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Costco Great America Tickets

It seems like Costco sells almost everything these days, from our favorite food items to home insurance to glasses prescriptions and a whole lot more. And the savings are incredible! So it shouldn’t surprise you that sometimes you can get Costco Great America tickets from them at a great price. We continually track what they offer and how to book them so you don’t have to.

Discounted Costco Great America Tickets

If you’re planning a trip to the Great America theme park in California, you may be searching for discounted tickets to help you save on the cost of entrance. Occasionally companies like Costco will offer their members the opportunity to purchase tickets at a discounted price.

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Savings on these tickets range from $5 to $19 per ticket when purchased through Costco. Most times no package is required in order to buy them but sometimes it is. This means you would need to book a hotel + tickets in order to receive the savings.

Because Costco is notorious for moving product in and out quickly, there can be times when Great America tickets are not available through them. Below we show you how to check to see if they have them in stock or not. It’s good to check back often just in case they come back.

How To Book Costco Great America Tickets

If you’re wanting to check availability of Great America theme park tickets with Costco here are the steps you would need to follow:

  1. Go to and log-in to your member account.
  2. The sub-menu should display a “Theme Parks & Specialty” option. Hover your mouse over this and then click on “California’s Great America” (if you don’t see it tickets are unavailable).
  3. Select the ticket type you want, how many adults and kids, and the dates you’re going to visit.
  4. Add the tickets to your cart and begin checkout.

If you get to step 2 and cannot find the ticket option anywhere then the tickets are not currently being sold. If this is the case continue below for the next best option.

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Tickets are sent via email and can be printed or redeemed from your phone. Be sure to bring a photo ID and follow all the other instructions on your tickets. Adding Fast Lane to your tickets needs to be done through the official website.

Second Best Option For Discounted Great America Tickets

If you are unable to buy your tickets with Costco your next best option is to buy them here with an official 3rd party vendor. We say “second best” but in reality the savings on the tickets are the same or better sometimes and include all the same amenities and options.

Undercover Tourist is the best online reseller for Great America Tickets at a discount. They have been in business for over 20 years and are the one company we trust to send our readers to for genuine theme park tickets.

Their website will show you all available tickets, how much you can save and a quick check-out. Afterwards you can print your tickets or redeem them from your phone. You can also add Fast Lane to them by visiting the official Great America website.

2023 Costco Great America Tickets Pricing

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Here is the 2023 Costco Great America Tickets pricing along with tickets from Undercover Tourist:

TicketsCostco Great AmericaUndercover TouristGreat America Box OfficeExtras Included
Good Any Day Season 3$0/NA$54.25 - Save $15$69.25
Single Weekday Season 3$0/NA$49.25 - Save $20$69.25
Single Weekday Day Bundle$0/NA$75.47 - Save $29$104.47Parking
1 Meal

Note that parking is typically not included with your tickets and will need to be purchased separately. Parking at California’s Great America theme park is $30 per vehicle and $40 per RV.

The park also has limited days and hours starting September running through March. Most weekdays they can be closed, only opening for weekends after 4PM. It’s important to check their operating hours before purchasing tickets to make sure they are open when you want to visit.