Amazon Disneyland Tickets – Prime Member

Prime Member Amazon Disneyland Tickets

Are you an Amazon Prime Member looking to score Amazon Disneyland Tickets? I’ve done my homework on what would surely be an excellent and convenient buy. Unfortunately there are no Amazon Disneyland Tickets for sale at this time. I’ve been checking weekly for the past several months and haven’t seen any for sale.

Don’t let this frustrate you though. While Amazon sells almost everything, if they don’t have it there are always other options. In this case I have an excellent alternative that you may be interested in.

Get Away Today is a great option for purchasing discounted tickets to Disneyland when Amazon Disneyland Tickets aren’t available. The great thing about purchasing from them is that there is no shipping involved to receive your items. While 2 Day Delivery sounds great, instant email delivery is even better!

Amazon Disneyland Tickets

Get Away Today offers free same-day email delivery of your tickets after purchase. Those tickets can be taken straight to the gate at Disneyland park for entry. There is no box office exchange required. Simply print your tickets are link them to your Disneyland App account and scan them from your phone as you enter the parks.

Amazon Disneyland Tickets – No Membership Required!

Because you can’t purchase Disneyland tickets from Amazon at this time my other option provided through Get Away Today allows anyone to purchase them, no membership required.

If you’re a Prime Member with Amazon you know how valuable that can be for you. It also costs money to be a Prime Member, currently $115 a year. If you did want to purchase Amazon Disneyland tickets and get a great deal you would need to be a Prime Member. For the yearly cost, it currently wouldn’t be worth joining Amazon Prime just to get a discount.

Because Get Away Today has discounted tickets for anyone, there would be no reason to do this anyway. Plus they offer a Best Price Guarantee that ensures you get the best price.