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Disneyland Ride Closures

See The Latest Disneyland Ride Closures

Planning a trip to Disneyland is fun and exciting! Once you have your tickets and hotel all booked up you want to start planning the little things like what you’ll do each day and what attraction you’re going to do first. We think this is a great idea and personally, we do it to! And while it may not seem like fun, we also check to see if there are going to be any Disneyland Ride Closures while we’re visiting the parks. This helps us be prepared (and not shocked) when an attraction is closed. That way we can plan the rest of our trip accordingly. This page is updated frequently for new attraction closures so be sure to check back with us (last updated March 27th, 2019).


disneyland ride closures

Disneyland Park in our opinion is the popular park of the two if you can say that. It’s home to some of the most classic and iconic attractions in the world. Rides like Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Big Thunder Mountain RR and Splash Mountain to name a few. So when these attractions are closed, we really want to know about it ahead of time. Closures can happen for several reasons, the most common is refurbishment. This is when an attractions gets an entire “clean-through” including audio-animatronics, paint work and mechanical work. After running these attractions almost non-stop everyday this down time really helps them stay up to date, safe and looking good for your enjoyment.

Here are the current ongoing and planned Disneyland Ride Closures for 2019:

  • Hurray! There are none!

Again, please check back frequently for up to date information as these are all subject to change without notice.

While it may seem like there must be closures all the time at Disneyland, plan on the peak seasons like Summer having little to no ride closures. With bigger crowds at the parks, Disney wants everything to be up and running. The same principle is applied during slower seasons. While there are less people at the parks there tends to be more refurbishments going on. Be sure to take a look at our Free Disneyland Crowd Calendar to see which months and weeks are the slowest and busiest.


disneyland ride closures

While we say Disneyland Park has all the iconic attractions, this park has all the new and exciting attractions (until Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens). Attractions like Guardians and the Galaxy, Incredicoaster and Soarin’ draw in lots of guests everyday which means they are subject to refurbishments too. The one attraction that seems to get the longest and most frequent refurbishment is Grizzly River Run. It seems like every spring this attraction goes under this process. We’re sure it has to do with the fact that there is a lot of water involved and this requires frequent updating to keep all the parts moving.

Here are the current ongoing and planned California Adventure Ride Closures for 2019:

  • Red Car Trolley: Apr. 1, 2019 – TBD

TBD is just a way foro Disney to say that they aren’t sure how long an attraction will be down. While it’s nice to have an end date to look at that isn’t always possible. We have seen TBD’s go both ways whether it was opening earlier than anticipated or much later than we thought. The best thing to do for TBD’s is look at the official Disneyland App and see if the attraction is still down or not. You can do this from home even though you’re not at the parks.


The truth is that there isn’t much you can do if an attraction is closed. The worst feeling in the world is when you’ve planned your trip out perfectly only to find out your favorite attraction will be closed while you’re there. You of course have the power to choose when you want to visit so if a certain attraction is a must you can simply change your dates to when it will be open. However, we realized that this is easier said than done considering you may have an non-refundable hotel or flight. If this is the case we say enjoy what you can because no matter what, you’re going to have a magical time! You’re at Disneyland!

To prevent anything like this from happening, always check our Disneyland Ride Closures page as soon as possible when planning your trip.


There are same-day ride closures that happen mostly due to a simple error or even a lost item. When this happens, typically Cast Members from the attraction will stand outside the entrance and let guests know that the ride is closed and that they should check back later. Typically Cast Members avoid saying how long it will be down mostly because they honestly have no idea. Typically an attraction that goes down has to first be evacuated which is usually around 15 minutes after it was stopped. Once the evacuation is completed a whole nother team is brought in to look at what caused the issue and resetting begins. Once initial tests are done the attraction will then open up again.

If you happen to have a Fastpass for an attraction that suddenly closes you will be given a new Fastpass that’s valid for any attraction of your choice (unless otherwise stated on the app). This Fastpass has no time restriction on it other than the end of the day. So if you want to save it and use it at the same attraction that went down you can. Disney is very good at accommodating when these things happen. If you happen to be in line already when an attraction goes down, don’t leave until Cast Members ask you to. When they reach the point of making you leave, they are (most likely) going to give you a Fastpass to return later. If you leave before this happens they do not have to give you a Fastpass for your time.


The Disneyland App is the best tool you have to check for ride closures and obviously wait times. If a ride has closed the app will be updated with this information almost immediately. So if you’re at Splash Mountain and you’re headed over to Space Mountain, check the app first just in case Space Mountain has closed. That way you don’t waste your time walking over there only to find it’s not open.

Guest Relation centers are located all over the parks and can also tell you which attractions are open and which ones may have closed. You’ll also notice two main areas in both parks that have actual boards with wait times and closures. The one in Disneyland Park is located across from Jolly Holiday Bakery. The one in California Adventure Park is parallel to Carthay Circle Restaurant. These are a great way to get an overview of everything that’s going on in the parks.


  • Ride closures at the parks are never fun but they do help keep the attractions safe and more enjoyable for us.
  • Check our Disneyland Ride Closures page for updates to current and planned attraction closures.
  • There’s not much you can do if your favorite ride will be closed during your trip. You could change your dates but that’s not always possible.
  • There are same day ride closures but these are usually only temporary. It’s best to check back later if this happens.
  • The Disneyland App and Guest Relations are a great resource to use when looking for ride closures and wait times.

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