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Disneyland Magic Key Program – Everything You Need To Know

Just like attractions at The Happiest Place on Earth may go through a reimagining, the same is true for Disneyland annual passes. Launched on August 25, 2021, the Disney Magic Key Pass program gives Disneyland lovers the opportunity to visit often throughout the year and enjoy an array of perks – all for one convenient and, depending on how much you visit, relatively affordable price.  

With four different levels available, each with its own special perks and price tag, there’s something to suit every Disney fan. Read on for all the details you need about each Disneyland Magic Key Pass, as well as any passholder updates or program changes. 

What Is the Disneyland Magic Key Program? 

Statue of Walt and Mickey in the Evening in front of Illuminated Cinderella's Castle

The Magic Key program is the newest version of Disneyland annual passes. Similar to the resort’s previous iteration, the 35-year-running Disney Annual Passports, Magic Keys allow passholders to enter one or both of the parks at Disneyland Resort as much or, since blockout dates may apply, almost as much as they want. (However, no Disneyland season pass is available. Since The Happiest Place on Earth is open 365 days a year, this is a yearlong commitment.) pass

Along with year-round theme park access, Disney Magic Key Annual Pass holders can also take advantage of a host of benefits, including merchandise and dining discounts, passholder-only items and experiences, first looks at new Disneyland offerings and even their own special month with even more perks. 

Renewing Your Disneyland Magic Key Pass

Ok, for those who already have their Disneyland pass, we need to talk about the elephant in the room: Magic Key Pass renewals. Despite the one-year anniversary of the annual pass program fast approaching, Disney has still not sent out renewal announcements to folks whose Magic Key Passes expire soon. Currently, all we know so far is that current annual passholders should be able to renew their passes sometime this summer.

Pirates of the Caribbean Fountain

Not to mention, the sale of new Disneyland annual passes has been suspended since May 31, 2022 for all Magic Keys, and there is no word yet on when (or if) they will resume. According to Disney, this was done to help manage crowd levels and keep the guest experience enjoyable during the busy summer months. 

So, does this awkward silence mean that the Magic Key annual pass program is coming to an end? Probably not. Disneyland has long been more of a local’s park, drawing huge numbers of Southern California residents for repeat visits throughout the year. And with Californians and other Disneyland fans pinching pennies due to inflation, regularly purchasing multi-day tickets or traveling out-of-state is outside the budget for many now. 

Needless to say, chances are good that Disney will want to keep the steady flow of cash that annual passholders provide. In fact, with Magic Key annual pass blockout dates already posted through August 2023 and Disney’s summer promise, we’d say the program’s renewal is practically a certainty. 

2022 Disneyland Annual Pass Prices & Levels

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Disneyland’s Magic Key annual passes are available in four different tiers, ranging from the jam-packed (and expensive) Dream Key to the more basic, SoCal resident-exclusive Imagine Key. Disneyland passes feature their own range of benefits, from passholder-only exclusives to dining, merchandise and theme park parking discounts. In addition to these perks, some Magic Key Pass holders also have access to a variety of payment options and discounts. 

Disney Magic Key Pass Types

Wish you could go to The Happiest Place on Earth throughout the year for one low (or, at least, low-ish) price? Here are the four different Magic Key annual pass options available at Disneyland, ranked from the most inclusive to the most basic. 

Dream Key

The top-tier Magic Key level for Disneyland annual passes is the Dream (and no, we don’t mean the cruise line’s Disney Dream ship, although it is similarly dreamy). As the only Magic Key with no blockout dates (reservation availability is another story), it’s the cream of the annual pass crop with a price tag to match. 

Peter Pan's Flight Entrance, Dim Lighting with Brown Sign

Price: $1,399 or a $179 down payment followed by $102 per month for 12 months (CA residents only)

# of Blockout Dates: Reservation-based admittance to one or both theme parks 365 days a year (subject to availability)

# of Park Reservations at a Time: 6 allowed on a rolling basis

Who Can Buy: Anyone

What’s Included:

  • Complimentary standard theme park parking
  • 20% off select merchandise
  • 15% off select dining

Believe Key 

Lightning McQueen and Sally Carrera Riding In Front of Red and Rocks at Sunset

A Disneyland annual pass with relatively limited blockout dates, guests with the Disney Believe Key can make a park reservation (based on availability, of course) for most days, with the main exceptions being the days of and leading up to Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Saturdays in July and October, and a few spare weekends. 

Price: $949 or a $179 down payment followed by $65 per month for 12 months (CA residents only)

# of Blockout Dates: Reservation-based admittance to one or both theme parks most days of the year (i.e., blockout dates apply – subject to availability)

# of Park Reservations at a Time: 6 allowed on a rolling basis

Who Can Buy: Anyone

What’s Included:

  • 50% off standard theme park parking
  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select dining

Enchant Key

Green and Black Dim Room, Guests Board Ghost Staton Attraction

The Disneyland Enchant Key is one of the resort’s more restrictive annual passes. Along with week and weekends leading up to and following major holidays, plus a few other sporadic weekends, all of summer is also blocked out. 

Price: $649 or a $179 down payment followed by $40 per month for 12 months (CA residents only)

# of Blockout Dates: Reservation-based admittance to one or both theme parks on select days of the year (i.e., blockout dates apply – subject to availability)

# of Park Reservations at a Time: 4 allowed on a rolling basis

Who Can Buy: Anyone

What’s Included:

  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select dining

Imagine Key

Paradise Pier Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel Decorated with Neon Lights and Neon Fountains

Disneyland’s most limiting annual pass, the Imagine Key is exclusively available to Southern California residents and the most affordable option of the bunch. That being said, it also comes with the most blockout dates. As with the Enchant Key, the Imagine Key is blocked out all summer long, as well as on the days and weekends before and after major holidays and a few random weekends. In addition, it also adds some Fridays to the mix. 

Price: $399 or a $179 down payment followed by $40 per month for 12 months (SoCal residents only)

# of Blockout Dates: Reservation-based admittance to one or both theme parks on select days of the year (i.e., blockout dates apply – subject to availability)

# of Park Reservations at a Time: 2 allowed on a rolling basis

Who Can Buy: Southern California residents only (Must live in zip codes 90000 to 93599)

What’s Included:

  • 10% off select merchandise
  • 10% off select dining

Paying for Your Disneyland Magic Key Pass

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Don’t want to pay for your Disney annual pass all at once? If you live in the Golden State, a monthly payment plan is available. Wish you could say a little cash instead? Typically, discounts are available to Disney Vacation Club members and renewing Disneyland passholders.

Monthly Payment Plan for California Residents

Along with sweet perks like Magic Key-inspired merchandise and a Disneyland Magic Key Holder Appreciation Month, annual passholders who live in California also have the benefit of a monthly payment plan option instead of a one-time payment. This can make the cost of a Magic Key Pass much more affordable, especially for guests from Southern California who choose the Imagine Key, Disneyland’s cheapest annual pass. 

Magic Key Pass Renewal Discount

Disneyland annual passholders are some of the resort’s biggest fans. So, Disney typically likes to reward them for their loyalty with a discount – usually between $10 to $75, depending on the tier – when renewal time comes around. Keep in mind that these promotions do change, and if you miss your renewal window, you lose out on the discount and revert to full price. 

Disney Vacation Club Member Magic Key Pass Discount 

Bridge, Water, and View of Paradise Pier with Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel

Folks who are members of the Disney Vacation Club, the company’s timeshare offering, also receive a discount. $20 off is given to those purchasing a Dream Key, Believe Key or Enchant Key for the first time. However, as the Imagine Key is already so much less expensive than the Enchant Key, the next level up, no additional promotion is available. 

Why Get a Disneyland Pass – Magic Key Holder Perks

Naturally, having a Disneyland Magic Key Pass unlocks some pretty magical incentives. Remember that these do vary a bit from pass to pass. So, be sure to keep the specifics in mind when deciding which Magic Key is right for you. 

Access to One or Both Theme Parks on Non-Blockout Dates

Most importantly, a Magic Key annual pass gives the passholder access to reservations on many, most or all days for a year, depending on which tier they choose. However, it is important to note that admission is not guaranteed. Since every guest must have a Park Pass Reservation to enter a park to help manage crowd levels in these COVID-19 times, it is possible for these reservations to fill up. 

Brown Wooden Building and Water Wheel, Water and Trees

Is this frustrating for those who are paying for the Disneyland Dream Key or, in other words, the resort’s most expensive and supposedly blockout date-free annual pass? Absolutely. Still, as long as you are able to plan at least a little bit in advance – or a lot in advance, if you want to travel over one of the major holidays – you should have plenty of options. 

Up to 20% Off Disney Dining and 15% Off Merchandise 

Everyone loves to save some cash, especially at Disney’s famously pricey theme parks during these pandemic times we’re living in. Inflation is real, ya’ll! With a Disney  Magic Key, pass holders earn savings of between 10% to 20% off select merchandise and between 10% to 15% off select dining. 

These discounts are available at locations across the SoCal resort, including Disneyland Park, California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney District and the Disneyland hotels. Just show a Cast Member your valid Magic Key Pass. Occasionally, you can even score a discount on a Disneyland hotel stay. For the most up-to-date locations, refer to the Magic Key Portal on the Disneyland App. 

Priority Access to New Disneyland Resort Offerings

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Attraction

One of our favorite perks of having a Disney annual pass is first-look privileges for Disneyland’s newest offerings, whether attractions or merchandise. Not only is it fun to get a sneak peek before it becomes available to everyone else, but as new attractions usually suffer from incredibly long lines or sell out early on, it can also help to save you a lot of time and heartache. 

Disney Magic Key Holder Exclusives

But, that’s not all. Magic Key annual passholders also have access to an assortment of exclusive benefits, from Magic Key swag to a monthlong recognition celebration. 

Access to the Disneyland App’s Magic Key Portal

It can be hard to keep all those benefits straight. Luckily, seeing what’s available is as easy as pulling up the Disneyland App. The Magic Key Portal on the app is your source for all things annual pass. Go here to see what hotels, restaurants and merchandise locations offer a Magic Key Pass holder discount, check blockout dates, download freebies, enjoy special content and more. 

Disneyland Magic Key Holder Appreciation Month

Blue and Orange Rafts In Water at Grizzly Run Attraction

February is a great month to be a Disneyland annual passholder. Why? It’s Magic Key Holder Appreciation Month! Passholders can take advantage of a host of special offerings – and you don’t even need to visit the parks. 

This monthlong ‘thank you’ celebration features such perks as exclusive Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots, Magic Key-branded freebies, themed merchandise and even dishes and drinks. Meanwhile, for those who aren’t planning to visit Disneyland during February, some online offerings are also available. 

Magic Key Terrace

Wish you could feel like a Disney VIP but can’t afford a membership at Club 33? Open for lunch and dinner to Disneyland annual passholders and their guests, the Magic Key Terrace is your stop for decadent bar bites, signature cocktails, wine and beer in Disney California Adventure Park. Lobster Corn Dogs (that’s a lobster tail on a stick that’s been breaded and fried) or Bone Marrow Truffle Mac & Cheese, anyone? Be prepared to flash your Magic Key Pass to gain entry. 

Special Merchandise, Magic Shots and Experiences

White Mark Twain Ship Disneyland

Do you wish there was a way you could display your Magic Key holder pride? Well, thanks to special Magic Key-branded merchandise, you can! Get a key embroidered on your Mickey Ears, snag a themed popcorn bucket or claim other collectibles made just for annual passholders. 

While you’re rocking your Magic Key swag, you can even snap a passholder-exclusive Magic Shot. And be sure to keep an eye out for occasional key holder-only events. 

Well, potential Disneyland passholders, that’s everything you need to know about the Magic Key Pass program. Do you think the Magic Key Pass is worth it? Will you renew? Let us know in the comments! Rather pay for just a few days at Disneyland instead? Check out our discounted Disneyland tickets.