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Universal Orlando Ticket Tips & Tricks

As anyone who has ever planned or been on a trip to Universal Studios or a Disney park can attest, theme park tickets are not cheap. Plus, with so many different options – park-to-park access, Express Pass upgrades, multiple-day discounts – it’s hard to know which discount tickets to Universal Orlando to buy. 

For this article, we’ll go over all the possible Universal Studios deals and ticket options, and help you decide on the best discount tickets for Universal Studios in Florida for you and your family. Our ticket pricing guides are updated several times throughout the year, so feel free to refer back often for the most up-to-date Universal Studios ticket deals and pricing. 

Where to Buy Discount Universal Orlando Tickets

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Call us biased, but there is one company we recommend over any other to make finding cheap Universal Studios tickets to the Orlando, Florida resort a breeze: Us! For over a decade, Park Savers has helped people from around the world save money with our discounted theme park tickets. We want you and your family to have the absolute best vacation possible, and that means helping you maximize both money and time. 

By booking your discount Universal tickets through Park Savers, you can rest easy in knowing that you’re getting tickets from an authorized ticket seller, meaning no scams, fake tickets, or too-good-to-be-true deals. Currently, we’re partnering with Undercover Tourist, an Orlando-based authorized retailer for the Universal Orlando Resort for our Universal Studios deals. 

So, if you like to save money, keep reading to answer that burning question we know you have: “How can I get cheap Universal Orlando tickets?”

How to Get Discount Tickets to Universal Orlando

If you want to get discount tickets to Universal Orlando, just visit Undercover Tourist then select the perfect Universal ticket deal for you and your party. From there, just follow these easy steps to get your cheap Universal Studios tickets.

  1. Select your start date on the calendar to view the pricing for that date. You must have travel dates selected in order to make a purchase.
  2. Glance over the below sections to see our current Universal Studios ticket deals and choose the best option for your party.
  3. Next, specify the number of adults (ages 10+) and children (ages 3-9) in your travel group. Children aged 2 and under are free. Then, continue to checkout. 
  4. Make sure everything in your order is correct and proceed to your cart. 
  5. Confirm your email address. This is where your e-tickets will be sent after purchase. 
  6. Select your payment method and complete the transaction.

After You’ve Purchased Your Universal Studios Discount Tickets

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Once you’ve bought your Universal Orlando Resort tickets, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email and your receipt. Your e-tickets will then be delivered straight to your email within 24 hours of purchase. Then, all you need to do is print out a paper copy or save a digital copy to your phone. Once you’re at Universal, just show your printed or e-ticket to the Universal team member at the turnstiles and walk on through. 

That’s right – there’s no need to stop at will call to pick up your tickets or worry about whether they could get lost in the mail. Any discount tickets to Universal Orlando bought through Park Savers are sent straight to you, no printer, shipping turnaround times, or waiting in long lines necessary. 

Where Not to Buy Cheap Universal Tickets

It’s no secret that theme parks are big business, and the Universal Orlando Resort is no exception. In fact, hardly a year goes by without some scammer trying to make some money off of budget-minded travelers. Really, it’s easy to see how. You are bombarded by billboards and signs offering obscenely discounted tickets to Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld. It almost seems too good to be true. And it usually is. 

Shopping online for dirt cheap is no better. Fraudulent websites touting crazy deals for (fake) park tickets are plentiful, as are some especially questionable entrepreneurs looking to make a buck off of unsuspecting tourists.  In general, we suggest you steer clear of situations like those outlined below to help make sure you’re only buying authentic discounted Universal tickets. 

  • Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace might be good places to look for used furniture, but you definitely don’t want to go there looking for legitimate Universal Studios ticket deals, as you have no way of knowing if the tickets are authentic or already used. 
  • Anyone trying to convince you to do cash-only Universal Studios deals are bad news. Authorized ticket retailers will accept credit card payments and have a secure website. 
  • Any website that includes “Universal,” “Universal Studios,” or some variation in the company name (and likewise, “Disney” or “Disney World”) is almost certainly a scam. Due to copyright laws, it is illegal for authorized retailers selling discounted Universal tickets to incorporate the Universal name into website URLs or company names. For example, while Park Savers sells both Disney and Universal Studios tickets, you do not find those words in our company’s name. 
  • Likewise, with the above sketchy situations, anyone asking you to meet up with them in a strange location to pick up your cheap Universal tickets – like outside Universal, in a parking lot somewhere, or at the airport – is a big red flag. Similarly, ticket booths located on International Drive, in gas stations, directly outside the theme parks, or in shopping malls have also been known to sell bogus tickets to Universal and Orlando. In general, any company that requires a face-to-face meeting, especially in a weird spot, to hand over your tickets most likely can’t be trusted, as authorized ticket retailers will send you your voucher, e-ticket, and/or confirmation code directly to your email or through snail mail. And while it’s possible that an authorized seller will ask you to visit their retail location, they’ll never ask you to go to a random location.  

As we mentioned above, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when buying discount tickets for Universal Studios in Florida is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So, if something seems suspect, trust your instincts and find another discount Universal ticket option. You know what isn’t too good to be true, however? Park Savers and our sweet, sweet Universal Studios deals. Plus, as an authorized Universal Orlando ticket seller, you’ll never have to worry about whether your tickets are authentic. 

Why Buy Discount Tickets to Universal Orlando With Park Savers

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For starters, as we mentioned earlier, Park Savers has been saving people money with our discount tickets for Universal Studios in Florida and Walt Disney World (Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, too!) for quite some time. Since 2010, in fact. And since then, we’ve become known around the world as one of the best places to find legit Orlando parks deals. In fact, many travelers save $50 or more per ticket by buying with Park Savers. 

Next, you can rest easy in knowing that all discount tickets to Universal Orlando are no different from tickets purchased directly from Disney. After your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation code and your e-tickets will be delivered to the email of your choice within 24 hours. From there, all that’s left to do is print them off or take a screenshot, head to the parks, wave goodbye to the people standing in line at will call or the ticket booths (you don’t belong there), show your printed or e-tickets to a Universal team member, skip through the turnstiles, and make a beeline for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (or the new VelociCoaster ?). 

Just like Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, we sell date-based tickets. Though less convenient than flexible-date tickets, they are also considerably less expensive, which is exactly why we like them. We’ll go deeper into date-based ticket pricing a little bit later. We sell flexible-date tickets as well, however, they cost much more than date-specific tickets. So, if you’re looking for the cheapest tickets to Universal Orlando, date-based tickets are the way to go. 

We also offer a variety of ticket options including One Park Per Day tickets, Park-to-Park tickets, and Universal Express Passes. As we’ll dig into next, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Other Cheap Universal Studios Tickets 

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Of course, there are a few other places that offer some decent deals on Universal Studios tickets. Costco offers special promotions from time to time for the Universal Orlando Resort. Although when we checked, there were only vacation packages with a hotel stay included – no tickets were available separately. An Orlando Universal Studios military discount is available for active-duty members of the military with valid military IDs when purchasing tickets for multiple days at the front gate ticket booths. Specially priced Universal Studios military tickets can also be purchased at Leisure Travel offices on military bases nationwide.

Is there a AAA discount for Universal Studios Florida? Yup, members of the famous auto club are able to get discount AAA Universal tickets, and can even save on select items when visiting the parks. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Sunshine State, Florida resident discounts are also available. 

How to Get Cheap Universal Tickets Internationally

Are you living internationally and wondering “How can I get cheap Universal Orlando tickets?” We get it! The Universal Orlando Resort and other Central Florida theme parks are popular destinations for international travelers, especially with large youth groups coming from Brazil and Argentina and during the UK half term. 

Fortunately, saving money on your Universal Orlando Resort holiday is easy whether you live in the United States or not because anyone can buy discount tickets for Universal Studios in Florida from Park Savers! Tickets can last anywhere from 1-5 days, although if you’re traveling from overseas, we recommend you spend at least 2 days at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. 

Plus, booking one of our Universal ticket deals means straightforward pricing – there are no additional taxes or hidden fees to worry about, so what you see is what you pay. And best of all, there’s no need to waste time collecting your tickets once you land or by waiting in line at the parks, as tickets are sent directly to your email inbox. 

Types of Universal Orlando Tickets

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In general, aside from Universal’s annual passes, there are two basic kinds of Universal Orlando Resort tickets: One Park Per Day, including one-day tickets to Volcano Bay, and Park-to-Park. You also have the option to upgrade your tickets to include the Universal Express Pass, which allows you to skip the lines on certain rides. Depending on how long you plan to visit, you can choose tickets lasting between one to five days. 

If you’ve never been to Universal Orlando before, we highly recommend getting at least a 2-Day Park-to-Park ticket (three days if you want to go to Volcano Bay, or if there’s a special event like Halloween Horror Nights, Mardi Gras, or Holidays at Universal happening). That way, you’ll have a full day available at each park along with the freedom to go back and forth between the two depending on crowds, lines, and what you’d like to ride. 

For those who only have one day to visit, a 1-Day Park-to-Park ticket is a must. We also highly recommend you consider upgrading your ticket to include the Universal Express Pass. It won’t save you money, but it will save you time, which will definitely come in handy if you need to cram a bunch of things to do in a short period of time. This is also a great upgrade to consider for Universal newbies.

Universal Orlando One Park Per Day Tickets

A One Park Per Day ticket is exactly what it sounds like: You must choose between going to either Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, or Universal’s Volcano Bay. Once you’re in, that is the only park you’ll be visiting for the rest of the day. Which, is kind of a buzzkill once you realize that you could’ve ridden the Hogwarts Express between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure if you’d gone for the park-to-park tickets instead. Alas, there will be nothing from the trolley for you, dears.

Universal Orlando Park-to-Park Tickets

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Just like the name implies, Park-to-Park tickets allow you to travel between Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure within the same day, whether that’s on the Hogwarts Express or through the turnstiles. If you are visiting for two days or more, you can also opt to include admission to Volcano Bay into the mix. For example, if you were visiting for three days, you could either get a 2-Parks-3-Days ticket to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure or a 3-Parks-3-Days ticket which included access to the Volcano Bay water park as well. 

Without a doubt, this is our favorite ticket option when visiting Universal in Orlando. Not only is it nice not being stuck in one park, but it also gives you the freedom to schedule your day how you please and more flexibility to switch things up depending on crowds, lines, and weather. 

Universal Express Passes

The Universal Orlando Resort is one of the most visited theme parks in the world, and lines can get long even on the best of days. Fortunately, by upgrading to a Universal Express Pass, you’re able to skip at least some of the lines and save a considerable amount of time in the process. If you’re thinking this sounds a whole lot like Disney’s former FastPass service and Disney Genie‘s new Lightning Lanes, you would be correct. Unlike at Disney, however, this is a privilege that you’ll have to pay for. 

If you do decide to upgrade your ticket to an Express Pass, you’ll have two different options: the basic option and the Universal Express Unlimited pass. The basic option allows you to skip the line of each applicable ride only once, while the unlimited pass obviously lets you jump to the front as much as you want. With the Universal Express Pass starting out at a $60 upgrade and the Express Unlimited Pass at $90, at just $30 more, we think paying a little more for the unlimited pass is worth it for all the flexibility it gives. After all, skipping the line on a ride once is nice, but we’d much rather have the option of doing it as many times as we like. 

Special Offers

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Would you like to save even more? We’re currently offering a few special deals for One Park Per Day and Park-to-Park tickets which can help you save even more versus at-the-gate pricing. Keep in mind that all Universal Studios ticket deals are subject to change and quantities are limited. So, if you’re planning on heading to Universal Orlando anytime soon, buy your tickets while supplies last. 

Get 4 Days for the Price of 2!

  • Buy a 2-day One Park Per Day ticket, get 2 days free (with or without Volcano Bay)
  • Buy a 2-day Park-to-Park ticket, get 2 days free (includes Hogwarts Express, with or without Volcano Bay)

These tickets expire on December 17, 2021, and there are no blockout dates, so if you’re wanting to visit Universal soon but aren’t sure when yet, these are an excellent option with good savings and tons of flexibility. With such a good deal, we imagine these are going to go fast. Buy soon so you don’t miss this opportunity to save even more cash on our already discounted tickets. 

Universal Orlando Date-Based Ticket Pricing

In August 2020, the Universal Orlando Resort followed Disney’s lead and switched their ticket pricing structure to include date-based ticketing, meaning that the price of the ticket fluctuates based on a number of factors including whether you’ll be traveling during high, low, or shoulder season and anticipated attendance. For example, while booking a 2-Parks-1-Day ticket with Universal will cost you only $164 towards the end of August and most of September, if you go during Christmas or New Year’s, the price jumps up to $214. That’s a $50 difference simply depending on when you decide to go. 

In other words, if there’s some flexibility in your party’s schedule and you’re able to go to the parks on a slower (re: cheaper) week, you’ll end up saving both time, from all those short lines, and money. If you’re stuck going during spring break or the winter holidays, however, prepare to work those higher Universal ticket prices into your gift-giving budget. 

In addition to the new dynamic date-based ticket system, there are also a few changes to expiration dates for any two-day-or-more tickets. For the number of days you select, you will have that plus three additional days to use up your ticket. Let’s say you get a 2-Park-2-Day Park-to-Park ticket. Beginning (and including) the first day you go to the park, you will have five consecutive days to go to Universal Orlando two times. Likewise, if you bought a three-day ticket, you’d have six days in a row to use up your visits, and a five-day ticket would be valid for use for eight days starting from the first day of your visit. 

Of course, you are still able to buy Flex Tickets or tickets without an expiration date or blockout dates. However, keep in mind that these tickets can end up costing quite a bit more and aren’t exactly what we’d consider a discount Universal ticket option. 

Final Thoughts

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Park Savers is proud to be one of the best places for cheap Universal Studio tickets. Orlando has some of the best theme parks in the world, and we are thrilled to be able to share them with you, whether that’s Universal Studios travel hacks or Islands of Adventure discount tickets. 

Now that a bit of the shine has worn off when it comes to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, guests are rediscovering everything the Universal Orlando Resort has to offer and spending more time exploring other parts of the park. If you want to visit Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure, a two-day visit with a 2-Park-2-Day ticket is a great place to start. For a great deal on discounted tickets to Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay, check out our Universal Orlando ticket calendar. Try out different dates and ticket options – you never know how much you can save!  

Planning your trip to the Universal Orlando Resort? Be sure to check out our Universal Orlando Planning Guide for when to visit, where to stay, what to eat, and more. There are also many other Orlando Area Attractions that you want to visit along with Universal Orlando.