Purchase Discount Magic Kingdom Tickets

Magic Kingdom tickets are highly sought after as it’s the busiest theme park in the world. Over 20 million people visit annually and each one of them are looking for the best deal on their tickets. Luckily for you, you’ve found the best website for discount tickets! Guests looking to purchase discount Magic Kingdom tickets can click the button below to purchase. That’s the Park Savers way!

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What do my tickets get me?

Tickets to Magic Kingdom theme park include your entrance into the park for the entire day. This includes all attractions and entertainment including fireworks and parades. Sometimes there are special events going on throughout the year that do require separate admission. You’ll want to check the official Disney World website ahead of your vacation to confirm any of these events.

Of course food and drinks are not included with your admission ticket. You can avoid paying for those expensive bottles of water by going to any quick service restaurant and asking for a cup of ice water. They’re free!

May guest with Magic Kingdom tickets like to bring in their own food and drinks which is completely fine. Security will look through your bags and coolers but will allow you to bring everything inside the parks. If you have a stroller with you that’s a great place to store everything. If you don’t you can rent a locker but keep in mind that they are not very big. They are typically only big enough for a few small bags and jackets. They can be rented just off Main Street U.S.A. and cost around $5 for the day. If you’re going to be changing parks we wouldn’t suggest getting one.

There are more than just one option for tickets

Magic Kingdom tickets have several options available to enhance your park going experience. The most basic option of the tickets is the base ticket. It allows you entry into Magic Kingdom or another park for the entire day but you cannot change parks once you’ve entered.

If you’re looking for something that allows you to go to more than one park per day then you’ll want to try the Park Hopper option. This allows you to go to any of the 4 parks as much as you want on the same day. Keep in mind that the more days you play at the parks the cheaper each day costs. 1 Day Park Hopper tickets are expensive and can only be purchased through Disney directly. No authorized 3rd party seller can sell these at a discount. We always suggest purchasing a 3 day ticket or higher to receive the best discount and a cheaper price per day.

The last ticket option available for Magic Kingdom tickets is the Park Hopper Plus. This allows you access to all 4 parks each day plus several fun visits including the water parks, miniature golf and more.

Date-based tickets are here

In October 2018 Disney moved to a date-based pricing system to try and even out the crowds at the parks. What this means is that certain days and weeks throughout the year will be less expensive while other days, weeks and months will be more expensive. For example, the summer months will be much more pricey than say a week in February. Disney is hoping that less people will come in the summer time and choose to go in January or another slower time based on pricing alone.

When this system was implemented ticket prices increased and usable dates decreased. Now when guests select a ticket they have much more limited dates of use than before. There is an option to add what’s called a flexible date option which allows you to use your tickets anytime between now and Dec. 31st, 2019 and 14 days of official usage from your first entrance into the parks. However, this service does cost extra and must be purchased for each persons ticket that’s in your group. The price of this option depends on the ticket type that you have.

Magic Kingdom tickets that don’t have this option on them have on average 2-3 additional days beyond the number of days the ticket is to be used. The more options you add onto the ticket the more days you get to use them. If you purchase a ticket for select days and end up needing to change them just be aware that it may cost you more money depending on the new dates that you choose. Once you have your initial tickets purchased from us you can change them on your own or add the flexible date option.

Tickets a la carte or package

If you’re looking to buy just tickets at a discount use the button above. If you’re looking for more than just tickets such as tickets + hotel or ticket, hotel and a dining plan we do have that option as well. You can fill-out a form here and we’ll get back to you with a package quote. We offer a best price guarantee on all our packages to Walt Disney World so you can book with us worry-free!

Our packages do come with some magic extras including luggage tags, a discount savings card for Disney Springs and free miniature golf for each person in your group. These are really fun to use on an off day when you want to just relax and enjoy some family time. There are over 15 Walt Disney World Resort hotels to choose from for your packages and each one offers a unique theme. Some of our favorites include Boardwalk Inn, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Wilderness Lodge and Beach Club Resort.