Custom postcard for Disney vacations

Free Disney Countdown Timer and Postcard

Are you getting ready to head out on your next Disney vacation? There’s no better way to share the news with friends and family that with a free Disney postcard and countdown timer! We’ve created the most unique way to share your excitement with others by combining all the best things about the Disney parks and resorts into one great, shareable post!

A few things to keep in mind before making your postcard. First, remember that sharing your actual date of leaving is not always the best idea. It’s the idea of letting other know when you’re going to be out of town that can get a bit…unsafe you could say. So when creating your free Disney postcard, remember not to include your exact date of arrival. Instead, look at sharing what you’re most excited about or the fact that you’re booked and ready to go.

Second, our postcard will ask that you upload a selfie or image of whoever is going. Be sure to have one on hand and ready to upload. It’s going to look great!

Third, we have free images to use as backgrounds for your postcard based on some of your favorite things. It’s as easy as selecting one from our library. We’ve adding more every week so checkback or send in a request.

To access the free Disney countdown and postcard simply use the sidebar on (on desktop) or continue to our homepage (on mobile) to create it. Once done you’ll be able to share it on Facebook and Twitter with all your friends and family!