Does Costco Sell Disneyland Tickets in 2020?

If you’re wondering if Costco sells Disneyland Tickets in 2020 you’re not alone. Many Costco members are searching for the best deals on Disneyland tickets and hoping that Costco sells them at a better price than what you can buying directly from Disney. The answer to the question is really 2 answers: Yes and no. We explain this answer below.

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  1. No, Costco does not sell individual Disneyland tickets. This means that if you’re looking to purchase tickets only they do not currently have an option to do this. Costco members can use the next best alternative which is to purchase from a 20+ year wholesaler and partner Undercover Tourist. For more information on Costco Disneyland tickets be sure to read our guide to Costco Tickets.
  2. Yes Costco does sell Disneyland tickets but they come in a package with a hotel. You cannot purchase them individually for 2020. Visiting Costco Travel Services and selecting a Disneyland Resort Package will allow you to purchase tickets and a hotel together. If you’re looking for the best deal be sure to compare their package with Undercover Tourist who offers a Best Price Guarantee on their packages as well. They’ll beat any price out there by $10 plus we have a special promo code to use at checkout to save you another $10! Use code PARKSAVERS at checkout.
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