Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando, FL) – FAQ

Do you sell 1 or 2 day tickets?

Currently we do not sell anything less than 3 days. For 1 or 2 day tickets please purchase at Disneyworld.com.

What are the highlighted dates on your calendar?

The highlighted dates on our calendar represent the valid dates of your ticket. Both the dark green and light green represent these valid dates. The reason there are more dates highlighted then your chosen ticket is because you can put days in between your visits to the parks.

How will I receive my tickets?

We have two option for receiving your tickets. The first is shipped tickets in which you receive your actual physical tickets via mail. Our second option is will call pick-up in which guests may pick-up their tickets at any of the 4 parks. Box offices are located outside all 4 parks gates. No matter what option you choose to receive your tickets, your ticket confirmation code will be sent to you via email within 24 hrs so you can link your tickets to your My Disney Experience account and make FastPass+ reservations.

Can your tickets be linked to my MDE account online?

Yes, we provide you with a ticket confirmation number after purchase that allows you to link your tickets to your MDE account online. This allows you to make Fastpass+ reservations when available. This also allows you to assign and link your tickets to any MagicBands you may have.

How soon can I make Fastpass+ reservations?

If you are staying on property (a Disney-owned property hotel) you can make Fastpass+ reservations 60 days in advance of your arrival date. If you are not staying on property you can make your reservations 30 days in advance of your first day in the parks.

What is an MDE account?

MDE stands for My Disney Experience. This is an account you create on the Disneyworld.com website. Upon creating one you receive access to link purchased tickets, hotel reservations, photopass products, dining reservations, Fastpass+ reservations, and much more. You can also add members of your party that will be in your travel group. Members of your travel group that you have added can have tickets, hotels, dining, and Fastpass+ reservations linked to them.

Do I have to stop at a box office to pick-up my tickets if I choose will call?

If you have MagicBands and you link your tickets to them through your MDE account you DO NOT have to stop off at box office. You may proceed directly to the park entrances. If you are not using MagicBands then you will need to stop off at a box office to pick-up your tickets. Photo ID is required.

Do your tickets have blockout dates?

Unless specified on the ticket page, no. They must be used during their valid dates.

Can I cancel my Walt Disney World Resort tickets?

After purchase your Walt Disney World tickets are non-refundable. Travel insurance may be purchased allowing for cancellation if the reason for cancellation meets one of the listed situations including weather, illness, death, loss of employment and more.