Disney World Base Tickets

Disney World Base Tickets

disney world base tickets

Disney World Base Tickets are a great way to enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort without spending lots of money. Disney World Base Tickets are exactly what they sound like. It’s the only ticket offered to guests that does not include any options such as Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus.

How to buy Disney World Base Tickets

Park Savers has the best pricing on all Disney World Base Tickets online! Our prices are well below gate pricing and will save you a ton of money. Plus we offer free shipping on all our tickets! Visiting within a few days? No worries! We also have a will call option for your tickets to be picked up at the parks. Box offices are located directly outside all 4 parks gates.

All of our Disney World Base Tickets come RFID enabled and can be linked to Magic Bands through your MDE account online. This also allows you to make your FastPass+ reservations before you arrive at the parks! FastPass+ reservations can be made 60 days in advance if you’re staying on property or 30 days if you’re staying off property.

You can see our current pricing and offers right here.

Flexibility vs. Savings

Disney World Base Tickets don’t offer flexibility when it comes to visiting the parks at Walt Disney World. Base tickets allow you to visit only one park per day. This means that you can choose one park to enter on any given day and you have to stay in the park for the entire day. You cannot switch back and forth between parks. Once you enter a park you’re stuck there for the entire day!

While Disney World Base Tickets don’t offer much flexibility they do offer a significant savings over the Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus tickets. Base tickets can be purchase for visits ranging from 1 to 10 days. Be aware that the one day Base tickets are priced differently. Magic Kingdom Park costs more for a one day base than the other 3 parks. This is due in part to Magic Kingdom being the more popular of the 4 parks.

Special Offers

There are special offers going on for Disney World Base Tickets currently that can help you save even more over gate pricing. All special offers are subject to change and have limited quantities. If you know you’re heading to the parks be sure to purchase the tickets that fit your needs ASAP.

5 days for the price of 4 – Get a 5 day Base ticket for the price of a 4 day Base ticket!

7 days for the price of 6 – Get a 7 day Base ticket for the price of a 6 day Base ticket!

Don’t miss out on these special offers going on now for Disney World Base Tickets. Again, tickets are limited and typically sell out very quickly! Don’t miss your chance to save even more on our already discounted prices.