Does Costco Sell Disneyland Tickets in 2020?

Costco Disneyland tickets are a great deal! Even though Costco Disneyland tickets are no longer available in warehouses, Park Savers in addition to its affiliate Undercover Tourist, has good or better pricing for Disneyland tickets. To purchase your 2020 tickets use the buy now button below. Additionally, keep reading for more information about the best-priced Disneyland tickets.

Buy Special Offer Costco Disneyland Tickets


See current pricing for 2020 Costco Disneyland Tickets:

2019 PricingGate PriceUndercover Tourist
2-Day 1 Park$225$221
3-Day 1 Park$300$281
4-Day 1 Park$325$316
5-Day 1 Park$340$321
Park Hopper Option
2-Day Park Hopper$280$276
3-Day Park Hopper$355$344
4-Day Park Hopper$380$367
5-Day Park Hopper$395$372

We offer tickets including Park Hopper and 1 Park Per Day. We always suggest purchasing the 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket if you want to experience everything the Disneyland Resort has to offer.

With changing parades and firework shows, new attractions and restaurants, we’re sure there will be something new you don’t want to miss! Take it from us, the 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket is perfect when purchasing Costco Disneyland Tickets 2020.

Another great way to get discounted tickets to Disneyland is through AAA. See our AAA discounts that are currently available for 2020.

How do I Still Save $70-$100 on Disneyland Tickets without Costco Deals?

Although Costco no longer sells tickets, we offer a great alternative. Guests who are interested in purchasing their discounted tickets should follow these easy steps:

  1. Review Undercover Tourist’s page to view available tickets. You’ll have the option to choose a complete package or tickets only.
  2. Next choose how many adults and kids will be in your party. Adults are ages 10+ and children are ages 3-9. Infants 2 and under are free.
  3. Now select your dates. Set your dates for the first day you want to spend in the parks to the last day of your time at Disney.
  4. Complete your search and take a look at the results. You should have several options to choose from including Park Hopper Tickets and 1 Park Per Day Tickets. Select whichever one you’re interested in to display actual pricing and number of days.
  5. Once you know which ticket you want (2, 3, 4 or 5 days) you’ll see a total price displayed. Add the tickets to your cart and begin the check out process.
  6. During check out, you will have the opportunity to add additional theme parks to your cart including Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Medieval Times and more. If you do not want to include any of these options, simply hit “continue.”
  7. On the cart page confirm your order and add the “peace of mind plan” if you so desire. Click “continue” to go to the payment details page.
  8. Enter in your billing information including your address and form of payment. It’s all done securely through the website. You can even use PayPal if you’d like.
  9. Now “continue” to the final page before confirmation and review everything one last time. Click purchase if everything looks good.
  10. Your confirmation page will confirm your order, and you will receive emails confirming your order as well as your tickets.

Your tickets will be sent to you via email. They can either be printed off or simply shown from your phone at the gate. You do not need to stop by any box office for an exchange as these are e-tickets. This saves you a lot of time.

Can I link Costco Disneyland Tickets to the Disneyland App?

Yes, you can link your tickets to the official Disneyland App, though your tickets will be purchased through our affiliate Undercover Tourist rather than Costco. The app is designed to make your trip easier as it contains almost everything you need to take advantage of all the park services including your tickets, Fastpass, MaxPass, dining, maps and entertainment times. Costco Disneyland tickets can be added to the app after purchase.

Your Tickets can be linked by opening the app, clicking “my tickets” and then clicking the + symbol in the top right corner. Have your tickets out and scan each barcode. You’ll enter the name of the person using the ticket and finish adding them. Do this for every ticket you have in your group.

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Disneyland and Disney MaxPass logos

Once your tickets are linked to the app, guests may use the app to enter the parks simply by bringing up each ticket and letting the Cast Member scan it from your phone. This makes it easier than pulling out all the tickets. The Cast Member will confirm each ticket with the picture associated with it and then guests may enter the parks.

Tickets can be deleted but some require help from a guest relations Cast Member (usually annual passes). Once the tickets have been used completely they will automatically disappear from the app.

FASTPASS services can be utilized from the app only if your have purchased MaxPass. MaxPass can be added to your tickets once they have been linked to the app following the instructions above.

Once there you’ll see the option to add MaxPass under each ticket. You can do them all at once if you have linked them all. Simply select which tickets you want to add MaxPass to and continue to payment.

Complete your check-out and MaxPass will be available instantly for every ticket you purchased it for.

As of 2020 MaxPass can now be purchased with your Disneyland tickets in advance to help you save time and money. Simply select the type of tickets you want, whether they are 1 park per day or Park Hopper, and look for the MaxPass logo.

These tickets will include MaxPass for every day you purchased your ticket. For example, if you purchased a 4-day Park Hopper you will receive 4 days of MaxPass. You no longer have to purchase it separately each day.

Once MaxPass is added you can start scheduling your fastpasses by clicking “Get FASTPASS with MaxPass” from the home screen of the app. Then select your party followed by which park you want the FASTPASS for. Now select the ride you want and the next available time. Confirm your selection and you’re done. You can use the MaxPass service for the entirety of the day.

Dining through the app can be done a few different ways. First, you can make dining reservations if you want to enjoy a sit-down restaurant such as the Blue Bayou. Simply click “Reserve Dining” from the home screen, choose your party size, the date you want to dine and then the restaurant.

Available times will be displayed and you can confirm them through the app. A credit card guarantee is required for every reservation.

Guests who want to do dining but not at a sit down can now order their food from quick service restaurants using the app. From the home screen simply click “Order Food,” choose your park and the restaurant you want to eat at.

Available times will pop-up and then you may start ordering. Once you’ve added all the food to your cart check-out and complete your order. Your screen will confirm your order and tell you when your food is ready to be picked up.

If you’re simply browsing to see what dining is available you can do this through the app as well.

Maps are available through the app to help you know where you are, where you want to go, attraction wait times, closures and of course when the parades, fireworks and other shows are.

The Disneyland app, combined with your discount Disneyland tickets (they used to be offered through Costco and are now offered through Undercover Tourist), is a very powerful tool to use on your trip.

Costco Services

Costco opened its doors in 1983 in a suburb of Seattle Washington. It had just completed a merger with Price Club and was soon going to be the largest warehouse wholesaler in the world. The merger of Price Club and Costco led to an immediate growth and eventually a name change from PriceCostco to Costco Wholesale.

There are currently over 500 Costco’s in the United States with an additional 100 stores in Canada, some in Mexico, Europe and soon to be in China. Costco boasts more than 90 million members worldwide.

As members know, Costco sells everything in bulk at very high volumes. This allows them to essentially just put cases and packages of the product out for guests to purchase without having to unpackage much.

Many of their items sit on large shelves in big isles. As of 2016 Costco was the biggest seller of choice prime beef and organic foods in the world.

Although food and products are their main event, Costco also offers special services for members including insurance, optical, gas, photo, tire service, pharmacy and travel to name a few. Members who wish to save on any of these things only have to visit their local warehouse or

One thing Costco is known for is their sampling of food items throughout their stores. Members who are shopping can enjoy several sampling tables for new food items with the hopes of either finding new food items to purchase or a free lunch.

Costco’s travel services can be found online at where packages, cruises, honeymoons, hotels, car rentals and more can all be purchased. Theme parks including Disneyland and Walt Disney World can also be purchased through packages online. Pricing is usually better than what could be purchased directly with Disney. However, there are no options to purchase tickets only.

Guests can purchase a complete package including hotel and tickets for their Disneyland vacation. Usually the packages include some extras as well including free character dining or a Disney gift card. Guests will also receive lanyards, souvenir tickets, collectible pin and button and a Magical Extras Saving Card.

Members who are interested in purchasing packages should compare pricing to Get Away Today. They offer a best price guarantee on all their packages and will beat any price by $10. They also include free extras and over $400 in digital coupons for shopping and dining.

While Costco does have great pricing we know they can be beat.

Costco Disneyland Tickets History

Purchasing Discounted Disneyland Tickets does not mean you’re getting less of a ticket in any way. In fact, the only thing that’s different is the additional savings. Our tickets still include Magic Morning Early Entry for tickets 3 days or more. They also include Fastpass, which is a free service included with any valid ticket.

You can also upgrade your Fastpass experience by adding MaxPass to your tickets. This new service allows you to make Fastpass reservations without having to show up at the attraction! Do it from anywhere in the park or even from one park to the other if you have a Park Hopper ticket. This new service is a time saver and is highly recommended to help you make the most of your day.

These Costco tickets started being sold in the warehouse in the early to mid 2000’s and could be found in the ticket and amusement park section of the warehouse. Guests could also purchase the tickets online via

Many times when the tickets were available they were at a special rate or included special gifts with them. At one point a $50 Disney gift card would be received with the purchase of a 4 day park hopper Costco Disneyland tickets.

For each ticket purchased this gift card could be received. On top of this the 4 day hopper ticket was also discounted below gate pricing. These tickets were very popular and tended to be sold out fairly often.

Costco also sold 3 and 4 day tickets below gate pricing when they weren’t offering a special gift offer with the tickets. Guests could purchase these in store at warehouses in Anaheim and other states including Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. We’re not sure how long this was offered but believe it was for several years.

At some point Costco stopped carrying Disneyland tickets, we think around 2013 or 2014. Local warehouses stopped getting them in and didn’t have them either. Up to this point we have not seen the return of the tickets. We also believe that they sold Walt Disney World tickets but also stopped carrying them.

What made the Costco tickets even better (outside of the savings) is that Executive members could receive a 2% reward from the purchase as well as an additional 2-4% on their Costco AMEX card. It was a lot of additional savings added to the purchase.

While these discount tickets were very popular, you did have to be a member to purchase them inside the warehouse or online. Once purchase though they could be used by anyone in your group. A Costco photo ID was not required at the parks once purchased.

Where to find Costco Disneyland Tickets

If you’re going to reach out to your local warehouse and purchase Disneyland Resort tickets be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Locate the nearest Costco warehouse. If you’re out of town, search for one on Google Maps or use Costco’s warehouse finder online.
  2. After arriving, look for the section of the store that carries beef jerky and popcorn. It is usually in this area that gift cards and theme park tickets are located. If you can’t find them, ask someone at guests services.
  3. Once you’ve located the stand, look for Disneyland Resort tickets. If Costco carries them, they will have cardboard cutouts for each ticket you want to purchase. Grab as many as you need and head to the registers.
  4. At the registers, let the cashier know you want to buy Costco Disneyland Tickets. They will have someone go to the back to get your actual tickets.
  5. Once purchased, you can take your tickets and head straight to the parks. No box office exchange is required so you can go straight to the park gates and enter.
  6. If none of the warehouses have them, you may want to consider purchasing them with us at our Best Price Guarantee. Additionally, we offer $400 in digital coupons and straight-to-the-gate delivery.

Certain seasons for every ticket

Outside of your ticket options there are also certain seasons that you may want to purchase your tickets during. We always offer discounts on your Disneyland tickets, but special promotions and sales are run during certain times of the year. Typically Disney will raise their prices towards the end of February, so if you want to purchase at a cheaper price, buy January through mid-February for the rest of that year. Even if you are going to Disneyland in November, you can still buy those tickets in January.

The other season we recommend you purchase tickets during is end of April–May. Once spring break season is over, the traffic in Disney parks slows down significantly. During this time you can find special promotions like free days, adults at kids prices, and free character dining meals. It’s important to get the most out of your ticket purchase, but hurry as promotions last only as long as supplies last!

Lastly, let’s talk about crowd seasons. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out the slow seasons at Disneyland. Simply avoid these times and you’ll be just fine:

  • Spring breaks
  • Holidays
  • Major conventions
  • New ride and attraction debuts
  • Special events including runDisney races.

Crowd sizes decrease and it is easier to get onto rides quickly when avoiding busy seasons. One thing to note is park times do tend to be cut down when it’s not busy season. Keep that in mind as you plan off-season Disney trips. No time is perfect though; it is all based on personal preference. Summer is the busiest time of the year, with Christmas and New Years at the peak as well. Historically, New Year’s Eve and Day have been the busiest followed by Christmas Eve and Day.

With Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening on January 28th, 2020, tickets are going to be a hot commodity so purchase as far in advance as possible. If you’re planning a longer trip to enjoy this new land, which we highly recommend, you should check out Get Away Today’s 5th Day FREE offer. You’ll get your 5th Day Free when you purchase either a 4 Day Park Hopper or 4 Day 1 Park Per Day ticket. This offer isn’t limited to any specific package. You can purchase them separately or add them to a hotel to create a package.

Guests who plan to visit Disneyland in 2020 should be aware of a few things:

  1. It’s going to be very, very busy from the end of January through Spring Break. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is going to draw in the largest crowds for Galaxy’s Edge. This includes Disneyland fans as well as Star Wars fans. Keep this in mind if you’re planning a family vacation and are trying to avoid the crowds. Summer of 2020 won’t be the time to visit either!
  2. The nice thing about Costco Disneyland tickets is that they help you save money. Money that can be used to purchase MaxPass for your tickets. In order to survive summer 2020 at Disneyland, we’re banking on the MaxPass service. Guests who don’t add this service may find it much harder to schedule a Fastpass.
  3. Be sure to book your vacation early. Most hotels are going to raise their prices once an opening date is set. This means that you’ll want to find out as soon as possible when Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is opening and then book your room right away. Guests who delay will find themselves probably paying double or triple the price of a room.

So there you have it. All the information you need on purchasing Costco Disneyland tickets 2020. If you’re looking for more information on how to save at Disneyland be sure to check out our How to do Disneyland Cheap Guide. You’ll learn how to save on tickets, dining, car rentals, hotels, flights and more.

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