I’m looking to go to Disneyland in 2019 and am wondering how much ticket prices are? Are there any special deals?

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Really good question! Saving on your Disneyland tickets for 2019 is really easy! We’ve broken down the adult discount pricing vs. gate pricing below. These deals are valid through 2019 so you’re guaranteed to save no matter what time of the year you go. You can see our complete guide to tickets savings for 2019.

2020 Ticket PricingDiscount PricingDisney Gate Pricing
2-Day Park Hopper$288$290
3-Day Park Hopper$360$365
4-Day Park Hopper$390$395
5-Day Park Hopper$395$415
2-Day 1 Park Per Day$233$235
3-Day 1 Park Per Day$305$310
4-Day 1 Park Per Day$335$340
5-Day 1 Park Per Day$340$360


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