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Disney World Testing Facial Recognition For Park Entry

Starting today, for the next 30 days, the Walt Disney World Resort will be testing a new facial recognition software at its theme parks as a way for guests to enter without having to scan a ticket or MagicBand. The test is optional for guests and is only being conducted at one gate at Magic Kingdom. Guests who want to participate only need to get in the optional lane.

This new technology comes on the heels of Disney announcing their MagicMobile option that will be rolling out in 2021. It allows guests to use their phones as park entry along with the option to use MagicBands and Tickets. Disney, due to the global pandemic, has been under pressure to create new touchless experiences for their guests and entry is one of the biggest pain points for them. With one or both of these options they would be reducing these touch points drastically.

For guests who do participate in the facial recognition test, there are only a few steps required of them:

  1. Enter the Facial Recognition Technology Lane – There are signs designating which lanes to enter.
  2. Remove accessories but keep your mask on – Remove hats, sunglasses or visors before approaching the test zone.
  3. Face the Camera – Once in the text zone, guests must stand facing the camera then position their ticket or MagicBand near the scanner to activate the technology. The camera will capture an image and convert it into a unique number that will be associated with their ticket
  4. You’re all set! Guests are encouraged to use the test lane for entry to help improve this technology.