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Disney Receives First MICHELIN Star for Victoria & Albert’s

In a groundbreaking achievement for the Walt Disney World Resort, the iconic Victoria & Albert’s restaurant has been awarded a coveted MICHELIN Star, marking the first time a Disney establishment has received this prestigious culinary honor. This momentous occasion not only solidifies Disney’s commitment to exceptional dining experiences, but also cements Victoria & Albert’s as a world-class destination for gastronomes seeking the pinnacle of culinary artistry.

Located within the opulent Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Victoria & Albert’s has long been revered as the crown jewel of Disney’s dining scene, offering an unparalleled experience that transcends mere sustenance and elevates the art of gastronomy to new heights. With its recent MICHELIN Star accolade, this esteemed establishment has officially joined the ranks of the world’s most celebrated restaurants, further enhancing Disney’s reputation as a premier destination for discerning travelers.


The Michelin Star: A Hallmark of Culinary Excellence

The MICHELIN Guide, renowned for its rigorous and anonymous inspection process, has been the ultimate arbiter of culinary excellence since its inception in 1900. Earning a MICHELIN Star is a feat that requires unwavering dedication, exceptional skill, and an unyielding commitment to delivering an extraordinary dining experience.


To be awarded a MICHELIN Star, a restaurant must meet stringent criteria that encompass the quality of ingredients, mastery of cooking techniques, harmony of flavors, and the chef’s ability to imbue their cuisine with a distinct personality. Furthermore, consistency is paramount, as MICHELIN inspectors conduct multiple anonymous visits to ensure that the restaurant maintains its high standards across every aspect of the dining experience.


By bestowing a MICHELIN Star upon Disney World Victoria & Albert’s, the esteemed guide has recognized the restaurant’s unwavering pursuit of culinary perfection, solidifying its place among the world’s most celebrated dining destinations.


Victoria & Albert’s

Atmosphere and Ambiance

Step into Victoria & Albert’s, and you’ll be transported to a world of timeless elegance and refined sophistication. The restaurant’s opulent Victorian-inspired decor, complete with intricate woodwork, plush upholstery, and glimmering chandeliers, creates an atmosphere that is both enchanting and inviting. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a team of impeccably trained staff, who ensure that every aspect of the dining experience is tailored to perfection. From the personalized menus to the attentive service, Victoria & Albert’s leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of creating an unforgettable evening.


The Culinary Artistry

At the helm of Victoria & Albert’s culinary team is Chef de Cuisine Matthew Sowers, a master of his craft whose passion for innovation and respect for tradition are evident in every dish he creates. Sowers and his talented team draw inspiration from a diverse array of global influences, seamlessly blending flavors and techniques to create a truly unique and captivating dining experience.

The restaurant’s ever-evolving menu is a testament to the team’s commitment to sourcing the finest seasonal ingredients and showcasing them in innovative and imaginative ways. From delicate seafood preparations to succulent meat dishes and exquisite plant-based creations, each course is a masterful composition of flavors, textures, and visual artistry.

One of the hallmarks of Victoria & Albert’s is its commitment to personalization. Prior to their visit, guests are contacted to discuss their dietary preferences and any special occasions they may be celebrating. This attention to detail ensures that every dish is tailored to perfection, creating a truly bespoke dining experience.


The Wine Program

No culinary masterpiece would be complete without a carefully curated wine program, and Victoria & Albert’s does not disappoint. The restaurant’s extensive wine cellar boasts an impressive collection of over 500 selections from 35 different regions, carefully chosen to complement the diverse flavors of the menu. Guided by a team of knowledgeable sommeliers, guests can embark on a vinous journey that perfectly complements their dining experience. From bold and robust reds to crisp and refreshing whites, the wine program at Victoria & Albert’s is a true celebration of the art of winemaking.


The MICHELIN Star Experience

Earning a MICHELIN Star is a momentous occasion for any restaurant, and the team at Victoria & Albert’s has embraced this achievement with a renewed sense of passion and dedication. For guests, the MICHELIN Star experience promises to be an unforgettable journey into the realm of culinary excellence. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a sense of anticipation and excitement, knowing that they are about to embark on a dining adventure unlike any other. The attentive staff will guide them through each course, providing insights into the inspiration behind the dishes and the techniques used to create them.

As the evening progresses, guests will be treated to a veritable feast for the senses, with each course presenting a harmonious blend of flavors, textures, and visual artistry. From the amuse-bouche to the decadent desserts, every bite will be a revelation, a testament to the skill and creativity of the culinary team. Throughout the experience, the sommelier will be on hand to offer expert guidance, pairing each course with the perfect wine to enhance and complement the flavors on the plate. This seamless integration of food and wine is a hallmark of the MICHELIN Star experience, elevating the dining occasion to new heights of indulgence and refinement.



The awarding of a MICHELIN Star to Victoria & Albert’s is a momentous achievement that not only celebrates the restaurant’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence but also solidifies Disney’s position as a premier destination for discerning travelers seeking world-class dining experiences. As guests embark on this extraordinary culinary journey, they will be treated to a feast for the senses, where every aspect of the dining experience has been meticulously crafted to deliver an unforgettable evening of indulgence and delight.


From the opulent Victorian-inspired ambiance to the innovative and imaginative cuisine, Victoria & Albert’s promises to transport guests to a realm where culinary artistry reigns supreme. With its MICHELIN Star accolade, this esteemed establishment has firmly cemented its place among the world’s most celebrated dining destinations, offering a truly magical experience that will linger in the memories of those fortunate enough to partake in its splendor.

So, whether you’re a seasoned gastronome or simply seeking an extraordinary culinary adventure, Victoria & Albert’s stands ready to welcome you with open arms, inviting you to embark on a journey that will forever redefine your understanding of what it means to dine at the highest level of culinary excellence. Grab your discount Disney World tickets to help save money on your next visit!