Guide to Purchasing Discounted Disneyland Tickets

Guide to Buying Discounted Disneyland Tickets

We all want to save on our Disneyland Tickets. Why? Because they are expensive! Every dollar counts when you’re planning a trip! There are several ticket discounters out there who are authorized sellers. Many of them can help you save around $5-$10. A few can help you save even more. This guide will help you discover ways to save on your tickets and ways to avoid being scammed.

Where not to buy your “discounted tickets”

This is always a good place to start.

Place’s such as eBay, craigslist, and other online classifieds are not good places to search for discounted tickets. These have been associated with scams over the last several years.

Websites that include “Disney” in the web name or “Disneyland” are NOT authorized sellers. Authorized sellers are not allow to include those words in their business names or web addresses. For example, Park Savers does not include any of those. It’s considered copyright infringement and it’s an easy way to spot a scammer.

Any company that requires you to meet-up in person to receive your tickets is also not a good idea. Authorized sellers will either email you a voucher to print and take with you to redeem at a box office or send you your hard copy tickets in the mail.

Authorized sellers are not allowed to sell discounted 1 day tickets. If they are claiming this, it’s a scam.

Last but not least, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Why risk losing all that money you saved for your vacation just to be scammed and save a few more dollars? It’s not worth it! Typical savings with authorized ticket sellers is between -. Anyone claiming half-priced tickets are more than likely out to get you.

Authorized Ticket Discounters

These are the guys you want to buy from. Many of them have been selling for years and have direct contracts with Disney. They also have many direct affiliates who sell for them. You won’t find better prices on tickets than these guys. Most ticket discounters offer email delivery of your tickets with purchase. Some offer shipped tickets to your home. With today’s technology it’s nice to be able to scan tickets from your phone so you don’t have to print or carry around a piece of paper. Expect delivery of your tickets to your email within 24 hours of purchase.

What to Expect in Savings

Some of the deals you can expect to see from these sellers include FREE days, typically your 5th day free when you purchase a 4 day ticket. Occasionally they will offer a FREE character dining meal when you purchase a 3, 4 or 5 day ticket. This is a fantastic deal because you’ll get a discount on your ticket plus a $22-$38 meal for free! Remember, authorized sellers and their affiliates CANNOT sell 1 day tickets at a discount. You won’t find them on their websites. 2 days or more including 1 park per day and Park Hopper tickets is what you can expect to save on.

When to Buy

One of the best tips we can give you is when to buy for your upcoming trip. Historically Disney has raised their ticket prices every year for the past several years. This typically happens in February. If you’re visiting any time during or after February you’ll want to buy in January. A typical price increase is between $5 and $15 dollar per ticket. If you purchase for your trip BEFORE the price increase not only will your get the seller’s discount but you’ll also save on that price increase. There’s potential savings of or more per ticket!

Another great time to buy is in a “lag” season right after Spring Breaks but before summer has started. During this time you can typically find those FREE day tickets or even better, FREE character dining tickets. Whichever deal you pick is a win!

Our Recommended Seller

We recommend one discounter above the rest for their amazing customer service and prices: Park Savers

Park Savers has been selling for over 5 years and has quickly become one of the biggest names in discounted Disneyland tickets. With their great sale prices and offers you can’t go wrong.

What ticket is right for me?

This is a loaded question..

First off you need to decide if you want to visit just 1-park per day or Park Hop with Disney’s Park Hopper ticket. We always suggest a Park Hopper Ticket because everyday brings something different in crowds, ride closures, and likes and dis-likes, and food.

Then choose how many days you want to play…

1-Day Tickets: These are probably the most purchased tickets out there. It’s mostly due to time restraints. You may only have one day in Orange County due to a conference or family event. With this ticket we always suggest getting the Hopper option with it so you can go between both parks. This is especially for people who have never visited before.

You’ll feel rushed to get as much as you can done and we don’t blame you. Try and go from opening to close. Load that fanny pack up with power bars and stretch while you’re in line. 😉

2-Day Tickets: In the 2 day range, the 2-day 1 park per day ticket is the most popular. It gives you one whole day at each park without park hopping. You’ll see a trend here but we always suggest the hopper option for many reasons, one of which is crowds. Sometimes Disneyland Park will be crowded and California Adventure won’t be. It’s nice to be able to move over in this situation.

Two days is a fair amount of time to get lots of things done during a slow season. If it’s busy, you’ll miss out on doing somethings. For discount 2-day tickets we recommend Park Savers, a ticket discounter for over 5 years.

3-Day Tickets: Now we’re talking. This is a ticket that offers you some rest and the opportunity to get everything done that you want to. We’ll typically start one day at one park, our second day at the other park and our third day doing our favorites between the two. Our exception to this is evenings and crowds. If one park seems really crowded we’ll switch over to the other. If we spent 70% of the day at Disneyland Park we’ll switch over to California Adventure Park for that rest of the evening just for a change of scenery and food options. It’s a great way to take advantage of the Hopper option.

Again, this ticket gives you plenty of time to do everything without feeling rushed.

4-Day Tickets: Now you can start to mix in some hotel/off property time into your plans. You’ll have plenty of time to do everything you want in the parks plus hang out at the pool or shop in Downtown Disney. Don’t feel rushed in anyway.

5-Day Tickets: Okay now you’re just spoiled. While walking in between rides go ahead and take that much needed drink break or walk around the shops for fun. We love to ride the monorail full circle; be sure to ask to ride in the very front with the captain!

Remember that you can always put days in-between your visits on multi-day tickets. From the first day you use your ticket you have 13 days to use the rest of the days. So if you want to head over to Universal Studios or Knott’s Berry Farm go for it! We have discounted tickets available for both of those parks and more!

Tip: Take pictures of your ticket barcodes once you receive them. If you lose a ticket you can just go to a box office and they will replace it.

Disneyland is a fun place to visit all year-round. When you can save on your tickets and pick the right one for your vacation, everything is awesome!