Costco Universal Studios Tickets

How To Buy Costco Universal Studios Tickets

Costco is one of our favorite stores to shop at! You can get almost everything you need in one trip and it will last you a long time! Of course most people shop at Costco for food, clothes and electronics. But did you know they sell tickets to theme parks including Costco Universal Studios tickets?! They do and they can be a great deal! We’ve written a whole page about these tickets and how to get them. We also offer alternative options incase you don’t have time to visit a store or wait for shipping. If you’re doing a combo trip to Universal and Disneyland or Walt Disney World you can purchase discounted tickets as well.

Purchasing Tickets from Costco Stores

If you’ve been to Costco before then you’ll be somewhat familiar with their layout. Only problem is that every store is different! Basically what you want to do is find your stores gift card section. Almost every store we’ve visited in the USA has put gift cards and theme park tickets together in the same section so you should be pretty safe requesting this.

Once you find it just walk around the stand or section until you find the Universal Studios section. Depending on where you live in the United States you may be offered Costco Universal Studios tickets for Hollywood or Orlando. You can read all about the differences in the internets #1 Universal Studios guide.

You’ll notice that the stand doesn’t actually carry the tickets on the stand but only a cardboard piece that needs to be taken to a register for redemption and pick up of your actual tickets. After paying a guest services member will go grab your tickets and bring them out to you.

Current offers for Costco Universal Studios tickets Hollywood include:

Costco Universal Studios Tickets

Universal Studios 3-Visit Ticket – $139.00


  • 3 Visits
  • Valid 12 months from selected first visit date
  • Advanced registration required for each visit
  • Register multiple visits at once, or one visit at a time

This ticket is a great offer and almost acts like an annual pass in the sense that you don’t have to use all the days consecutively. Since you’ll receive your actual tickets at Costco after purchasing them you won’t have any issues registering them and choosing your dates online. You’ll take your actual tickets received from the store to the parks and have them scanned at the entrance at time of redemption.

Don’t forget to pre-register your dates before arriving!

Purchasing Tickets from Costco Online

If you can’t make it into a store or need to buy your tickets last minute then you can go online to and complete your purchase of Costco Universal Studios tickets. The process is pretty simple but can be hard to find the right category initially. Here’s a step by step guide to finding and purchasing them.

1. Head to

Costco Online

2. You’ll want to open the Shop All Departments menu on the left side of the screen. It looks like a hamburger with three – lines. You’ll see a bunch of categories and departments listed.

3. You’ll want to select the “Floral, Gift Cards & Baskets” menu option. Once you select that option you’ll see another menu with more options. Select the “Theme and Water Parks” option.

4. After selecting the Theme and Water Park option you’ll be taken to a selection page. From here you’ll see all your options for Universal Studios and more. Simply select the tickets you want and add them to your cart.

Keep in mind that offers and savings are always changing so there may be different offers depending on when you visit the website. After purchase you’ll receive a confirmation email with your tickets print out and redemption instructions.

Comparing Online Prices

Although Costco offers great options for Universal Studios tickets they may not have them at certain times or they may not be the best value for you depending on how many days you want to visit or when you want to visit. We’ve listed current pricing of Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando in tables below so you can compare pricing and find the best ticket for you.

2019 Universal Studios Hollywood Ticket Pricing

Buying OptionsCostco StoresGet Away TodayAAASam's ClubGate Pricing
1-Day Tickets-2-Day Ticket with FREE Day - $119.00$110.00 - $139-$109 - $139
2-Day Tickets-2-Day Ticket with FREE Day - $119.00$139.00 - $169-$149 - $169
3-Day Tickets$139.00----

2019 Universal Studios Orlando Pricing

Buying OptionsCostco StoresGet Away TodayAAASam's ClubGate Pricing
1-Day Base Tickets---$122.48 and up$115.00 and up
2-Day Base Tickets-5-Days for the price of 2 - $238.00$241.00$244.94$224.99
3-Day Base Tickets-5-Days for the price of 2 - $238.00$259.00$282.22$282.22
4-Day Base Tickets-5-Days for the price of 2 - $238.00$263.00$292.87$292.87
5-Day Base Tickets-5-Days for the price of 2 - $238.00$267.00$303.52$303.52
1-Day Park-to-Park--$179 and up$181.05 and up$170.00 and up
2-Day Park-to-Park-5-Days for the price of 2 - $282.00$284.00$308.84$284.99
3-Day Park-to-Park-5-Days for the price of 2 - $282.00$301.20$346.12$346.12
4-Day Park-to-Park-5-Days for the price of 2 - $282.00$313.00$362.09$362.09
5-Day Park-to-Park-5-Days for the price of 2 - $282.00$321.00$378.07$378.07