal Credit to purchase their tickets as well. PayPal Credit offers guests the opportunity to Buy Now and Pay Later. Essentially you have a line of credit with PayPal that offers 6 months no payment and no interest on your purchase.
This is a great option for guests who want to take advantage of lower ticket prices or special offers but don’t have all the money upfront.

Does Disneyland Offer Layaway?

As of February 2020 Disneyland does not offer layaway for their packages or tickets. They require full payment upfront for tickets and a deposit down for packages depending on how far out you book.
If you’re interested in a full layaway program from tickets and package to Disneyland I would suggest looking at Get Away Today. They offer both and also have a best price guarantee on both so you’ll always get the lowest price.
Their layaway program is very simple to use: it’s $125 down and monthly payments made up until 30 days before arrival. They’ll take care of the payments for you so you don’t need to worry about calling every month.
Plus you can still get a refund if you need to cancel for some reason up until the non-cancellable period of the hotel.
Layaway packages comes with some special gifts as well including lanyards and coupons worth over $300 for the Anaheim area.