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7 Hidden Details From The Indiana Jones Attraction

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It’s one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland Park. The Indiana Jones Adventure attraction has been providing some of the biggest thrills to guests since 1995 when it opened. It’s also one of the few attractions that we don’t mind waiting in line for because the queue is as adventurous as the ride itself.

With an attraction based around discovery and adventure, it should come as no surprise that there are some “hidden in plain site” gems found all throughout the attraction. The next time you wander The Temple of the Forbidden Eye, be sure to look for these 7 hidden easter eggs:

Raiders of the Lost Ark Truck

Green diesel truck outside Indiana Jones ride

You’ve seen it before but maybe thought nothing of it. As the enter (or exit) the queue for Indiana Jones Adventure you’ll notice a big Mercedes Benz truck. It’s an amazing prop! But it’s more than a prop for just the ride, it was actually used in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you look carefully at the truck you can see handlebars with golf balls on them. These were used by stuntmen in the film to hold onto as the truck was moving in scenes.

The “Obelisk of Doom”

Marble Headstones inside Indiana Jones ride

Even before you look into the eyes of Mara, your destiny is…somewhat set. Found in the queue the “Obelisk of Doom” does some foreshadowing of your upcoming adventure by depicting some of the dangers you’re going to face including giant snakes, spears, engulfment by flame and giant rats. So look or don’t look into the eyes of Mara. We have a feeling your fate will be the same no matter what!

Temple of the Forbidden Eye Map

Map of the Forbidden Eye Temple

The “Obelisk of Doom” may do some foreshadowing but guests can also get a sneak peak at the layout of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye if they look close enough. Near the Indiana Jones office guests can catch a glimpse of Dr. Jones’s finding from the Temple including a layout of each room. There are even handwritten notes of where you should close your eyes and more.

Hidden Mickey

1930's Life Magazine with Mickey Mouse

Dr. Jones must be an avid reader of old documents because on his office desk in the queue guests can see an original 1930’s copy of Life Magazine featuring the one and only Mickey Mouse. If you’re an avid Midden Mickey hunter, not to worry. There are plenty more to find throughout the attraction!

Mine Cart of Doom

Mine Cart of Temple of Doom

Getting back to some original movie props, as guests exit the attraction having finished their adventure, they’ll likely notice a mine cart sitting on a short track. Like the patrol truck just ahead, this is no original prop for the ride. It was actually one that was used in the Indiana Jones film Temple of Doom.

Nod to the Jedi

Crate stamped Club Obi Wan

George Lucas is the mastermind behind both Star Wars and Indiana Jones (along with Steven Spielberg). As a fun salute to the Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi, guests can see a shipping crate stamped “Deliver to Club Obi Wan” in the attraction. In the film Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones goes inside a club to make a transaction with some dealers. Viewers with a quick eye will notice that the name of the club is Club Obi Wan.

A Forgotten Fan

Skeleton wearing Mickey Ears

As guests zip through their adventure, there is one room in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye that features some skeletons. And by some we mean a lot. Guests with a quick eye can catch one skeleton wearing a set of Mickey Ears. We’re not sure if it’s just a prop or if a guest fell out. Either way it’s kinda creepy!