UBEREATS at the Disney Theme Parks

You’ve heard of UBER before, the car service that can help you get from one point to another for much less than a taxi. It’s our favorite thing to use when traveling to the Disney Theme Parks! 

Well now you can take advantage of their food service called UBEREATS. It basically takes the UBER drivers to the restaurant you order from via the UBEREATS app, has them pick up your food and deliver it to you.  

The UBEREATS app is very easy to use, just plug in your address, choose what you want to eat, order and wait for delivery!  

You can order from all sorts of places from small local restaurants to fast food franchises including McDonalds.  

Through UBEREATS restaurants offer special meals from time to time that give you a lot of food for a cheap price. Scroll through all the selections available and find what you’re hungry for. Order and let the food come to you. 

Park Savers has a great promotion for new comers to the UBEREATS app too! Use code: eats-deang2368ue to receive $5 off your first order. That’s a free sandwich or shake! Woot!

UBEREATS is available in both Anaheim, CA and Orlando, FL at both Disney Theme Parks. It’s very convenient and doesn’t cost much more than driving and ordering and coming back. In fact most times it will cost you less!