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The Disney Junior Dance Party is a high-energy musical show located at Disney California Adventure Park that is perfect for young Disney fans. With popular Disney Junior characters, lively music, bubbles, and more, it’s an interactive experience that gets kids up and moving.

Mickey and Minnie

Show Experience

The Disney Junior Dance Party takes place inside the Disney Junior Theater and lasts for about 12 minutes. There is a DJ host who pumps up the crowd and introduces the stars of the show – the Disney Junior characters! Kids are encouraged to dance and sing along to songs from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Vampirina, Doc McStuffins, The Lion Guard, and more. Some highlights of the show include:

  • Mickey Mouse dancing and leading the train dance
  • Vampirina showing off her moves with a fun vampire-inspired dance
  • Doc McStuffins demonstrating her signature dance from the show
  • Timon getting the audience to do “the floss”
  • Bubbles floating down from above at certain points that kids try to pop
  • Streamers shot out into the audience

The theater has carpeted floor seating, so kids can dance and move around easily. The characters remain on stage, but they interact with the audience, calling out different dance moves and engaging everyone in the fun. The energy is infectious! There are usually 5–6 shows per day, with showtimes ranging between 12–30 minutes long. Showtimes typically start around park opening and run to late afternoon.

'Disney Junior Dance Party!' Returns To Disney California Adventure Park | Disneyland Resort


The Disney Junior Dance Party features the following characters:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Vampirina
  • Timon from The Lion King

These characters appear in costume on stage and lead the dancing and festivities. They do not come down into the audience at any point. Other Disney Junior characters like Fancy Nancy, Alice from Sofia the First, Miles from Miles from Tomorrowland, and more may make special appearances from time to time.


Merchandise and Dining

There is no merchandise or dining offered exclusively for the Disney Junior Dance Party. However, Disney California Adventure Park has plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy during your visit. Some nearby options include:


  • Award Wieners: Counter service hot dogs and sausages
  • Schmoozies: Fruit smoothies and frozen yogurt
  • Fairfax Market: Grab-and-go sandwiches, fruit cups, and beverages


  • Disney Studio Store: Disney Junior toys, books, apparel and more
  • Elias & Co: Department store with kids clothing and souvenirs

Of course, there are many more dining and shopping locations throughout the park to enjoy as well.


The Disney Junior Dance Party theater is accessible for guests with disabilities. Some key details:

  • Wheelchair and ECV accessible queue and seating areas
  • Handheld captioning devices available
  • Video captioning available
  • Assistive listening devices available

With carpeted floor seating, wheelchair users can easily enjoy the show. If needed, benches are available in the back.

Genie coming out of lamp material

Genie+ and Lightning Lane

You can purchase access to the Lightning Lane entrance for Disney Junior Dance Party through Genie+ or individually. This allows you to bypass the standby/regular line. Since the theater has plenty of space, the Lightning Lane may not always be needed. But it can be useful on busier days to ensure you make the showtime you want. Lightning Lane return times are issued based on availability and can run out each day. If available, try to book a return time about 30 minutes before the showtime you want.

Special Effects

Part of the fun of the Disney Junior Dance Party is the special effects that engage kids in the experience:

  • Bubbles: At certain points, bubbles float down from the ceiling and pop around the audience
  • Streamers: Long streamers shoot out from the stage into the crowd
  • Snow: At the finale, bubbles that resemble falling snow fill the theater

These surprise sensory elements help immerse kids in the experience and encourage them to dance and play.

Sofia the first

Character Interaction

While there is no direct character interaction, the Disney Junior characters on stage do an excellent job of engaging with the audience throughout the 12-minute show:

  • They call out specific dance moves for kids to follow
  • Wave and gesture out to the audience frequently
  • Use bubbles and streamers to encourage activity
  • Ask questions and prompt responses from the crowd

So while they don’t come down into the audience, they find ways to interact through dance, music, effects, and conversation.

Show History

The Disney Junior Dance Party debuted in 2018, replacing the former Disney Junior: Live on Stage show. It was designed to be more energetic and interactive, getting young audiences up and moving to their favorite Disney Junior music. The show has proven very popular, especially with preschoolers and early elementary aged kids.

While the format has remained mostly the same since opening, the show has added and removed different Disney Junior characters over time. For example, Alice from Sofia the First may appear seasonally. But the core experience of an interactive dance party with Mickey, Vampirina, Doc, and Timon has stayed consistent. And this lively 12-minute musical show doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon!

Mickey Mouse

Tips for Attending the Show

  1. Arrive early. Show up at least 25 minutes before showtime to ensure you get a spot, as lines can form quickly. If you see the line extending outside the queue, you may not get in.
  2. Use Genie+ or Lightning Lane if possible. This allows you to bypass the regular line and ensures you make the showtime you want, especially on busier days.
  3. Sit towards the back if concerned about strobe lighting. There are some strobe-like lighting effects during the show. If your child is sensitive, sitting further back can help avoid overstimulation.
  4. Be prepared to dance and sing along! The show encourages audience participation through dancing, singing, bubbles, and more. Let your kids fully engage.
  5. Consider bringing small children. While fun for all ages, the show is best suited for preschoolers and younger elementary school kids, who will especially enjoy the characters and music.
  6. Check the entertainment schedule. Showtimes are subject to change, but typically occur in the late morning through mid-afternoon.

Mickey and Minnie on stage


The Disney Junior Dance Party is a high-energy musical show at Disney’s California Adventure that’s perfect for preschoolers and young Disney fans. With popular characters, lively music, bubbles, and more – it’s an interactive experience that gets kids dancing and singing along. While the characters remain on stage, they engage with the audience through dance moves, gestures, effects, and conversation throughout the 12-minute performance. It’s an infectious, feel-good dance party that kids absolutely love! So if you’re visiting Disneyland Resort with young children, be sure to take them to the Disney Junior Dance Party. They’re sure to have a musically fun time!