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Radiator Springs Racers is one of the most popular and iconic attractions at Disneyland. Located in Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure, this ride combines a thrilling outdoor rollercoaster with immersive theming and storytelling inspired by the Disney-Pixar film Cars. 

Radiator Springs Racers ride two cars on track

Average Wait Times: Being one of the most popular rides in the park, Radiator Springs Racers often commands substantial wait times, ranging from 45 minutes during off-peak times to often over 2 hours during peak periods, weekends, and holidays.

Height Requirements: The ride is a bit of a thrill, and as such, guests must be at least 40 inches (102 cm) tall to join in the race.

Single Rider: For those willing to ride separately from their party, the Single Rider line is a boon. It typically offers a considerably shorter wait, especially useful on crowded days.

Genie+, Lightning Lane, Rider Switch, and DAS: Radiator Springs Racers is part of the Genie+ system, allowing guests to book their race time in advance. The Lightning Lane is also available for those looking to bypass the traditional queue. For parties with members who may not meet the height requirement or choose not to participate, Rider Switch is an option. The attraction is also DAS-friendly, ensuring it’s accessible for all guests.

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History and Design

Opened in June 2012, Radiator Springs Racers was the crown jewel of the ambitious Cars Land expansion. This ride is a testament to Imagineering’s capacity to push boundaries. Radiator Springs Racers cost over $200 million to develop, making it the most expensive ride created by Walt Disney Imagineering. The massive show building and mountainous rockwork of Ornament Valley completely transform the landscape of Cars Land into an immersive extension of the movie. John Lasseter, chief creative officer at Pixar, led the collaboration between Pixar and Disney Imagineers.

Their goal was to make guests feel as if they are visiting Radiator Springs and the world of Cars. Every detail in the land evokes the movie, from the shops on Route 66 to the life-size residents like Lightning McQueen and Mater. The ride technology originated from Epcot’s Test Track at Walt Disney World. However, Radiator Springs Racers implements a newer generation of slot car systems with more advanced features.

The ride vehicles are guided by a slot in the track for steering control combined with onboard electric motors for individual speed control. This allows the cars to race side-by-side and even backward during parts of the ride.

Radiator Springs Racers Ornament Valley

Queue and Ride Experience

The ride’s extensive queue winds through Stanley’s Oasis, the original settlement that became Radiator Springs. The line passes by a wide variety of sights like the Allinol billboard, Fillmore’s Taste-In, and Flo’s V8 Cafe. There are plenty of references to the Cars movie to discover throughout the long queue. After progressing through the queue, guests board one of the sleek sports car-inspired ride vehicles.

The ride begins with a peaceful drive through the mountainous Ornament Valley, giving riders scenic views of the majestic Cadillac Range. Suddenly, the ride kicks into high gear as the vehicles accelerate into a high-speed outdoor race. The vehicles whip around hairpin turns and pass through the natural rock formations of the mountain. At one point, the cars spin 180 degrees before backing up into a tunnel.

This is one of the ride’s most thrilling elements. The indoor portion of the ride transitions into a dazzling neon-lit trip through Radiator Springs at night. You’ll pass by animatronic versions of characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Sally as they dance and sing in the streets. The ride comes to an end as the vehicles coast back into the ride station.


The soundtrack, integral to the ride experience, features scores from the movie, as well as original tracks tailored for the attraction. The melodies not only accompany but elevate the experience, with the tempo shifting from calm to exhilarating in tandem with the ride’s pacing.

Best Times to Ride

Given its popularity, early morning right after the park’s opening or late in the evening before the park closes are ideal times to hop onto Radiator Springs Racers. Mid-week days, particularly during non-holiday periods, can also be strategic.

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Tips for Riding

  • Arrive early and head straight for the ride to be among the first in line.
  • Use the Single Rider line if you don’t mind splitting your group up. This line moves much faster than the standby queue.
  • Purchase access to Lightning Lane to bypass the long standby queue.
  • Ride in the evening shortly before the park closes when crowds tend to be lower.
  • Avoid visiting during the busiest times of year like summer weekends.


In conclusion, Radiator Springs Racers epitomizes what Disneyland is all about—immaculate attention to detail, groundbreaking technology, and heart. Whether you’re a Cars enthusiast or new to the franchise, this ride promises an unforgettable journey through Radiator Springs, one that you’d want to embark on, time and time again.

Racers attraction signage
Radiator Springs Racers Ride Review
The Final Word
No matter when you ride, Radiator Springs Racers is an absolute must-do attraction for Cars fans and rollercoaster lovers alike. From the immersive theming to the thrilling race, this ride captures the spirit of the movies and brings the town of Radiator Springs to life.