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disneyland passes

What are Disneyland Passes good for?

Disneyland tickets are valid for entry to the Disneyland Resort in Southern California. The resort features two theme parks right next to each other: Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park. Because there are two parks to visit, they are two different types of tickets sold which are explained down below. Your tickets will be good for entry to either of these two theme parks if you choose to visit them both.

1 park per day passes

The 1 park per day Disneyland Passes give guests access to just one of the two theme parks for the entire day. Once guests have entered a theme park they must stay there the entire day. They cannot move over to the other theme park. Because of this restriction it’s always a good idea to check which park has the longest hours of the day and avoid any park that may close early due to a special event.

Park Hopper Passes

The Disneyland Park Hopper passes allow guests access to both parks on the same day. You can cross over between Disneyland and California Adventure Park as much as you want. We’ve always recommended this ticket as it offers the most flexibility to guests during their visit. Park Hopper tickets do cost a bit more than the 1 park per day tickets but we think the additional cost is worth it.

Do I only need my Disneyland tickets to get into the parks?

Yep! Your Disneyland tickets give you entry into the parks for however many days you purchased your ticket for. Currently we offer 2-5 day tickets for both 1 park per day and park hopper. If you’ve never been we always suggest the 3 or 4 day park hopper ticket. It allows for enough time to see and do most everything at Disneyland.

What’s the Fastpass service?

The Fastpass service is a FREE service that’s included with all Disneyland Passes. This particular service (not to be confused with MaxPass) should never be paid for. You can read more about Fastpass with our guide. Essentially Fastpass allows you to skip the main long lines and go through a much shorter line to get on attractions faster. Every guest should be using this free service.

About the Parks

The Disneyland park which opened in 1955 sits on land that used to be an orange grove. When Walt was inspired to build his park he started purchasing up the orange grove land from a farmer. Because of Walt’s popularity the word soon got out about what he was doing and the land around his was eventually bought by other businesses wanting to get a piece of the action by what would become Disneyland.

It took exactly one year to build Disneyland and on opening day things didn’t go so smoothly. Water fountains and bathrooms didn’t have water. The asphalt was still sticky. Some attractions didn’t work. Not to mention more than double the amount of guests that were invited showed up using fake tickets!

The original Disneyland Pass

When the park first opened there was no admission fee. Guests would purchase ticket booklets that had coupons in them that could be redeemed for rides. Each attraction was assigned a let starting with A and eventually going down to E. The A attractions were the smaller simpler ones while the E ticket attractions were the big attractions. The first E ticket attraction as Disneyland was the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Eventually Disneyland Passes like the ticket booklets faded out at a single cost entry was charged.

Disneyland Tickets have gone up in price

It’s true that Disneyland Passes have gone up even faster than inflation! That may be due to the fact that the parks have grown and the demand is high (and always getting higher). As new attractions have been added, mainly E ticket ones, people have been willing to pay more for their Disneyland tickets than ever before. Currently a 1 day 1 park per day ticket starts at $91 and goes up from their based on the season. While Disney hasn’t hit a breaking point yet with customers, we think there may come a day when they stop raising their prices.

Best time to buy your Passes

Typically a price increase happens around late January-February. So if you’re planning on going to the parks sometime that year this is a great time to buy. Also, later March sees some really good sales. Truth be told, we always have great pricing on tickets including free days and Adults at Kids prices. Every penny counts when you’re planning a vacation!

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