Disneyland Tickets Costco

Disneyland Tickets Costco – How To Buy

Disneyland Tickets Costco are a hot item to buy if you’re planning to visit Disneyland. For years Costco members have been purchasing Costco Disneyland tickets and saving big! But are these individual tickets still for sale? If so how do you purchase them? We’ve got all the answers below.

Costco used to sell their Disneyland tickets online for any current Costco member to purchase. Unfortunately they no longer offer tickets for sale online. They stopped doing this several years ago. The best alternative to buying discount Disneyland tickets is right here. You’ll receive a Best Price Guarantee on your tickets plus straight-to-the-gate delivery and over $400 in digital coupons.

If you’re looking for a way to purchase your Disneyland Tickets Costco in your local warehouse you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Call your local warehouse. If you’re not sure of the number you can search it on Google or use Costco’s warehouse finder online. It should display their hours and phone numbers.
  2. Once you’ve called wait till you hear the option for customer service. This is the department you’re wanting to speak to.
  3. Ask them if they carry any Disneyland Resort tickets. As of a few years ago many warehouses stopped carrying them but it never hurts to ask.
  4. If they do carry them be sure to ask if there are any special requirements to purchasing and redeeming them. Be sure to check how many days they are valid for.
  5. If they don’t carry them ask if another warehouse they know carries them or not. It never hurts to check and see if someone else has them!
  6. If none of the warehouses have them, try purchasing tickets online right here with us. We have free delivery of your tickets including shipped and e-ticket delivery. We also have a Best Price Guarantee on every single ticket we sell.

Costco typically has great savings on Disneyland tickets which is why so many people love to get them there. Of course you do have to be a member to purchase them. If you’re not a member of Costco but still want tickets, you’ll need to either purchase a membership or have someone who is a member purchase them.

Memberships range from $60 a year up to $120 a year based on the type of membership you choose. The most basic is Gold Star membership and it costs $60 for the year. Depending on how many tickets you need to purchase this could be worth it if your savings are enough on each ticket vs. gate pricing. You’ll want to do that calculating on your own before jumping into the membership, especially an Executive membership which costs $120 per year. The biggest difference between the two is the yearly 2% bonus that Executive members get back each year on their purchases. This would equal an additional 2% savings for you on your tickets but the membership fee does double.

If you’d like to see current pricing for Disneyland Tickets Costco please read the below table:

disneyland tickets costco

Keep in mind the the chart above only displays Adult pricing for those tickets. It also only displays Park Hopper tickets but guests can also purchase 1 Park Per Day Tickets which in general cost less. All tickets that are 3 day or more include Magic Morning Early Entry which allows guests to visit Disneyland Park 1 hour before opening to the public. You’ll receive 1 of these visits per person. They are typically available on Tues., Thurs., and Saturdays. Be sure to check Disneyland’s official schedule before arriving.

If you’re looking for 1 day Costco Disneyland tickets be sure to visit our page dedicated to helping guests find their 1 day only tickets. Currently we only offer 2 days or more and you can read why on the page.

Guests who do purchase their Costco tickets from their local warehouse should be aware that they will receive a straight-to-gate ticket which allows you to skip the box office lines and head straight into the parks. This is the prefered method of ticket as you can save a lot of time by going straight into the parks. On average about 20-30 minutes.

Cheap Disneyland tickets do not mean less of a Disneyland ticket. You are allowed to save on your Disneyland Resort Tickets and not miss out on anything! Both Costco and our tickets include all the same things including Fastpass which is a free service included with every valid admission ticket.