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Disney Cruise Line Internet Package Pricing and Information

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Disney Cruise Line offers internet access to guests through various internet packages that they can purchase. These packages typically come in different tiers, offering various levels of service, from basic web browsing to more premium options that may include streaming and other high-bandwidth activities. Here’s an overview of how it generally works:

  1. Available Packages: Disney Cruise Line typically offers different packages, like the Stay Connected, Basic Surf, and Premium Surf packages. Each package offers different levels of service at different price points.
  2. Purchasing Options: Guests can purchase internet access for 24-hour periods or for the entire duration of their voyage. There are usually discounts for purchasing the full voyage package, as opposed to the daily option.
  3. Access and Connection: Once a package is purchased, guests can connect their devices to the ship’s onboard Wi-Fi network. They may be provided with a login or access code to authenticate their purchase.
  4. Bandwidth and Restrictions: Depending on the package purchased, there may be limits on bandwidth or restrictions on certain types of activities (e.g., streaming videos). Higher-tier packages usually provide faster speeds and fewer restrictions.
  5. Multiple Devices: Some packages allow guests to connect multiple devices at a discounted rate. This is useful for families or individuals with more than one device.
  6. Special Considerations: Guests should be aware that the “days remaining” for a package reset at midnight, and buying a package close to this time will result in being charged for a full day.
  7. Transitioning Ships: Not all ships may offer the same packages or may be in the process of transitioning to new ones, such as the situation mentioned earlier with the Disney Wonder.
  8. Connectivity: As with most at-sea internet services, connectivity can vary depending on the ship’s location and other factors. It may not be as fast or reliable as land-based internet.
  9. Customer Support: Onboard staff are usually available to assist with any issues related to internet access or to help guests choose the best package for their needs.
  10. Charging: The cost of the internet package will typically be charged to the guest’s onboard account, and they can settle it at the end of the cruise.
  11. Free Alternatives: Some ships might offer limited free access to specific websites or applications, like the cruise line’s own app, but this varies by ship and itinerary.

Please note that the specifics can vary by ship and over time, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information directly with Disney Cruise Line or consult with the onboard staff.

Disney Magic Cruise Ship at Sea

Disney Cruise Line Internet Updates

Disney Cruise Line is updating the prices for time-based internet packages onboard, with the changes coming into effect on the following dates:

  • Disney Magic – 7/31/23
  • Disney Wish – 7/31/23
  •  – 8/1/23
  • Disney Fantasy – 8/5/23

Currently, the Disney Wonder does not offer these time-based internet packages, but it is set to transition to them in the near future.

The revised pricing details are:

Stay Connected Package:

  • $16 per day for the entire voyage
  • $18 per day for a 24-hour period

Basic Surf Package:

  • $24 per day for the entire voyage
  • $28 per day for a 24-hour period

Premium Surf Package:

  • $34 per day for the entire voyage
  • $42 per day for a 24-hour period

Guests can choose to purchase internet access either for 24-hour intervals or for the entire voyage. A 20% discount is offered on voyage pricing compared to 24-hour pricing, and an additional 20% discount is provided for adding extra devices to an internet package. If guests decide to buy a voyage plan mid-journey, they will be billed only for the days remaining. It’s important to note that the “days remaining” resets at midnight, so buying a package at 11:55 pm will result in a charge for the full day.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship At Sea

Cellular at Sea On Disney Cruise Line

Cellular at Sea, or shipboard cellular service, is a specialized service provided on many cruise ships, including those operated by Disney Cruise Line. It enables passengers to use their mobile phones while at sea, just as they would on land, albeit with some differences in operation and cost. Here’s how Cellular at Sea works:

  1. Network Availability: Cellular at Sea functions by establishing a partnership with a land-based mobile provider. When a cruise ship is in international waters, it activates its onboard cellular network, which then interacts with passengers’ mobile phones just like a regular roaming network.
  2. Roaming Charges: Using Cellular at Sea usually incurs roaming charges, which can be significantly higher than standard land-based charges. These charges are billed by the home mobile provider, and it’s advisable to consult with them for detailed pricing information before departure.
  3. Compatibility: Most modern mobile phones and providers are compatible with Cellular at Sea, but it’s wise to check with the cruise line and your mobile provider to ensure that your specific phone and plan will work on the cruise.
  4. Operation: When the ship’s onboard cellular network is activated, passengers can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and access data services, just like they would on land. However, the service may be subject to the ship’s location and other factors, and data speeds may be slower than usual.
  5. Connectivity: The service connects to satellites and then to land-based networks, providing coverage even when the ship is far from land. Connectivity can vary, and there may be areas on the ship where the signal is weaker.
  6. Turning Off Roaming: Passengers who don’t want to incur additional charges can usually turn off roaming on their mobile phones. Most cruise lines also offer Wi-Fi packages, which may be a more cost-effective way to stay connected while at sea.
  7. Emergency Calls: Cellular at Sea generally allows for emergency calls, although the functionality might vary depending on the cruise line and ship.
  8. Alternatives and Wi-Fi Calling: For those who want to avoid the roaming charges associated with Cellular at Sea, many cruise lines offer internet packages, allowing passengers to use apps for texting and calling over Wi-Fi.
  9. Notifications and Alerts: Some mobile providers send text alerts to notify passengers when they are connected to the ship’s network and the associated costs.
  10. Customer Support: If passengers have issues or questions about the service, they can typically consult with the ship’s guest services or their mobile provider’s customer support.

Cellular at Sea provides a convenient way for passengers to use their mobile phones while cruising, but it can be expensive. Checking with both the cruise line and the mobile provider, understanding the charges, and considering alternatives like Wi-Fi calling can help passengers make informed decisions about staying connected at sea.

Cellular at Sea Phone & Cruise Packages

Many of the major mobile providers in the United States and internationally have agreements to provide Cellular at Sea service. Some of these might include:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint (now part of T-Mobile in the U.S.)
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • Telefonica
  • Rogers (in Canada)
  • Telstra (in Australia)

Currently two major service providers offer Cellular at Sea Phone plans for cruise line guests:

AT&T Cruise Line Package & Pricing

AT&T Cruise Plus

This package has a $100 one-time charge and includes:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • 1GB data allowance ($10 per 100MB overage charge)
  • Smartphones and tablets are eligible

AT&T Cruise Basic

This package has a $60 one-time charge and includes:

  • 100 minute talk allowance ($1 per minute overage charge)
  • Unlimited text
  • 100MB data allowance ($10 per 100MB overage charge)
  • Smartphones only

Verizon Cruise Line Package

Monthly Data Package has a one-time $20 a month charge per line and includes:

  • 50 MB Data

Talk and Text Package is pay as you go at the following rates:

  • Talk $2.99/min
  • Text $.05 received and $.50 sent

The Verizon Cruise Package is available on the following Disney Cruise Line Ships:

  • Disney Wonder
  • Disney Magic
  • Disney Dream
  • Disney Fantasy
  • Disney Wish
  • Disney Adventure


These are some of the larger providers that may have arrangements for Cellular at Sea service. It’s essential to check with your specific mobile provider and cruise line to confirm availability, compatibility, and pricing, as not all providers may offer this service, or the terms may vary widely.