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Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Hotel Review

All Star Movies Hotel

The All-Star Movies Hotel is a Value Resort at Walt Disney World!

Location: Animal Kingdom area


All-Star Movies Hotel – Imagine yourself sharing the spotlight with some of your favorite Disney friends, as you headline your very own all-star adventure. Stay at a Disney Resort hotel that salutes the legends of Disney films—from the dotted pups of 101 Dalmatians to the playful toys of Andy’s Room— with whimsical, larger-than-life décor.

Our Take

We’ve stayed at the All Star Movies Hotel once. All-Star Hotels are great for travelers who want a cheap place to stay knowing that they won’t be in their room very often. What we’re getting at is it’s not an incredible hotel by any means. The rooms are small, the amenities are basic and the resort itself is massive. This means a lot of things…

The busing situation is okay. You have to use it to get to any of the parks, Animal Kingdom being the closest one. The lines get long for the buses because there are a ton of guests staying at the All-Star Hotels. The bus system for these hotels is shared so not only do buses come to the All Star Music Hotel but they also make stops at the All-Star Music and All-Star Sports Hotels. Thus wait times can be longer because the buses can only fit some many guests and they are making stops at multiple hotels.

This means is can take longer to get to your destination. So why are these hotels so busy all the time? As we mentioned before pricing has a lot to do with it. Staying on property can be expensive but not here. Rates start in the $70’s per night during sales which is incredibly cheap! The hotel also offers a ton of rooms! Just over 1,900 to be precise! Walking to your hotel room from the lobby can take upwards to 10 minutes if you’re in the back of the All-Star Movies Hotel resort.All Star Movies Hotel

The overall theme of movies at the hotel is pretty fun. You’ll find it throughout the hotel including the buildings, pool and in the rooms. Don’t miss the Mighty Ducks duck-pond themed pool and the Fantasia pool. Both are really great pools, our favorites out of the All-Star Hotels. Perfect for all ages to enjoy.

The World Premiere Food Court is where you’ll get breakfast, lunch and dinner if you’re eating at the resort. Get there early for breakfast as it fills up fast! The resort also offers pizza delivery to your room if you want it. It’s made at a general pizza place at Walt Disney World then delivered to your room. This is because the service is available at several hotels. It’s just okay..

Our number one suggestion with this hotel would be to take an Uber or LYFT to get to the parks. It will be much faster than trying to deal with the bus. Secondly, get a preferred room if you can. It’s closer to the lobby and the bus area and makes a BIG difference with your overall experience.

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Discounts and Savings

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