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Crash Course on Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot

Of all the futuristic tech that’s a part of the Star Wars universe, nothing has Star Wars fans wishing they could have one of their very own more than lightsabers and droids. Although you can create your very own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop, next door at the Droid Depot is where Disney guests can bring their own astromech droid unit to life. 

For all of you out there wanting to build your own droid, keep reading, as we break down everything there is to know about the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot including prices, options, accessories, functionality, and more. 

What Is the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot?

The Droid Depot is a unique, immersive retail experience located in the Star Wars Land at both Disney World and Disneyland. Think, the Build-a-Bear Workshop meets Star Wars. This bustling store in Galaxy’s Edge is the place to go whether you’re looking to bring home an adorable beeping, rolling droid of your very own or something simpler. 

Old droids on shelves with parts

While half of the store is dedicated to the droid-building experience, the rest stocks an array of other premade, non-customizable Star Wars-branded and droid-themed merchandise including t-shirts, mugs, and more. If you’ve got enough pocket change stashed away, you can even bring home a full-sized, remote-controlled R2-D2 replica for the low, low price of only $25,000. 

Droid Depot Backstory & Theming

The proprietor of Black Spire Outpost’s finest Astromech droid outfitter is Mubo, a tech-savvy Utai and droid programmer extraordinaire who loves sharing his skills with those passing through his home planet of Batuu. Unfortunately, Mubo is a pretty busy guy, so you won’t catch him mingling with the masses as you peruse his shop. However, he has passed on his knowledge to the rest of his staff who are on-hand to assist you throughout the droid-building process. 

One of the best things about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the transporting quality of the theming, and the Droid Depot is no exception. With tons of droid components piled atop each other along the walls, it truly feels as if you’ve stepped into a slightly chaotic mechanic’s shop in a galaxy far, far away. 

Where Is the Disney Droid Depot?

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge grey towers
Galaxy’s Edge

Disney’s Droid Depot can be visited at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park as part of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Although they’re not required to build your droid, reservations are highly recommended for this special shopping experience regardless of which location. This is because same-day reservations are not currently being offered; and while walk-ins are accepted, availability may be extremely limited. 

A separate theme park ticket is required for admission, as is a valid credit card number at the time of booking. However, you won’t be charged for your purchase until you get to the store. Disney recommends that you arrive for your reservation 15 minutes prior so you can check in. If your reservation is for more than one person, all members of your party must be present to check in. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are essentially two different parts to the Droid Depot: the droid construction section and the area with the rest of the Star Wars merchandise. Each part has its own entrance, so pay attention upon entering. Should you not have a reservation, keep an eye out for the cast member holding the end-of-the-line sign. If you did plan ahead, be sure to have a cast member direct you to the appropriate line so you can avoid the crowds. 

R2-D2 Galaxy's Edge

Keep in mind that depending on how busy the park is that day, late arrivals for a Droid Depot advance reservation may not be accommodated. If you do come up empty-handed in terms of a reservation, we suggest you plan your walk-in for earlier in the morning or later at night for the shortest wait times.

And should you need to cancel, be sure to submit your cancellation at least a day before it is scheduled. Otherwise, the credit card you put on file when making the reservation will be charged in the amount of $99.99 per builder (the Droid Depot cost for a basic droid).

Build a Droid at Disney World

The Droid Depot at Disney World is located in the Star Wars Land area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You’ll find it next to Savi’s Workshop across from Ronto Roasters right before you get to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Disney World Droid Depot reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance on the Disney World website or through the My Disney Experience app.  

Build a Droid at Disneyland

Rusted Brick Arch with Star Wars Themed Decor Inside Galaxy's Edge

Similar to the Disney World location, the Disneyland Droid Depot is located at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in the area that leads to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run neighboring Savi’s Workshop across from Ronto Roasters. Droid Depot reservations for Disneyland can be made up to 60 days in advance online or through the Disneyland app. 

How to Build a Droid

Once it’s your turn to build, you will first need to decide which kind of Star Wars droid you’d like to build and pay for it. Builders can choose between two different Droid Depot options – either the classic R-Series droid or the newer BB-Series unit. These droids can then be customized further with a variety of optional accessories. 

Droid Depot Prices

Regardless of whether you choose an R-Series or BB-Series, each droid built at Droid Depot costs $99.99 plus tax starting without any additional accessories. Unfortunately, no Annual Passholder discount is available on the droid itself, although there is one for all Droid Depot accessories. A carrying box and instructions are included. 

For an additional $49.99, you can choose to get a Droid Depot backpack to carry your droid around the parks instead of the included box. For $12.99, you can also opt to customize your droid further with a personality-affiliation chip. More on each of these options in a bit. 

Galaxy's Edge Disneyland

The good people that call the planet Batuu home believe that the bond forged between a droid and its builder is for life. As a result, there are no returns, and the purchase is completely non-refundable. So, keep this in mind when picking out which style of droid you want to build and all the Droid Depot color options and components for making it. You want to make sure that you’re happy because even if you’re not, you’re stuck with it anyway. 

Droid Depot Options from the Parts Station

After you’ve decided on and paid for your droid, you’ll be given a construction blueprint for your droid outlining the parts you’ll need to collect to build it, along with a basket to put them all in. You’ll then be directed to a station along the parts station’s conveyer belt to grab everything you need. Instructions are provided near your station; however, if you have any questions or are looking for anything in particular, feel free to ask one of the cast members on hand. 

Droid assembly line with parts

In our opinion, this is one of the neatest parts of the whole experience. The conveyor belt is loaded with all the different parts required to build your specific droid. As they are whisked by, you’ll see components available in several different color options – like blue, red, purple, and orange – and styles, so feel free to spend some time looking over everything that is available before immediately grabbing the first thing you see. Everything can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content, so there really are endless Droid Depot combinations available. Just remember, there are no refunds. 

BB-Series Unit

For the BB unit option, you will need a:

  • Dome
  • Dome connection plate
  • Body sphere
  • Motivator

R-Series Unit

For the R-Series droid, you should grab a:

  • Dome
  • Body
  • Center leg
  • Set of side-legs

Build Your Own Droid at the Build Station

A completed red BB droid

As soon as you’ve gathered all the necessary parts for your droid, you’ll next make your way over to your build station. Simple instructions are displayed at your station (sort of like a large placemat), as well as on screens nearby, outlining the correct steps for putting the pieces together. While most of the droid comes together easily enough, some of the steps can be a bit tricky. So, if you do have any questions or problems while putting your new astromech buddy together, feel free to ask a cast member at any time. 

Once you’ve finished building your droid, the final – and most exciting – step is to activate it. After placing it on the activation slot, your newfound friend will whir to life with an outburst of flashing lights and charming beeps. And yes, it is every bit as magical as it sounds. This is also when you’ll receive your droid’s remote control, along with instructions on how to use it from a Disney cast member. Finally, your droid will be boxed up and ready to take home. 

Customization With Other Droid Depot Accessories

Although not necessary, there are a variety of different customization options that are available to really make your droid your own. As you can probably guess from the name, Droid Depot personality chips change the way your droid sounds, as well as how it interacts with different parts of Galaxy’s Edge.

Cargo containment for spaceship

Builders can choose between the Rebellion, First Order, or Scoundrel factions. While you can test out how the different chips sound inside the store, be aware that it can get kind of loud and may be hard to hear.

As we previously mentioned, a box is included in the price of your droid. However, there is also a special droid-carrying backpack available that makes toting your new friend around the park and watching its interactions and reactions as you roam around Galaxy’s Edge. Whether you wear the backpack in front or behind you, it’s fun to hear it make noise and watch it light up depending on where you are. 

Additionally, those who build R-Series droids are also able to buy other cosmetic accessories like decals and accessory panels. Each of these options can be found near the register when you first pay for your droid. But don’t worry about needing to make a decision right then and there – Droid Depot accessories can be added on at any time.

Using Droid Depot Droids in the Parks & at Home

Small droid in backpack

Once it’s up and running, your new astromech droid unit can be used both at Disney World and Disneyland, as well as outside of the parks. Your droid comes equipped with Bluetooth technology which connects it to touchpoints throughout Galaxy’s Edge and the Disney parks. Meanwhile, when you’re at home or out exploring somewhere else, your droid can be controlled by your remote control or the Droid Depot mobile app. 

Around Galaxy’s Edge and the Disney Parks

Inside Disneyland and Disney World, your droid will use its Bluetooth capabilities to engage with and react to different areas in Galaxy’s Edge and beyond, along with “talking” to droids made by other guests and those located throughout Black Spire Outpost.

This is also when your droid’s personality really shines, especially if you decided to customize it with a personality-affiliation chip. For example, if you want your droid to be a part of the Resistance, you might hear them chirp merrily when you wander through the Resistance Forest or cower in fear when you pass by the First Order.  

Although you are able to use your remote control to pilot your droid at home and elsewhere, it is not permitted inside the parks. In other words, you must carry it the entire time. This is why we think the droid-carrying backpack is a nice add-on, as it makes it both more convenient to carry than the included box and easier to see and appreciate the little interactions created through the use of Bluetooth. It really makes your time on Batuu that much more immersive and helps to strengthen your bond with your droid. 

At Home With the Droid Depot Mobile App

R2-D2 banner with mobile text

Outside the parks, playing with your Star Wars droid can be done either with the remote control or by using the Droid Depot mobile app (available on both the App Store and Google Play). This free app syncs with your astromech droid unit so you can give them a name, see their profile, and pilot them around your space. And the app isn’t just for those with a real Droid Depot droid, even those without an actual droid can use the app to build and collect a whole garage of droids – all virtually, of course! 

Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot FAQs

Still have some questions about visiting the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Droid Depot? Here are some answers to your most pressing FAQs:

How long does it take to build your own droid?

Not including your wait time, building a droid at the Droid Depot typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes. This will depend on how long it takes for you to pick out the parts you want from the conveyer belt and correctly put everything together, as well as if you opt to shop for any additional Droid Depot accessories. 

Who should build a droid at Disney?

According to Disney, any guest aged 3 or older can build a Star Wars droid. Only one builder and one guest are allowed in the experience area, and the guest is just that: a guest. They will not be allowed to make their own droid. Between the builder and the guest, at least one of them must be 14 or older. 

In general, we think building a droid at the Droid Depot is a fun experience for both kids and kids-at-heart alike. Little ones especially will love digging through the various parts and Droid Depot options to put together their very own droid, while adults are sure to get a kick out watching their creation’s personality come to life both in the parks and at home. 

Can you use your own bag to carry your Galaxy’s Edge droid?

Yes! There’s no need to stick to the included box or pay for the special Droid Depot backpack if you don’t want to. You are more than welcome to use your own bag to help carry your Star Wars droid as you roam throughout Galaxy’s Edge. 

What if I need help operating my droid?

No problem! If you have questions on how to use your droid, simply refer to Disney’s instruction manual for your specific droid model. 

Which is better – Droid Depot or Savi’s Workshop?

Several droids grouped together

This is a tricky one. Whether it’s the Droid Depot or Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge or Ollivander’s at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we love an interactive, immersive shopping experience. They really elevate your trip to the parks and, we think, help create a more personalized visit. 

That being said, building a droid at Droid Depot isn’t quite as elaborate as what you’ll find next door when building a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop. Blame it on the almost spiritual experience that comes with learning how to wield a lightsaber in Star War lore and the films. Furthermore, the lightsabers you build at Savi’s Workshop are on a whole other level of quality, more of a collector’s or cosplay item versus a toy. However, it is a really cute and fun experience, and it’s hard not to love the adorable reactions of these pint-sized droids at the end of it all. 

All in all, we say it comes down to personal preference, and perhaps budget. At only $99.99 instead of $219.99 for a lightsaber, building your own Star Wars droid is also a whole heck of a lot cheaper. 

Is the Droid Depot worth it?

Again, this really depends on what you’d like to get out of it. If you’re looking for a high-quality piece of Star Wars memorabilia, Droid Depot droids probably aren’t it. These are toys more than anything else. Are they still packed with neat technology? Most definitely, but still toys, nonetheless. However, they are also a ton of fun to play with both in the parks and at home, and their little personalities bring them to life in ways a lightsaber can’t come close to. In our opinion, totally worth it. 

Ship cargo containers

Well, we hope we helped clear up any questions or concerns you may have had about how to build a droid at Disney World and Disneyland. If you’re going to be blasting off soon to Black Spire Outpost and would like to save some cash (more money for droids!), be sure to check out our discount Disney tickets for both Disneyland and Disney World for some out-of-this-world deals. 

Have you built a droid at the Droid Depot before? We’d love to hear all about it! Did you like building a lightsaber more? We’d like to hear about that too. Let us know in the comments below!