Costco Disney World Tickets

Costco Disney World Tickets

Costco Disney World Tickets – Buy Online

Costco Disney World Tickets can be a great way to save on your Walt Disney World Tickets! Unfortunately Costco no longer offers Disney World Tickets. Tickets used to be available online and in some warehouses in the Orlando area. Their Disney World Tickets were removed in 2016.

Costco Disney World Tickets

If you’re looking for the same discount as the Costco Disney World Tickets you’ve come to the right place! Park Savers offers the same discount or better on all Walt Disney World tickets including Base Tickets, Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus. If you’re not familiar with how each tickets works read on. If you know which tickets you want and are ready to by click here for our current pricing. Park Savers has been selling discounted theme park tickets for over 10 years and is the leading expert on discount tickets.

Base Tickets

Base Tickets to Walt Disney World allow you access to 1 of the 4 parks each day. You cannot go back and forth or switch parks once you’ve entered one. You’ll have to stay in the first park you entered the entire day. The next day you’ll be able to choose a new park and so on. While these tickets are cheaper they don’t offer much flexibility especially if you find the park you choose is busy.

Park Hopper Tickets

Park Hopper Tickets allow you entrance into all 4 theme parks on the same day. If you enter Magic Kingdom in the morning you can switch over to Animal Kingdom in the afternoon. It’s unlimited so take advantage of it! If you find one park is really busy try going to a different one.

Park Hopper Plus

Park Hopper Plus Tickets work just the same as the Park Hopper Tickets so you can switch back and forth between all 4 parks as much as you want each day. The only difference is that the Plus part of the ticket also gives you access to the 2 water parks, miniature golfing, ESPN World Wide of Sports Complex or 9 holes of golf. If you purchase a 5 day ticket you’ll get to do 5 of the listed things, any of them can be repeated.

Park Savers offers the best online pricing for Costco Disney World Tickets all while matching or beating the discounts Costco used to offer its members. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for announcements of special sales and pricing on tickets throughout the year. If you’re looking for Magic Kingdom Tickets be sure to read our guide on how to save on these tickets. If you’re headed to Disneyland in Anaheim California be sure to read up on how to save on those tickets as well!