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Elsa Topiary outside

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2022 Guide

Spring is in the air at Disney (well, almost anyway – thanks for nothing, Mr. Groundhog) and that can only mean one thing: It’s almost Epcot Flower and Garden Festival time! Raise your hand if you’re ready for tons of tasty treats inspired by nature’s bounty! ?

This year, the fairy godmother of all Epcot festivals is back from March 2 to July 4, 2022.  Inspired by Mother Nature herself, this celebration of spring is a longtime fan favorite. With fresh flavors, colorful gardens, playful Disney topiaries, musical acts, informative exhibits, and family fun at every turn, it’s a can’t-miss event for green thumbs and foodies alike. 

So, grab a trowel and a sun hat, and don’t forget your appetite, as we dig into everything there is to know about Epcot Flower and Garden Festival 2022. Updated February 4, 2022

COVID-19 Update

Kermit the Frog Topiary

Due to COVID-19, guests can still expect some changes around Epcot and Disney’s Flower and Garden Festival 2022. A Disney Park Pass Reservation is required to help manage crowd levels and encourage social distancing. And keep in mind that while park hopping is allowed after 2 PM on most days, it is based on availability. So if going to the Disney flower festival is a must, be sure to book your daily reservation for Epcot or risk being disappointed.

Happily, unlike Epcot Flower and Garden 2021, this year’s soiree is more than just a “taste” of the annual festival. However, since the safety of guests, cast members, and performers is a priority, there is still a slightly modified event schedule. While the popular Garden Rocks Concert Series is back for 2022, more educational offerings like seminars and tours led by Disney horticulturists are still unavailable. 

What Is the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival?

Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit sculptures outside of brick building
Flower and Garden Festival

Blooming to life every spring, the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is an annual celebration featuring seasonal food outdoor kitchens, live music, colorful gardens and exhibits, and other activities. Whether you’re chowing down on a plate (or five) of something delicious, playing Pocahontas in the butterfly garden, bopping along to the Garden Rocks Concert Series, or trying to take the perfect selfie in front of your favorite Disney topiary, your trip to the Epcot flower festival is all about nature-filled fun. 

Sounds great, right? Fortunately, almost everything is included with your park ticket purchase. That means access to: 

  • Over 18 festival-exclusive outdoor kitchens (food and beverage costs are additional)
  • Musical performances
  • Family-friendly activities
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • And a botanical garden’s worth of Disney character topiaries and interactive gardens and exhibits throughout the park

In short, if you’re a treehugger, foodie or music lover, this is the festival for you. With so many things to enjoy and entertainment offerings changing throughout the day, there’s a lot to keep track of, so be sure to snag a Flower & Garden Festival Passport as you enter the park.

When is Disney’s Flower and Garden Festival 2022? 

This year, the Epcot Flower and Garden runs seven days a week from March 2 to July 4, 2022. Currently, Epcot is open from 10 AM to 9 PM. However, remember that park hours are subject to change, so be sure to refer to the My Disney Experience app if you’re planning a visit.  

When is the best time to visit the Disney Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot?

Since this epic garden party lasts from March to July, you can have quite a different experience depending on when you visit. In March, low temperatures average  57°F, while July temperatures climb to an average of 92°F. And as for the teeming masses, although crowds are more manageable towards the beginning of the festival, things certainly pick up as the school year ends. 

In general, we suggest you steer clear of holidays or days when school is out to avoid an influx of locals. Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends are the big ones here, as are St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo.

Where to Stay for the Disney Flower and Garden Festival 

Riviera style hotel with fauna

Thinking of staying at a Disney hotel while visiting the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival but not sure which one? We highly recommend going with an Epcot-area resort or one with a Disney Skyliner station.

Depending on which one you choose, you’re just a walk or ride – by car, bus or Skyliner – away, leaving you with more time to stop and smell the roses (both literally and figuratively). Oh, and of course, eat and drink around the world (showcase) to your heart’s and stomach’s content. 

Walking Distance Resorts in the Epcot Area

Resorts With Disney Skyliner Access to Epcot

Our Top Tips for 2021

Snow White and Dopey moss sculptures at EPCOT

Here at Park Savers, our priority is helping you save time and money so you can have the most magical Disney vacation possible. That being said, here are our top tips for making the most out of your Flower and Garden experience:

#1 Stay for at least a couple of days, if you can, and take advantage of park hopping. 

Most of the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival can be enjoyed in one day, especially in its slightly pared-down, pandemic state. The main exception is all the food and drinks.

So, if you’d like to enjoy the festival some more but you don’t want to spend another full day at Epcot, simply return after 2 PM once you’ve spent some time at another park. World Showcase is best enjoyed in the evening anyway when the temperatures are cooler, and the pavilions are lit up to highlight the various architecture styles. 

#2 Avoid the weekends.

The Disney garden festival, or really any Epcot festival, has been a favorite springtime hangout for locals for quite some time. For fewer people, plan to visit on a weekday (minus St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo, the official drinking holidays, since you’re basically in a place known for drinking around the world). 

#3 Take some time between all the eating to see the beautiful gardens or try one of the activities.

We get it – one of the best things about Epcot’s seasonal soirees is all the different things to try at the various food booths. However, we highly suggest you adventure outside the outdoor kitchen circuit.

Check out an interactive exhibit like the butterfly house, or, if you’re with your family, give Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration a go. Or, eat, drink and enjoy the Disney garden party at the same time by bringing your selections to one of the Garden Rocks concerts. You’ll get to experience the festival in a different way and have a lot of fun doing it. 

#4 Figure out your food-and-drink plan of attack (and set your budget) ahead of time. 

A boozy DOLE Whip here, some corn on the cob there – it may not seem like much in the moment, but those affordable snacks and sips can sure add up. Toss in some cute, festival-exclusive merchandise and a succulent or two and your wallet is sure to end up a whole lot lighter than when you came in. 

Save yourself the buyer’s (and eater’s) remorse by setting aside some festival money ahead of time. If you find it hard to resist all those yummy things to eat and drink, or you want to bring every plant home, you might also want to consider grabbing one of those wearable Disney gift cards. They make sticking to a budget and saying no to temptation doable. 

#5 Savor more items and split the costs by sharing with friends or family. 

We are huge supporters of communal snacking, especially at a Disney festival. Not only does it allow you to try more things, but you end up saving some cash in the process. That being said, we are still in a pandemic. So, be sure to portion out eats and use your own utensils if you do decide to share. 

Outdoor Kitchens: Epcot Flower and Garden 2022 Food Booths & Menus

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Playing Instruments Topiary

Like Epcot’s other seasonal festivals, a highlight of the Disney World Flower and Garden Festival is all the incredible food and drink. This wasn’t always the case, as the focus used to be more on the actual flowers and gardening, but you certainly aren’t going to catch us complaining. More delicious food is never a bad thing.

At this pixie-dusted garden party, dishes and drinks are inspired by the bounty and beauty of Mother Nature. Best of all, this tends to be one of Epcot’s more affordable festivals, with plates usually costing between $3-$8 on average. 

This year, there are 18 different “outdoor kitchens” available for guests to try, along with festival-exclusive snacks and sips, nestled throughout World Showcase and extending into Future World. We’re especially excited for the return of Farmers Feast, an outdoor kitchen living the farm-to-table movement which offers a rotating menu featuring the freshest local ingredients. 

Ready to figure out your Flower and Garden Festival food game plan? Keep reading for the complete list of Flower and Garden outdoor kitchens and food. Please note that menus have not yet been released for 2022, so we’ve outlined what was offered last year as a reference. Stay tuned for our complete foodie guide!

Disney Flower and Garden 2022 Menus

Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market – Near Germany

Fresh Eats:

Potato Pancakes, Pretzel Bread with Ham and Cheese, Cheese and Berry Strudel

Seasonal Sips:

Beer Flight, Apfelschaumwein Sparkling Wine and Apple Liqueur, assorted beers

Cider House – Near United Kingdom

Fresh Eats:

Cheddar Potato Biscuit with Salmon, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Seasonal Sips:

Cider Flight, assorted hard ciders and beer

Dopey Dwarf Topiary

The Citrus Blossom – Near Port of Entry

Fresh Eats:

Lobster Salad, Crispy Citrus Pork Belly, Citrus Shortcake

Seasonal Sips:

Orange-Lemon Smoothie, Orange Sunshine Wine Slushy, Beer Flight, assorted citrus-inspired beers 

Farmers Feast – Near Test Track

Fresh Eats:

Spring Onion Soup, Duck Confit with Root Vegetables, Beet Profiteroles

Seasonal Sips:

Hibiscus Lemonade Cocktail, Watermelon Mint Wheat Ale

Flavor Full Kitchen Hosted by AdventHealth – Between Imagination! Pavilion and Refreshment Port

Fresh Eats:

Grilled Vegetables, Seared Salmon, Strawberry Mousse 

Seasonal Sips:

Blood Orange Agua Fresca, Cookie Butter Worms and Dirt

Lightning McQueen Topiary

Fleur de Lys – Near France

Fresh Eats:

Goat Cheese Tart, Braised Duck Confit à l’Orange, Chocolate Macaron, Salted Caramel Beignet

Seasonal Sips:

La Vie en Rose Frozen Slushy, assorted red, white and rosé wines, beer

Hanami – Near Japan

Fresh Eats:

Frushi, Shrimp and Crab with Spicy Mayo and Cucumber, Soy-glazed Pork Shank

Seasonal Sips:

Pineapple Sake, Bloor Orange Sour, beer

The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by National Honey Board – Near Port of Entry

Fresh Eats:

Honey and Sweet Corn Spoon Bread, Lavender Honey Mustard-marinated Chicken Flatbread, Wildflower Honey-Marscapone Cheesecake

Seasonal Sips:

Honey-Peach Freeze with or without Blueberry Vodka, Orange Blossom Honey Wine, Honey Bee Citrus Blonde Ale

Jardin de Fiestas – Near Mexico

Fresh Eats:

Braised Pork Tostada, Braised Beef Taco, Plant-based Chorizo Sope 

Seasonal Sips:

Passion Fruit Margarita, Garden Margarita, Mexican craft beer

Toy Story topiaries with flowers

La Isla Fresca – Between Morocco and France

Fresh Eats:

Lamb Curry, Sugar Cane Shrimp Skewer, Tropical Mousse Cup

Seasonal Sips:

Tropical Freeze with or without Coconut Rum, Hibiscus Guava Sour Beer

Lotus House – Near China

Fresh Eats:

Potato Cakes with Shrimp and Water Chestnuts, Chicken Skewer, Crab and Cheese Wontons

Seasonal Sips:

Bubble Tea, Kung Fu Punch, Tang Dynasty, Marco Boba, Jasmine Draft Beer

Peter Pan and Captain Hook green sculptures at garden festival

Magnolia Terrace – Near American Adventure

Fresh Eats:

Crawfish Étouffée, Cajun-style Roasted Oysters, Boudin Two Ways, Pecan Cake, Pecan Praline

Seasonal Sips:

Bayou Cocktail, Beer Flight, assorted beers

Northern Bloom – Near Canada

Fresh Eats:

Seared Scallops, Beef Tenderloin Tips, Griddled Maple Pound Cake

Seasonal Sips:

Maple Popcorn Shake with and without Maple Rye Whisky, Beer Flight, assorted fruit-forward beers

Pineapple Promenade – Near Port of Entry

Fresh Eats:

Spicy Hot Dog with Pineapple Chutney, Mixed Berry Buttermilk Cake, DOLE Whip

Seasonal Sips:

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade, Dole Whip with Fanta or Coconut Rum, Pineapple Beer Flight, Sparkling Pineapple Wine, assorted beers 

Ms. Piggy topiary with luggage

Primavera Kitchen – Near Italy

Fresh Eats:

Margherita Flatbread, Sweet Sausage Fried Risotto Balls, Sicilian Cannoli

Seasonal Sips:

Italian Margarita, Italian sangria, assorted beers and wines

Sunshine Griddle – Near Test Track

Fresh Eats:

Avocado Toast, Shrimp and Grits, Corned Beef Brisket Hash, Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites

Seasonal Sips:

Froot Loops Shake, Coffee Cold Brew Cocktail

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina – Near Morocco

Fresh Eats:

Seafood Couscous, Shakshuka, Lemon Magdalena Cake

Seasonal Sips:

Pink Hibiscus Orange Wheat Ale, Pineapple and Pear Hard Cider

Trowel & Trellis Hosted by Impossible Foods – Near Disney Traders

Fresh Eats:

Grilled Street Corn on the Cob, Impossible Sausage and Kale Soup, Boneless Impossible Korean Short Rib, Lavender Pot de Crème

Seasonal Sips:

Cranberry & Lime Green Tea with or without Lime Vodka, beer

Funnel Cake Stand | Near American Adventure

Festival exclusives (in addition to the regular menu):

Mini Funnel Cake with Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream, Blueberries, and Powdered Sugar

Lion King characters as topiaries

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company

Festival exclusives (in addition to the regular menu):

Fruity frozen drinks with flavored vodka or rum

Refreshment Outpost

Festival exclusives (in addition to the regular menu):

Pineapple Skewer with Tajin Seasoning, Key Lime Hibiscus Ale

Refreshment Port

Festival exclusives (in addition to the regular menu):

Plant-based Italian Sausage and Peppers Poutine, Popsicle Trio, Colada Hard Cider, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Mule

Have a Bit of Everything! Try the Garden Graze

Daisy duck topiary at flower and garden festival

With so many delicious options available, how can you choose just a few? If you’re like us and everything sounds too good to pass up, let Disney do the deciding for you with the Garden Graze, a plant-based food stroll sampling several vegan items.

All you need to do is make sure you collect a stamp for all five items, then show them all to a cast member at Pineapple Promenade. For your hard work, you’ll even be rewarded with a special prize for free! Last year, it was a sweet DOLE Whip served in an adorable souvenir glass.  

Disney World Flower & Garden Festival 2022 Entertainment

The Epcot garden festival is more than just yummy things to eat and drink. No special event at Disney is complete without live entertainment, and Epcot Flower and Garden 2022 is no exception.

While the beloved Garden Rocks Concert Series was on hiatus last year as a result of the pandemic, we’re thrilled to say that this fan-favorite is back for 2022, along with some popular performing acts. However, if you’re hoping to sway to the beat as you nosh on something tasty, be careful to plan your trip accordingly, as this concert series is only held on select nights of the festival.

Garden Rocks Concert Series 2022 Schedule

  • March 4 & 5 – The Guess Who
  • March 6 & 7 – Rick Springfield
  • March 11 & 12 – Melina León (New!)
  • March 13 & 14 – CeCe Winans
  • March 18 & 19 – Mike DelGuidice, currently on tour with Billy Joel (New!)
  • March 20 & 21 – Kool & The Gang (New!)
  • March 25 & 28 – The Orchestra, starring former band members of ELO
  • April 1 & 2 – The Spinners
  • April 3 & 4 – The Pointer Sisters
  • April 8 & 9 – Blue October (New!)
  • April 10 & 11 – TBD
  • April 15 & 16 – Tommy DeCarlo, singer of the band BOSTON (New!)
  • April 17 & 18 – Don Felder, formerly of The Eagles
  • April 22 & 23 – STARSHIP, featuring Mickey Thomas
  • April 24 & 25 – Claudia Leitte (New!)
  • April 29 & 30 – Berlin
  • May 1 & 2 – TobyMac
  • May 6 & 7 – Blood, Sweat & Tears
  • May 8 & 9 – The Commodores (New!)
  • May 13 & 14 – Ambrosia with Peter Beckett (New!)
  • May 15 & 16 – TBD
  • May 20 & 21 – A Flock of Seagulls
  • May 22 & 23 – Collin Raye (New!)
  • May 27 & 28  – Thelma Houston (New!)
  • May 29 & 30 – Little River Band
  • June 3 to 6 – Simple Plan
  • June 10 to 13 – Herman’s Hermits, starring Peter Noone
  • June 17 to 20 – Plain White T’s
  • June 24 & 25 – TBD
  • June 26 & 27 – TBD

Other Family-Friendly Fun at the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival 

Epcot Spaceship Earth behind bed of colorful flowers

Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration

Join Spike the Bee as he collects nectar, pollinating gardens along the way. Get your map and stickers ($9.99 plus tax, while supplies last) from one of the select retail locations. Then, after finishing this Disney scavenger hunt, show your finished map to a cast member at World Traveler or Disney Traders for a delightful surprise.

Health Full Trail Presented by AdventHealth

While Epcot is typically thought of as being Disney World’s most grown-up theme park, it can still be great fun for kids, especially if you pepper in interactive activities throughout the day. The Health Full Trail Presented by AdventHealth, located near the Full Flavor Kitchen on the Imagination Walkway, gives little ones an opportunity to both blow off steam and learn how to keep healthy

2022 Flower & Garden Festival Disney Topiaries and Global Gardens

It’s true that one of the greatest Epcot festival joys is sitting down to a cold drink and a plate of something tasty as you listen to some live music. But, this is the Flower & Garden Festival, after all. So, while you’re visiting, be sure to take some time to enjoy the many vibrant gardens and verdant topiaries in full bloom around Epcot. 

Disney Topiaries

Here’s where you can find the topiary versions of your favorite Disney characters, lovingly cultivated by Epcot’s horticulture team: 

  • Goofy and Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration Cake – Main Entrance
  • Sorcerer Mickey Mouse, ostriches, a hippo, a mushroom, and a broom – Entrance to World Showcase
  • Woody, Bo Peep, and her sheep – Near The Land Pavilion
  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie – World Showcase Bridge
  • Pluto and Chip ‘n’ Dale – The American Adventure Pavilion
  • Buzz Lightyear – Near Mission: SPACE
  • Figment – Near the Imagination! Pavilion
  • The Three Caballeros (Jose, Donald, and Panchito) – Mexico Pavilion
  • Anna and Elsa – Norway Pavilion
  • Troll – Norway Pavilion
  • Dragon – Japan Pavilion near the Torii Gate
  • Pandas – China Pavilion
  • Simba and Friends (Simba, Rafiki, Mufasa, and Sarabi) – Between the Imagination! Pavilion and The Land Pavilion
  • Timon and Pumbaa – Between the Imagination! Pavilion and The Land Pavilion
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Germany Pavilion
  • Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy – Germany Pavilion
  • Lady and the Tramp – Italy Pavilion
  • Beauty and the Beast – France Pavilion
  • Lumiere and Cogsworth – France Pavilion
  • Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tick Tock Croc – Between the United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions
  • Winnie the Pooh and Friends (Rabbit, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger) – United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Tinker Bell’s Fairy House Garden – United Kingdom Pavilion
  • Bambi and Friends – Near the Imagination! Pavilion

Global Gardens

Donald Duck Topiary

As you take in the sounds and tastes of the festival, wander through kaleidoscopic gardens and admire vivid flowerbeds celebrating the natural beauty of our planet and sustainable food sources. Be sure to have your camera ready so you can snag a selfie in front of some blooms or snap a pic of a passing butterfly, then tag us on Instagram so we can see!

    • Blossoms of Fragrance Garden Presented by Scentsy (New!) – Stop and smell the roses, as well as an explosion of other fragrant blooms, at this aromatic garden near the World Showcase Bridge
    • Outdoor Escapes Presented by OFF! Repellents – Open until dusk; a rejuvenating space in World Discovery that’s chockful of inspiration for creating your own natural retreat back at home for family and friends
    • Floating Gardens – Over 100 floating islands in bloom in the ponds bordering World Showcase Bridge
    • Festival Blooms – A living mosaic of vibrant flowers inspired by Disney’s 50th anniversary lining the World Celebration lakes
    • Bambi’s Butterfly House – Open until dusk; an interactive exhibit in World Nature near the Imagination! Pavilion showcasing the beautiful butterfly up close in all its glory, from caterpillar to breaking out of its chrysalis 
    • The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by the National Honey Board – Bask in the rewards of the hard-working honey bee at this outdoor kitchen and educational exhibit near the Imagination! Pavilion Rosewalk
    • Health Full Trail Presented by AdventHealth – Open until dusk; fuel up on healthy eats at the neighboring outdoor kitchen, then work off some energy along this garden path inspired by good things to eat near the Imagination! Walkway
    • Tropical Rainforest Garden – A garden inspired by the beauty of the Mexican rainforest near the Mexico Pavilion
    • Extraordinary Orchids – A favorite of flower lovers everywhere, located near the Mexico Pavilion 
    • Bold Bromeliads – Colorful flowering plants that make their home in the tropics and subtropics of the Americas (plus one in West Africa!), located in World Nature by The Land Pavilion 
    • Bamboo Garden – Marvel at the many sizes and colors of this strong, fast-growing plant at the China Pavilion

Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto topiary outside Epcot

    • Chinese Zodiac Garden – Ring in the Year of the Tiger at this garden of zodiac animals in topiary form, each constructed entirely from dried plant material, at the China Pavilion  
    • Alpine Miniature Garden – Tinker Bell-sized dwellings dotting a shrub forest near the Germany Pavilion
    • Garden Italiano – A Tuscan garden at the Italy Pavilion with all the fixings for your next pasta feast 
    • Kokedama Garden – A collection of the ancient Japanese art known as kokedama, or ornamental plants grown in balls of soil covered in moss, near the Japan Pavilion
    • Bonsai Collection – An exhibit at the Japan Pavilion of living sculptures that have been painstakingly cultivated by hand by bonsai masters 
    • Spice Garden – A garden inspired by the fragrant (and lucrative) spice routes of old near the Morocco Pavilion
    • France Bouquet Garden (New!) – Colorful blooms waiting to be cut for a fresh bouquet, located near the France Pavilion
    • English Tea Garden Presented by Twinings of London – A garden near the United Kingdom Pavilion steeped in history and devoted to the world’s most popular beverage
    • Shakespeare Garden – Soak up some sonnets and smell the flowers that influenced them in this garden inspired by the Bard himself near the United Kingdom Pavilion
    • Prehistoric Garden – A blast from the past in garden form, located at World Discovery by Mission: SPACE, with plants that have thrived since dinosaurs walked the Earth 65 million years ago 
    • Green Landing Family Play Zone – Open until dusk; an eco-friendly garden near World Discovery inspired by WALL-E perfect for a little midday playtime

That wraps up our guide to the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Even during the pandemic, there are still plenty of things to see, do, eat and drink. It’s the perfect spring escape whether your house looks like a jungle inside or you’re still cultivating your green thumb. 

If you’re looking to maximize your trip, you don’t want to miss our 1-Day Epcot Play and discounted Walt Disney World tickets. They’ll help save you both time and money (AKA more time and money to enjoy tasty festival treats).

Have you been to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival? Which outdoor kitchen or Disney topiary is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!