How To Buy Discount Disneyland Tickets: The Complete Guide


Authorized Sellers

There are several authorized sellers of Disneyland Resort Tickets out there. There are also a lot of fakes. Some of the places you don’t want to buy include online classifieds or in person meetings. These are almost always scams and is a sad way to lose your hard-earned money for what should be a fun vacation. Also, if someone is offering half-priced tickets, it’s a scam. No authorized seller would ever offer such a promotion. This is why we have our How To Buy Discount Disneyland Tickets Guide!

how to buy discount disneyland tickets

Our top authorized sellers include Get Away Today and aRES Travel. Both have been working directly with Disney for well over 15 years and consistently offer the best pricing available to the general public. You’re guaranteed to save over gate pricing with their tickets. Both offer e-tickets now which allow you to enter the parks without having to stop off at a box office and make an exchange. This saves you a lot of time!

Disney offers discounts to Military members who are either retired or active duty. These tickets can be purchased from any local military base or at the box offices of the parks. Valid military photo ID is required for purchase AND redemption.

Local warehouses and insurances including Costco, AAA, AARP and Vons will sometimes offer discounts on Disneyland tickets though this has gotten more rare in recent years.

Discount Pricing

Discount pricing for our How To By Discount Disneyland Tickets Guide is provided by Get Away Today, our top recommended seller of tickets. You can see what their current pricing is below for a range of 2 days to 5 days, both Park Hopper and 1 Park Per Day. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Please visit Get Away Today for the most up-to-date pricing information. All savings are over gate pricing.

1 Park Per Day Tickets

2-Day 1 Park Per Day – Adult: $206 Child: $194 – Save $4 per ticket!

3-Day 1 Park Per Day* – Adult: $201 Child: $201 – Save up to $79 per ticket!

4-Day 1 Park Per Day* – Adult: $220 Child: $220 – Save up to $86 per ticket!

5-Day 1 Park Per Day* – Adult: $230 Child: $230 – Save up to $90 per ticket!

Park Hopper Tickets

2-Day Park Hopper Tickets – Adult: $256 Child: $244 – Save $4 per ticket!

3-Day Park Hopper Tickets* – Adult: $249 Child: $249 – Save up to $81 per ticket!

4-Day Park Hopper Tickets* – Adult: $266 Child: $266 -Save up to $89 per ticket!

5-Day Park Hopper Tickets* – Adult: $276 Child: $276 -Save up to $94 per ticket!

* Ticket includes one Magic Morning Early Entry

Park Hopper Tickets

Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets are the best way to experience the parks in our opinion. How To Buy Discount Disneyland Tickets Guide is all about saving you money on your tickets, but it’s also about saving you time at the parks to help you make the most of your vacation. Park Hopper Tickets allow you to visit both Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park on the same day.

discount disneyland packages

This is advantageous because if one park is busier than the other, simply head over to the other park. On slower days many guests find that they’ve done everything they wanted to in one park and would like to head over to the other one. With the Park Hopper Ticket you can do this!

To buy your Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Tickets follow these simple steps:

  1. Use an authorized ticket seller including Get Away Today or aRES Travel.
  2. Choose the date you want to go to the parks. Typically an entire year’s worth of dates are available but some tickets may have some restrictions. Be sure to read the details of the ticket before purchase to ensure validity.
  3. Now choose how many people are in your group. Adults are 10 and older and children are ages 3-9. Infants 2 and under are free.
  4. Now choose your ticket type (Park Hopper) and how many days you want to play. We highly recommend the 3 day Park Hopper Ticket for families who haven’t been or want to see and do it all.
  5. Now add the tickets to your cart and complete your check-out. Both Get Away Today and aRES Travel offer e-tickets which allows you to print your tickets at home and take them with you to the parks. To use them simply head straight to the parks gates and enter. No exchange is required.


1 Park Per Day Tickets

These tickets are cheaper by nature and only allow you to visit 1 park each day. Many guests prefer these tickets because of the cheaper price. We don’t like that they seclude you to one park, especially if that park is busy but we understand the savings benefit.

If you enter Disneyland Park with one of these tickets that’s the park you must stay in for the entire day. If there is a parade of show you want to see over in California Adventure Park you won’t be able to see it. Of course at anytime if you get tired of this you can always upgrade your ticket to Park Hopper at any of the box offices. It’s a very simple process.

To purchase these tickets please follow the same instructions above for Park Hopper tickets but select the 1 Park Per Day when purchasing.


We hope that this How To Buy Discount Disneyland Tickets Guide has been helpful to you. Guests looking for more information on Disneyland Tickets can use our guide here. Know that there are authorized discounters out there and that you can in fact save a decent amount of money on your tickets. Don’t go looking for half priced tickets as it can get you into some serious trouble. We want you to save, not loose!