Walt Disney World Packages

Discount Walt Disney World Packages

There are ways to save on Walt Disney World packages

Walt Disney World is the ultimate vacation. It’s nothing like its sister park in Anaheim. Most people who vacation here purchase directly through Disney which is not always the best way to save. Of course it depends on the time of year you’re going and what activities you want to do.

Who to buy your packages from

There are a ton of providers out there offering Walt Disney World packages. Some are great and some are not. Some will offer amazing customer service and some will be just okay. It’s important to go with the right one from the start. We have a few to suggest and a few to avoid.

Park Savers Partner

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The best provider out there is UC for discount Walt Disney World packages. When you buy their discounted Walt Disney World tickets you’re going to save a ton of money already. Combine that with their discounted hotels and you’re going to save hundreds of dollars. One cool thing that they do offer is a price match on Disney packages. If you are looking to purchase a package directly from Disney they will offer the same exact package but for less. You cannot go wrong with them.

Other Package Providers

Disney is the obvious choice for most guests looking to book a package. We would suggest avoiding them as they only sell at rack rate. Even when they have promo’s for a free dining plan it’s not worth it. Why? Because they require you to purchase your hotel at full price to get the free dining plan. All the other times of the year you can save between 15-25% off your hotel except when they offer the free dining. You see how that works now? It’s not really a deal at all.

AAA, Costco, and travel agencies all sell the same packages as Disney does at their rates. Travel agents receive a small commission on each package as does AAA and Costco. The difference is that travel agencies will sometimes offer you a kickback on that commission to bring the price down. That’s why we suggest Park Savers as the best package provider because they will sell you whatever package you really want to buy for less then anyone else.

Airlines also offer packages to Walt Disney World and they typically include airfare. Make sense. Are they really offering you a deal. They may at times offer a discount when you book your hotel and airfare together but in reality they just want you to fly with them and then add extras. It’s a good idea to compare them with a Park Savers offering before buying.

Expedia, Priceline, and all those other hotel websites also offer packages but we can almost guarantee you they wont be that great of a deal. It’s because they all sell their Walt Disney World tickets at gate pricing so there are no savings on them. Even if your hotel is – cheaper you’ll lose all those ticket savings that add up to much more then that.

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Is the Dining Plan worth it?

We would blatantly tell you no but others would argue for it. We’ve never found savings in it because everyone has different eating habits. What you really don’t want to do is pay for more dining then you can handle. You also feel rushed to use your dining plan because its use it or lose it. The last thing you want to do is eat 5 meals in the last 4 hours you have at the resort.

However if you are determined that it will save you money, book with our partner. They will offer a package discount that you can’t refuse.

On property vs off property packages

Disney World doesn’t offer “off-property” packages like Disneyland does. Because they have so many property hotels you are bound to find one that fits your budget. Of course if you use someone like Park Savers to book an off-property hotel and tickets together it’s just like getting an off-property package. Keep in mind that you cannot add a dining plan to these packages. Hotels for these packages would include:

  • B Resort & Spa
  • Best Western Lake Buena Vista – Disney Springs
  • Double Tree Suites by Hilton
  • Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace
  • Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista
  • Holiday Inn Orlando
  • Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista

For more information on these hotels you’ll want to read about where to stay at Walt Disney World.

Swan Hotel at Sunrise

On property packages include a stay at one of Disney’s hotels plus your tickets plus a dining plan if you want one. They also typically include a savings booklet with free stuff to do and dining coupons for Disney Springs. If you do stay at a property hotel would will be able to take advantage of Earl Morning Hours and Evening Hours which can add a lot of extra ride time to your day.

Disney does have two hotels that are not owned by them but are on property called the Swan Hotel and the Dolphin hotel. These hotels offer all the same benefits that property hotels do and they can be put together in a package.