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Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Booking Guides

See which attractions you should be booking first!

There’s no question that the new Genie and Genie+ service is much more confusing and technical than the old FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World. With a tip board, pinning, bookable attractions and individual purchase attractions, there’s a lot to learn. And if you’re new to the whole thing, it can be very overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’ve spent countless hours using the Genie and Genie+ services and have figured out some great tips and hacks to share with you. (Updated February 15, 2023)

First, if you really are brand new to Genie we recommend you take a look at our Step-by-Step Genie Guide which gives you a great rundown of the entire service and how it works. Trust us, you’re going to want to know the basics before jumping into this.

Second, we offer several hack guides to help you improve your speed with the Genie service, as well as how to stack Genie+ bookings and snag ride refills when they come in. The latter is a very advanced tool, so unless you’re a pro at it already, we would recommend waiting to use that one.

*Just Added* Disneyland Booking Guides!

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Below you’ll find some very informative, step-by-step guides to help you book your Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane attractions for each of the parks at Disney World including EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. Scroll down even further for our Disneyland Resort guides for Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park.

We start with top priorities which are usually the most sought-after attractions that cannot be purchased via ILL (Individual Lightning Lane). You have to book them using Genie+. So, those will be shown in Tier 1. These tend to book up the quickest.

Tier 2 are the next level down attractions, shows and experiences that can be booked via Genie+ but tend to not run out as quickly as Tier 1’s do. Third is Tier 3. These ones that you shouldn’t need to worry about at all as they tend to hang around all day long.

Lastly, you’re going to see your booking priorities for Genie+ and ILL. You’ll want to book them in the order shown. Keep in mind that we are pro-purchase ILL. So, if you’re not or it’s not part of your plan, just skip those and plan to wait in the standby lines for them.

Walt Disney World Resort

Magic Kingdom Theme Park

Flyer with Disney Genie+ instructions for Magic Kingdom Park

Hollywood Studios Theme Park

Flyer with Disney Genie+ instructions for Disney's Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Flyer with Disney Genie+ instructions for Animal Kingdom Theme Park

EPCOT Theme Park

Flyer with Disney Genie+ instructions for Epcot

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Park

Flyer with step by step instructions

California Adventure Park

Flyer with Disney Genie+ instructions for California Adventure Park

Feel free to share these, download them onto your phone or send them to anyone who is planning to travel to Disney World. We’ve gotten great feedback on them, but always want to hear your opinion. So, let us know how they worked for you!