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Disney Lorcana Cards: The Ultimate Guide

Disney Lorcana is an exciting new trading card game featuring beloved Disney characters. Players can collect cards, build decks, and use strategy to duel others. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Lorcana cards for both beginner players and experienced collectors.

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How to Play Disney Lorcana - Welcome


Disney Lorcana is a trading card game released in August 2023. In the mystical realm of Lorcana, players take on the role of Illumineers. As an Illumineer, you use magical inks to summon Disney characters onto cards and send them into battle. There are over 200 cards to collect in the debut set, The First Chapter. You can get random cards in Booster Packs or buy premade Starter Decks. Building the perfect deck and collecting rare cards is all part of the fun. Keep reading to learn all about the different Lorcana cards!

Types of Lorcana Cards

There are four main card types in Lorcana:


Character cards summon your favorite Disney personalities to fight for you. Each character has stats like Strength and Willpower that determine how powerful they are. There are classic heroes as well as villainous foes to recruit.


Item cards provide characters with magical objects, weapons, or other tools to aid them in battle. For example, you could equip Buzz Lightyear with a Jetpack to improve his abilities.


Action cards allow you to directly influence the duel using special effects. They can heal your characters, draw more cards, or even damage your opponent’s team.


Location cards are places in the Disney universe that remain on the battlefield to buff certain character types long-term. Mount Olympus could power up all Hercules characters, for example.

Rarity Levels

Just like other trading card games, Lorcana cards have different rarity levels. Rarer cards have special foil treatments and unique artwork. The rarity levels are:


Common cards make up the bulk of all cards. They have a gray banner at the top and are the easiest to obtain.


Uncommon cards have a bronze banner. They show up less frequently than Common cards.


Rare cards are harder to find, with a blue banner. Rares and above tend to have more power in gameplay.

Super Rare

Super Rares have a purple banner and are even more elusive. Their unique abilities can turn the tide of battle.


The rarest standard rarity, Legendaries have an orange banner. You may only get 1 or 2 Legendaries per Booster Box!


The secret rare Enchanted cards are the most sought-after. They have special extended artwork and rainbow coloring on the banner. Out of 216 total cards, there are only 12 Enchanted cards.

Card Sets

So far there have been two Lorcana card sets released, with more on the way.

The First Chapter

This is the launch card set from August 2023. It contains 204 cards, including several Enchanted rarity cards. The First Chapter establishes the foundations of Lorcana.

Rise of the Floodborn

The second Lorcana card set arrived in November 2023. Rise of the Floodborn adds 204 new cards plus more Enchanted variants for a total of 216 cards. More characters, items, locations, and lore flesh out the Lorcana universe.

Booster Packs

Booster Packs

Booster Packs are the best way to grow your collection and have a chance at rare card pulls. Each Booster Pack contains 12 random cards, including:

  • 6 Common Cards
  • 3 Uncommon Cards
  • 2 Rare or higher cards
  • 1 Foil card (any rarity/card, chance it’s an Enchanted)

You can expect to pay $4-5 per Booster Pack. Or save money by buying a Booster Box with 30 Packs for around $100-120.

Starter Pack

Starter Decks

Starter Decks are a great starting point for new players. They provide 60 pre-constructed cards, focusing on two of the magical Ink types. Starter Decks cost around $17 each.The 3 Starter Deck options are:

  • Amber & Amethyst
  • Emerald & Ruby
  • Sapphire & Steel

Starter Decks teach you the basics while you collect cards for a custom deck.

Box Set

Where to Buy

You can purchase Lorcana cards both online and at physical retail stores:


  • Direct from the official Disney Lorcana website
  • Major retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart
  • Specialty collectible websites

Retail Stores

  • Disney theme park gift shops
  • Big box stores like Target, Walmart, Costco
  • Hobby and game stores
  • Comic bookshops

Specialty Shops

  • Disney fan stores
  • Anime/collectible stores
  • Local gaming cafés

Supplies can sell out quickly, so call ahead to check or use websites to find locations with inventory.

Booster Box

Tips for Beginners

Here are some top tips for those just starting with Disney Lorcana:

Start with a Starter Deck

Starter Decks teach gameplay fundamentals. Modify the deck over time as your collection grows.

Focus on One or Two Ink Types

When building a custom deck, concentrate on 1 or 2 Ink colors to maximize synergy between cards.

Use the Mobile App

The free Disney Lorcana app helps you catalog your cards digitally and learn how to play.

Most Valuable Cards

For collectors, the most coveted cards are the Enchanted rarity. Their special art and low print runs make them extremely scarce. Prices often exceed $500+ for popular Enchanted cards! Other rare promo cards like the D23 Expo exclusives can also sell for very high values.

Into the Inklands

Release Date:

  • Hits hobby stores on February 23, 2024
  • Mass retailers on March 8, 2024

New Card Type – Locations:

  • Location cards are places in the Disney universe that buff certain character types. For example, Mount Olympus could power up Hercules characters.
  • They earn passive lore each turn.
  • Add a whole new dimension of gameplay.

New Characters/Properties:

  • DuckTales, TaleSpin, Treasure Planet making debut
  • Cards featuring Kit Cloudkicker, Jim Hawkins

Set Details:

  • 204 new cards plus Secret Rares
  • 3 new starter decks focusing on different Ink types


  • Booster packs, boxes, gift sets, starter decks, accessories like deck boxes and playmats


That covers everything you need to know about the types of cards, rarities, products, and tips in Disney Lorcana. Now get out there, start your card collection, build fierce decks, and battle for bragging rights!