Aulani Hotel at dusk

Disney’s Aulani Resort Launches App

Starting today, you can download a new Aulani app! You can locate it in your mobile device’s app store by searching for key terms such as: Aulani, Hawaii, Disney, Resort, Vacation, Ko Olina.

The app will enable guests to:

  • Manage reservation details
  • Access Online Check-In Service
  • Explore activities on the “Daily ‘Iwa”
  • Find places of interest on our map

Information about the Aulani app will also be included on guest confirmation emails and other emails sent to you pre-arrival.

This is Disney’s first app for Aulani and so far it has been really easy to navigate and use. While Aulani doesn’t reopen until Nov. 1st, the app is a great way for guests to prepare for their vacation by exploring the resort and all that it has to offer.

One of the biggest things we like about it so far is the daily schedule section. If you’ve even been you’ll know that each day you receive a new schedule of events that are happening. While this is nice, these paper schedules tend to get lost or destroyed between swims and other outings.

Now, guests can pull up the schedule on their phones via the app. This section is built in and very easy to navigate.

The rest of the app seems to be website based, meaning, dining reservations and Auntie’s Beach House registration all seems to pull up the website instead of having its own unique build into the app.

While this isn’t a big deal, it looks like they may be working on some things still. Most likely many updates to come for it.