March Disneyland Crowd Calendar

March Disneyland Crowd Calendar 2019

Our free March Disneyland Crowd Calendar is designed to help you save time and money by showing what days will be busier and what days will be slower. All our data for the calendar is based on historical numbers as well as a combination of researched school breaks, holidays, special events and more.

March is an in between month for us. The first 1-2 weeks can be slow but then schools start getting into spring breaks which really vamps up the crowds. Overall March is an okay month to visit for us. We would highly recommend you visit as early in the month as you can to avoid any spring break crowds. It’s crazy how early some schools get out for spring break compared to years back…the trend seems to be going towards earlier and earlier.

The weather in Southern California during this month is usually pretty good. Expect highs to be around the 70’s with an average temperature of 67 or so. Lows can be in the 50’s. It’s always a good idea though to look at the weather before you go on your vacation. The last thing you want to do is pack flip flops, shorts and tees and then find out it’s raining the whole time. Be sure to read our What To Pack For Disney article to help you know what essentials you’ll need.

There are several schools that have started taking their spring breaks but mostly out of state. About half of Utah schools will take their spring breaks during the month of March which definitely adds to the crowds. Same goes for Oregon and Washington State.

The only holiday that may draw in a small crowd is St. Patrick’s Day but it’s nothing to worry about. The resort typically doesn’t celebrate this holiday in terms of dressing up. They may offer some food items but they certainly are not throwing a parade or a special fireworks show. Guests may find some special merchandise including a St. Patty’s Mickey.

March is usually the start of the Food and Wine Festival at California Adventure Park. The event will draw in locals for all the different food and wine offerings. Usually nights and weekend are the busiest times for this festival. If you can grab an early or late lunch at DCA Park you can usually get around some crowds and enjoy some of the bigger attractions like Guardians of the Galaxy and Soarin’ Around the World.

As far as attractions go March usually has almost all attractions up and running. Disney doesn’t like to have large crowds with no rides open so by now most of them are. Potentially Grizzly River Run could be closed for refurbishment during this time but more people don’t mind because the weather doesn’t entice them to get soaking wet yet.

Please keep in mind that our March Disneyland Crowd Calendar is only an approximation. No one, including Disney, can accurately predict the crowd level on any given day. At most crowd calendars are a pretty decent guess at what to expect. What determines actual crowds is you!

March Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Pricing for March is usually when special offers start to end. However, for 2019 the Spring Special offer on tickets is still going and should be taken advantage of. Hotels typically rank cheaper towards the beginning of the month and increase as the weeks go on. This is because they are starting to anticipate Spring Break crowds. We suggest getting your discount ticket from our trusted partner Get Away Today if you’re looking to save money on your tickets or hotel.

Our overall opinion for March is that it’s just an okay month. Kind of meh. It’s not bad but it’s not great. We would suggest looking at January or February if you’re looking for slower months though you may have to sacrifice some rides as these months tend to be refurbishment months.