Space Mountain

Blast off on a rip-roaring rocket into the furthest reaches of outer space on this incredible dark ride!

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Space Mountain is an iconic Walt Disney World attraction that has thrilled guests since its opening in 1975. This indoor roller coaster takes you on a thrilling journey through the cosmos, blasting you through the inky blackness of space. With its sleek rockets, immersive theming, and classic Disney magic, Space Mountain is a must-do for thrill seekers and Disney fans alike.


Ride Information

Average Wait Times

Space Mountain is one of the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom, so wait times can get quite long, especially during peak seasons. Standby waits routinely exceed 60–90 minutes from mid-morning through late afternoon.

Height Requirement

Height Requirement is 44 inches (112 cm) or taller to ride Space Mountain.

Single Rider Line

Unfortunately, there is no Single Rider line for this attraction.

Ride Duration

The actual ride experience lasts approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Genie+ and Lightning Lane

Space Mountain is included with Disney’s Genie+ service, allowing you to skip the Standby line if you purchase a Lightning Lane reservation. It’s also available as an Individual Lightning Lane attraction for an additional fee.

Rider Switch and DAS

Rider Switch and Disability Access Service (DAS) are available for those who need them. Children under 7 must be accompanied by someone 14 or older.


Space Mountain is located in the back of Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom.

Early Entry Ride

Space Mountain is one of the attractions available during Early Theme Park Entry for qualified Disney Resort guests.

Best Times to Ride

The shortest waits are first thing in the morning during Early Entry or right at park open. Lines are also lower in the final hour before park closing.

History and Design

Origins and Inspiration

The concept for Space Mountain originated in the 1960s, when Walt Disney envisioned a thrilling space-themed attraction as the centerpiece of a renovated Tomorrowland. Inspired by the success of Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds coaster, Disney tasked Imagineer John Hench and others to design a new “mountain” attraction that would take guests on a cosmic journey. After Walt’s passing in 1966, the Space Mountain concept was put on hold, but later revived for the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. To help fund its development, Disney CEO Card Walker struck a sponsorship deal with RCA worth $10 million.

Construction and Architecture

Construction on the Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain began in 1973, with its striking white cone and sleek futuristic design quickly becoming an icon of the park’s Tomorrowland area. The structure stands 183 feet (56 m) tall and measures 300 feet (91 m) in diameter at its base. Space Mountain’s unique architecture features 72 massive pre-stressed concrete beams forming the sloped exterior. Each beam is 117 feet (36 m) long and weighs 74 tons. The interior houses two mirrored coaster tracks dubbed the Alpha and Omega tracks.


Refurbishments and Updates

Over the years, Space Mountain has undergone several refurbishments and upgrades:

  • 1989: The original ride vehicles were replaced with new rocket sleds.
  • 1994: FedEx became the corporate sponsor, replacing RCA.
  • 2009: New, sleeker trains with individual bucket seats and LED lighting were added.
  • 2010: Interactive games were installed in the queue area.

While the core experience remains true to its origins, these updates have kept Space Mountain feeling fresh and exciting for new generations of riders.


Queue and Preshow

The immersive theming begins as soon as you enter the winding space-themed queue. Along the way, games and activities help pass the time as you wind closer to launch. Eventually, you’ll reach the Starport loading area, themed as a realistic launch platform complete with audio loops of rocket communications. Video screens show safety instructions as you await your flight.

The Ride Experience


Riders board a single-file rocket vehicle, seated in individual buckets with a lap bar restraint. The rockets are staggered in two parallel loading areas for the Alpha and Omega tracks.

The Coaster

After a brief launch tunnel with swirling lights, your rocket blasts off into the dark recesses of outer space. For the next 2.5 minutes, you’ll careen along the twisted track at speeds up to 28 mph (45 km/h), encountering sudden dips, banks, and turns amid twinkling stars and eerie celestial light effects. While not as intense as some modern coasters, the pure blackness and disorienting twists and turns of Space Mountain create an incredibly immersive thrill ride experience.


Music and Effects

As you rocket through the dark, projected starfields and atmospheric audio effects surround you, enhancing the feeling of zooming through the cosmos. However, unlike the Disneyland version, there is no dedicated onboard audio on the Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain.


Tips for Riders

  • Take advantage of Early Entry if you’re a Disney Resort guest to experience lower wait times.
  • Use Genie+ to secure a Lightning Lane time, especially if visiting during busier periods.
  • Ride in the front row for a more thrilling experience with better visibility.
  • Avoid wearing loose articles that could fly off and be lost on the ride.
  • Those prone to motion sickness may want to reconsider due to the constant turns and darkness.
  • Parents can take advantage of Rider Switch to allow the whole family to experience Space Mountain.

Comparisons to Other Space Mountains

While the Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain was the original, it has since been replicated at other Disney Parks around the world, each with its own unique twists:


  • Opened in 1977, just two years after the Magic Kingdom original.
  • Features a single track and seats riders in a more comfortable side-by-side configuration.
  • Includes an iconic musical score piped into each rocket, greatly enhancing the atmosphere.
  • Widely considered smoother and more thrilling than its Florida counterpart.

Tokyo Disneyland

  • Closely modeled after the Disneyland version, with side-by-side seating and onboard audio.
  • Received an extensive 2006 refurbishment, adding new effects and a more futuristic aesthetic.

Disneyland Paris

  • Opened in 1995 as Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Lune (From the Earth to the Moon).
  • Unique Jules Verne-inspired Victorian design and storyline.
  • Considered by some the most thrilling and intense of the Space Mountains.

Hong Kong Disneyland

  • Opened in 2005 with a similar enclosed coaster design.
  • Unique exterior styling inspired by the Disney film The Black Hole.


While each version has its fans, many agree that the Disneyland original offers the most complete and immersive Space Mountain experience, thanks to its audio enhancements and side-by-side seating.



From its striking exterior to its thrilling indoor coaster, Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom delivers an out-of-this-world experience that has cemented its place as a Disney Park’s icon. While perhaps not the most intense coaster around, its enveloping darkness, classic Disney theming, and cosmic ambiance create a uniquely exhilarating journey.


Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a first-time rider, be sure to make Space Mountain a priority on your next visit to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Just watching that sleek white spire pierce the sky is enough to fill you with wonder and excitement for the stellar adventure that awaits. Climb aboard and get ready for liftoff!

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Space Mountain Ride Review | Disney World
The Final Word
An iconic indoor roller coaster blasting you through the cosmos. With immersive darkness, twisting tracks, and stellar effects, Space Mountain delivers a classic, thrilling Disney experience. Despite its age, this Tomorrowland centerpiece remains a must-do for coaster fans and park visitors alike.