2021 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Guide

Spring is in the air at Disney (well, almost anyway – thanks for nothing, Mr. Groundhog) and that can only mean one thing: it’s almost Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival time! Raise your hand if you’re ready for tons of tasty treats inspired by nature’s bounty! 🙋

This year, the fairy godmother of all Epcot festivals is back from March 3 to July 5, 2021, its longest run ever. Of course, we’re not complaining since Flower and Garden 2020 wasn’t even open for two weeks before Disney World was forced to close due to COVID-19. Inspired by Mother Nature herself, this celebration of spring is a longtime fan favorite. With garden-inspired eats, colorful gardens, playful Disney topiaries, musical acts, informative exhibits, and family fun at every turn, it’s a can’t-miss event for green thumbs and foodies alike. 

So, grab a trowel and a sun hat, and don’t forget your appetite, as we dig into everything there is to know about the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2021. 

COVID-19 Update

Kermit the Frog Topiary

As you can imagine, the Disney Flower and Garden Festival is a bit different from previous years due to the pandemic. As a result, some event offerings have been modified or put on hiatus to accommodate for social distancing and health guidelines. However, these changes help ensure an environment that is safe for both guests and cast members while still as close to the regular festival as possible. In general, this is what you can expect during your visit:

As you’d expect, the International Festival of the Arts looks quite a bit different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Some of the festival’s most beloved offerings have, unfortunately, had to be nixed. Fortunately, however, the modifications go a long way in creating an environment that feels safe while not making the festival any less fun to experience. Here are a few of the things you can expect:

  • Temperature checks – You will have your temperature checked prior to entering any park or Disney Springs. And if for some reason your temperature is high (over 100.4°F) on the first try, you can try again after resting a few minutes in a cool-down tent.  
    • Masks and social distancing – This one is another must. A mask must be worn throughout the park unless you are stationary and having something to eat or drink. Keep your eye on others as you go through the park to maintain a safe distance while in line or moving through the park. 
  • Park reservations Park reservations are now required due to social distancing and must be made in advance. All you need to do is choose the day and park you’d like to attend. Park hopping is also back, so feel free to swing by another park after 2pm. 
  • Character cavalcades – Belle and Snow White don’t want COVID either, so character encounters are at a greater distance than what you’re used to. Meet-and-greets have been replaced by character parades and pop-ups, and character dining has either been canceled or modified. 
  • A modified events schedule – Remember, this is just a Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. So, to ensure the safety of guests, cast members, and performers, many popular festival offerings are canceled or changed this year including the Garden Rocks Concert Series and educational, Disney horticulturalist-led tours and seminars. 

To learn what Walt Disney World is like during the Covid-19 pandemic, see our comprehensive Covid-19 guide

What Is the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival?

Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit sculptures outside of brick building
Flower and Garden Festival

The Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is an abbreviated version of the annual celebration featuring seasonal food outdoor kitchens, live music, colorful gardens and exhibits, and other activities. Whether you’re chowing down on a plate (or five) of something delicious, playing Pocahontas in the butterfly garden, bopping along to the Garden Rocks Concert Series, or trying to take the perfect selfie in front of your favorite topiary, your trip to Flower and Garden 2021 is all about nature-filled fun. 

Sounds great, right? Fortunately, almost everything is included with your park ticket purchase. That means access to: 

  • Over 15 festival-exclusive outdoor kitchens (food and beverage costs are additional)
  • Musical performances
  • Family-friendly activities
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • And a botanical garden’s worth of Disney character topiaries and interactive gardens and exhibits throughout the park

In short, if you’re a treehugger, foodie, or music lover, this is the festival for you. With so many things to enjoy and entertainment offerings changing throughout the day, there’s a lot to keep track of, so be sure to snag a Flower & Garden Festival Passport as you enter the park.If you find it hard to resist all those yummy things to eat and drink or want to bring every plant home, you might also want to consider grabbing one of those small, wearable Disney gift cards. They make sticking to a budget, and saying no to temptation, doable. 

When Is the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2021? 

This year, the Epcot Flower and Garden 2021 dates are March 3 to July 5, 2021, with the festival running seven days a week. Currently, Epcot is open from 11am-8pm Saturday to Thursday and 11am-9pm on Friday. However, it looks like hours will be changing to 11am-7pm once the festival begins.  

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Disney Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot?

Overall, this is an interesting time to travel to Walt Disney World. With the festival spanning five months this year, temperatures will range between an average low of 57°F in March to an average high of 92°F in July. As for crowds, things might be slow towards the beginning of the festival, but they’ll certainly pick up as the school year ends. 

In general, you want to steer clear of holidays or days when school is out to avoid an influx of locals. Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July weekends are the big ones here, as are St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo.

Where to Stay for the Flower and Garden Festival? 

Riviera style hotel with fauna

Thinking of staying at a Disney resort while visiting Flower and Garden 2021 but not sure which one? We highly recommend going with an Epcot-area resort or one with a Disney Skyliner station. Depending on which one you choose, it’s just walk or ride – by car, bus, or Skyliner – away, leaving you with more time to stop and smell the roses (both literally and figuratively). Oh, and of course, eat and drink to your heart’s and stomach’s content. 

Walking Distance Resorts in the Epcot Area

Disney’s Beach Club Resort (Scheduled to reopen May 22)

Disney’s Beach Club Villas

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn (currently closed)

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort (Good Neighbor Hotels)

Resorts With Disney Skyliner Access to Epcot

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort 

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Riviera Resort

Our Top Tips for 2021

Snow White and Dopey moss sculptures at EPCOT

Here at Park Savers, our priority is helping you save time and money so you can have the most magical Disney vacation possible. That being said, here are our top tips for making the most out of your Flower and Garden experience:

  • Stay for at least a couple days, if you can, and take advantage of the return of park hopping. 

Most of Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival can be enjoyed in one day, especially in it’s pared-down, pandemic state. The main exception is the all the food and drinks. So, if you’d like to return to enjoy the festival some more but you don’t want to spend another full day at Epcot, simply return after 2pm once you’ve spent some time at another park. World Showcase is best enjoyed in the evening anyway when the temperatures are cooler, and the pavilions are lit up to highlight the various architecture. 

  • Avoid the weekends. 

The Flower and Garden Festival, or really any festival, has been a favorite springtime hangout for locals for quite some time. To keep crowds on the lower side, plan to visit on a weekday (minus St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo, the official drinking holidays, since you’re basically in a place known for drinking around the world). 

  • Take some time between all the eating to see the beautiful gardens or try one of the activities.

We get it – one of the best things about Epcot’s seasonal festivals is all the different things to try at the various food booths. However, we highly recommend adventuring out of the outdoor kitchen circuit to check out an interactive exhibit like the butterfly house, or, if you’re with your family, give Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration or the Egg-stravaganza Scavenger Hunt a go. You’ll get to experience the festival in a different way and have a lot of fun doing it. 

  • Figure out your food-and-drink plan of attack (and set your budget) ahead of time. 

A boozy Dole Whip here, some corn on the cob there – it may not seem like very much in the moment, but those affordable plates can sure add up. Add in some cute, festival-exclusive merchandise and a plant or two and your wallet will end up a whole lot lighter than when you came in. Save yourself the buyer’s (and eater’s) remorse buy setting aside some festival money ahead of time, and maybe think about getting one of those wearable gift cards. 

  • Share and savor more while saving more. 

We are huge supporters of communal snacking, especially at a festival. It allows you to try more things while also saving money. However, we’re also in the middle of a pandemic, so do be careful when sharing festival eats by portioning things out if you can and always using your own utensils. 

Outdoor Kitchens: Epcot Flower and Garden 2021 Food and Menus

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Playing Instruments Topiary

Like Epcot’s other seasonal festivals, a highlight of the Flower & Garden Festival is all the incredible food and drink. This wasn’t always the case, as the focus used to be more on the actual flowers and gardening, but you certainly aren’t going to catch us complaining. More delicious food is never a bad thing. At this festival, dishes and drinks are inspired by the bounty and beauty of Mother Nature. This is also one of the more affordable festivals, with plates usually costing between $3-$8 on average. 

This year, there are 17 different “outdoor kitchens” available for guests to try, along with festival-exclusive snacks and sips, nestled throughout World Showcase and extending into Future World. This includes the new Cider House and Festival Favorites food booths in World Showplace. 

Ready to figure out your Flower and Garden Festival food game plan? Keep reading the complete list of Flower and Garden outdoor kitchens and menus. Updated menus have not been released yet for 2021, so we included what was on offer in 2020 as reference. 

Epcot Flower and Garden 2021 Food Menus

Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market – Near Germany

Fresh Eats:

Potato Pancakes, Pretzel Bread with Ham and Cheese, Cheese and Berry Strudel

Seasonal Sips:

Beer Flight, Apfelschaumwein Sparkling Wine and Apple Liqueur, assorted beers 

NEW! Cider House – World Showplace

Coming soon! This booth is new this year, so we still don’t have an idea of what might be on the menu, but Disney promises “buzz-worthy ciders and artisanal provisions.”

Dopey Dwarf Topiary

The Citrus Blossom – Near Refreshment Port

Fresh Eats:

Lobster Tail, Tuna Tataki Bowl, Crispy Citrus Chicken, Citrus Shortcake

Seasonal Sips:

Orange Cream Shake, Orange Sunshine Wine Slushy, Beer Flight, Assorted citrus-inspired beers 

NEW! Festival Favorites – World Showplace

Coming soon! This booth is new this year, so we still don’t have an idea of what might be on the menu, but Disney promises “guest-favorite dishes, microbrews, and other beverages.”

Flavor Full Kitchen Hosted by AdventHealth – Near Imagination Pavilion

Fresh Eats:

Grilled Vegetables with Hummus and Red Pepper Coulis, Seared Salmon, Strawberry Mousse 

Seasonal Sips:

Blood Orange Agua Fresca, Cookie Butter Worms and Dirt

Lightning McQueen Topiary

Fleur de Lys – Near France

Fresh Eats:

Goat Cheese Tart, Braised Duck Confit à l’Orange, Brioche Cake, Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Éclair

Seasonal Sips:

La Vie en Rose Frozen Slushy, assorted wines

Hanami – Near Japan

Fresh Eats:

Frushi, Beef Katsu Slider, Salmon Flower Ikura

Seasonal Sips:

Furano Martini, Strawberry Nigori Sake, Kirin Draft Beer

The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by National Honey Board – Near Refreshment Port

Fresh Eats:

Roasted Cauliflower, Honey Tandoori Chicken Flatbread, Wildflower Honey-Marscapone Cheesecake

Seasonal Sips:

Honey-Peach Freeze with or without Blueberry Vodka, Lemonade Mead, Orange Blossom Honey Wine

Jardin de Fiestas – Near Mexico

Fresh Eats:

Chipotle Chicken Chilaquiles, Pork al Pastor Quesadilla, Chorizo and Cheese Torta

Seasonal Sips:

Cruz Blanca Rosé Spritz, Rosita Margarita, Mango Mexican Lucky Margarita

Toy Story topiaries with flowers

La Isla Fresca – Near Showcase Plaza 

Fresh Eats:

Lamb Curry, Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer, Tropical Mousse Cup

Seasonal Sips:

Tropical Freeze with or without Mango Rum, Mango Wheat Ale

Lotus House – Near China

Fresh Eats:

Szechuan Spicy Beef Shank, Bon Bon Chicken Skewer, Crab and Cheese Wontons

Seasonal Sips:

Panda Bubble Tea, Kung Fu Punch, Time Out, Marco Boba, Jasmine Draft Beer

Peter Pan and Captain Hook green sculptures at garden festival

Magnolia Terrace – Near American Adventure

Fresh Eats:

Southern Seafood Boil, Grilled Oysters, House-made Boudin Two Ways, Pecan Cake, Pecan Praline

Seasonal Sips:

Beer Flight, assorted beers

Northern Bloom – Near Canada

Fresh Eats:

Seared Scallops, Beef Tenderloin Tips, Griddled Maple Pound Cake

Seasonal Sips:

Maple Popcorn Shake with and without Maple Rye Whisky, Beer Flight, assorted beers

Pineapple Promenade – Near Showcase Plaza

Fresh Eats:

Spicy Hot Dog with Pineapple Chutney, Mixed Berry Buttermilk Cake, Dole Whip

Seasonal Sips:

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade, Dole Whip with Fanta or Coconut Rum, Pineapple Beer Flight, Sparkling Pineapple Wine, assorted beers 

Ms. Piggy topiary with luggage

Primavera Kitchen – Near Italy

Fresh Eats:

Margherita Flatbread, Grilled Chicken Ravioli, Zeppole

Seasonal Sips:

Frozen Italian Margarita, Bellini, assorted beer and wines

Taste of Marrakesh – Near Morocco

Fresh Eats:

Harissa Chicken Kebab, Fried Cauliflower, Walnut Honey Baklava

Seasonal Sips:

Desert Rose, White Sangria, beer and wine

Trowel & Trellis Hosted by Impossible Foods – Between Showcase Plaza and Mexico 

Fresh Eats:

Grilled Street Corn on the Cob, Impossible Farmhouse Meatball, Chocolate Pudding Terrarium

Seasonal Sips:

Bloomin’ Blueberry Lemon and Ginger Tea with and without Vodka, beer

Refreshment Port

Festival exclusives (in addition to the regular menu):

Fried Green Tomatoes, Popsicle Trio, cider

Lion King characters as topiaries

Refreshment Outpost

Festival exclusives (in addition to the regular menu):

Pineapple Skewer with Tajin Seasoning, Cider Flight, assorted ciders

Funnel Cake

Festival exclusives (in addition to the regular menu):

Mini Funnel Cake with Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream, Blueberries, and Powdered Sugar

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company

Festival exclusives (in addition to the regular menu):

Fruity frozen drinks with flavored vodka or rum

Have a Bit of Everything! Try the Garden Graze (TBD for 2021)

Daisy duck topiary at flower and garden festival

With so many delicious options available, however can you choose just a few? If you’re like us and everything sounds too good to miss, let Disney do the deciding for you with the Garden Graze. This plant-inspired food stroll will lead you to several plant-based food options. All you need to do is make sure you collect a stamp for each. When you’re finished, you’ll even be rewarded with a special prize for free! Last year, it was a Mango-Lime Dole Whip Drink served in a souvenir glass which you can later turn into a terrarium along with a packet of seeds.  

This activity still hasn’t been confirmed for 2021, so stay tuned for any updates as we hear about them. 

Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival 2021 Entertainment

Not just lots of things to eat and drink, no Epcot festival is complete without live entertainment, and Disney Flower and Garden 2021 is no exception. Usually, guests would be able to enjoy performances spanning a variety of genres and decades as part of the Garden Rocks Concert Series. However, due to the pandemic, the concert series in unfortunately on hiatus. 

Luckily, there’s still plenty of music to enjoy. Read on for all the musical performances you can enjoy at the 2021 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. 

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to grab a Flower & Garden Passport for the day’s schedule of events so you can keep track of any musical performances you’d like to see. We highly recommend enjoying a something to eat or drink from one of the outdoor kitchens as you sit and enjoy the show. 

Flower and Garden Festival 2021 Performing Acts

Voices of Liberty – American Gardens Theatre

Hum along to this stirring vocal performance in multipart harmony (you might even shed a tear), as the Voices of Liberty pay homage to the enduring spirit and beauty of America. 

Mariache Cobre – American Gardens Theatre

Dance along to joyful, traditional folk music with this world-renowned mariachi band. 

Jammin’ Gardeners– Near Canada at the Mill Stage

Sit back, relax, and just try to keep yourself from tapping along to the beat.

Epcot Pianist – World Showplace

Enjoy the shade and savor something good to eat as you unwind to this relaxing instrumental performance. 

Other Family-Friendly Fun at the 2021 Flower and Garden Festival 

Epcot Spaceship Earth behind bed of colorful flowers

Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration

Join Spike the Bee as he collects nectar and pollinates gardens along his pollination trail. Get your map and stickers ($7.99 plus tax, while supplies last) from one of the select retail locations. Then, after finishing the scavenger hunt, show your finished map to a cast member at World Traveler or Disney Traders for a delightful surprise.

Egg-stravaganza Scavenger Hunt

Embark on an egg-pic adventure across Epcot as you hunt for eggs with (Disney) character. Starting March 19, get your map ($7.99 plus tax, while supplies last) from one of the select merchandise locations. Next, search for hidden eggs starring your favorite Disney pals. After you’ve finished, take it back and show the completed map for an egg-citing surprise. 

2021 Flower & Garden Festival Disney Topiaries and Global Gardens

While it’s true that one of the greatest Epcot festival joys is sitting down to a cold drink and a plate of something tasty and listening to some live music, this is the Flower & Garden Festival, after all. So, while you’re visiting, be sure to take some time to enjoy the many vibrant gardens and verdant topiaries sprinkled around Epcot. 

Disney Topiaries

Here’s where you can find the topiary versions of your favorite Disney characters lovingly cultivated by Epcot’s horticulture team: 

  • Sorcerer Mickey Mouse, ostriches, a hippo, a mushroom, and a broom – Main Entrance
  • Woody, Bo Peep, and her sheep – Future World West
  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Goofy – Between Future World and World Showcase
  • Pluto and Chip ‘n Dale – Between Future World and World Showcase
  • Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie – Showcase Plaza
  • Buzz Lightyear – Future World East near Mission: SPACE
  • Figment – Future World West near the Imagination Pavilion
  • Topiary Butterflies – Future World West
  • The Three Caballeros (Jose, Donald, and Panchito) – Mexico Pavilion
  • Anna and Elsa – Norway Pavilion
  • Troll – Norway Pavilion
  • Dragon Topiary – Japan Pavilion near the Torii Gate
  • Pandas – China Pavilion
  • China Zodiac Topiary Garden – China Pavilion in front of the Nine Dragons
  • Simba and Friends (Rafiki, Simba, Mufasa, and Sarabi) – Future World West
  • Snow White and Dopey – Germany Pavilion
  • Lady and the Tramp – Italy Pavilion
  • Beauty and the Beast – France Pavilion
  • Remy – France Pavilion
  • Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy – Between the United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions
  • Peter Pan and Captain Hook – United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Winnie the Pooh and Friends (Rabbit, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger) – United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Tinkerbell and Fairy Houses – United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Bambi and Friends – Future World East near Mouse Gear

Global Gardens

Donald Duck Topiary

As you take in the sounds and tastes of the festival, wander through kaleidoscopic gardens and admire vivid flowerbeds celebrating the natural beauty of our planet and sustainable food sources. Be sure to have your camera ready so you can snag a selfie in front of some blooms or snap a pic of a passing butterfly, then tag us on Instagram so we can see!

    • Outdoor Escapes Presented by OFF! Repellents at Future World East – Open until dusk; a rejuvenating space that’s chockful of inspiration for creating your own natural retreat back at home for family and friends
    • Floating Gardens – Over 100 floating islands in bloom in the lakes neighboring the walkway between Future World and World Showcase 
    • Festival Blooms – A living mosaic of vibrant flowers lining Future World’s East and West lakes
    • The Goodness Garden Butterfly House Presented by GoGo squeeZ at Future World West – Open until dusk; an interactive exhibit showcasing the beautiful butterfly up close in all its glory, from caterpillar to breaking out of its chrysalis 
    • NEW! Prehistoric Garden at Future World East – A blast from the past in garden form, with plants that have thrived since dinosaurs walked the Earth 65 million years ago 
  • Bold Bromeliads at Future World West by the Land Pavilion – Colorful flowering plants that make their home in the tropics and subtropics of the Americas (plus one in West Africa!) 
    • Health Full Trail Presented by AdventHealth near the Imagination Pavilion – Open until dusk; fuel up on healthy eats at this outdoor kitchen, then work off some energy along this garden path inspired by good things to eat
    • The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by the National Honey Board near the Imagination Pavilion – Bask in the rewards of the hard-working honey bee at this outdoor kitchen and educational exhibit 
    • Tropical Rainforest Garden at the Mexico Pavilion – A garden inspired by the beauty of the Mexican rainforest 
    • Extraordinary Orchids at the Mexico Pavilion – A favorite of flower lovers everywhere 
    • Bamboo Garden at the China Pavilion – Marvel at the many sizes and colors of this strong, fast-growing plant
    • Chinese Zodiac Topiary Garden at the China Pavilion – Ring in the Year of the Ox at this garden of zodiac animals in topiary form, each constructed entirely from dried plant material  
    • Alpine Miniature Garden at the Germany Pavilion – Tinkerbell-sized dwellings dotting a shrub forest
    • Growing the Future presented by Murata Electronics at Future World West – Starting in April; an educational exhibit featuring presenters from Science from Scientists showing how Murata technology can change the future of food when teamed with agricultural science 
    • Garden Italiano at the Italy Pavilion – A Tuscan garden with all the fixings for your next Italian feast 
    • Kokedama Garden at the Japan Pavilion – A collection of the ancient Japanese art known as kokedama, or ornamental plants grown in balls of soil covered in moss

Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto topiary outside Epcot

  • Bonsai Collection at the Japan Pavilion – An exhibit of living sculptures which have been painstakingly cultivated by hand by bonsai masters 
  • Urban Spice Garden at the Morocco Pavilion – A garden inspired by the fragrant (and lucrative) spice routes of old
  • English Tea Garden Presented by Twinings of London at the United Kingdom Pavilion – A garden steeped in history and devoted to the world’s most popular beverage
  • Shakespeare Garden at United Kingdom Pavilion – Soak up some sonnets and smell the flowers that influenced them in this garden inspired by the Bard himself

That wraps up our guide to the Taste of Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Even during the current pandemic, there are still plenty of things to see, do, eat, and drink. It’s the perfect spring escape whether your house looks like a jungle inside or you’re still cultivating your green thumb. Plus, springtime is all about fresh starts, new growth rising from the dirt, which, considering the past year we had, sounds pretty great. 

If you’re looking to maximize your trip to Epcot, you don’t want to miss our Epcot one-day plan and discounted Walt Disney World tickets. They’ll help save you both time and money (AKA more time and money to enjoy tasty festival treats).

Are you looking to plan a Walt Disney World vacation? We’ve got lots of guides to help you plan the perfect vacation. Start with our Disney World Planning Guide to help you get a good overview of what’s going on and how to prepare. Next look at our discounted tickets guide to help you find the best deals on tickets and how to avoid scams. We also offer a packing guide to help you bring all the stuff that’s important for a Disney vacation. Lastly, don’t miss out on all our Hotel Rankings and Reviews so you can pick the perfect place to stay on or off property.

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