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Haunted Mansion Bar Coming to the Disney Treasure 2024

Get ready to embark on a spooky and spirited adventure aboard the Disney Treasure cruise ship in 2024. One of the most highly anticipated features of this new vessel is the Haunted Mansion Parlor, the world’s first bar inspired by the iconic Haunted Mansion attraction from Disney parks. This immersive lounge will transport guests into the ghostly realm, complete with eerie decor, themed cocktails, exclusive merchandise, and maybe even a few surprise appearances from the 999 happy haunts.

Disney Treasure Ship

The Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

Before we dive into the details of the Haunted Mansion Parlor, let’s set the stage with an overview of the Disney Treasure cruise ship. The Treasure is Disney Cruise Line’s sixth ship overall and second of four new ships launching between 2022-2025. As the sister ship to the Disney Wish, the Treasure has an identical build but features unique themed spaces and an overarching theme of adventure, inspired by Walt Disney’s spirit of exploration.

Classic Disney storytelling and characters are woven throughout the ship’s venues and entertainment, with influences from beloved films like The Jungle Book, Coco, Zootopia, and more. The 1,254 staterooms feature custom artwork evoking the exploratory spirit of Aladdin, Up, Pocahontas and Encanto. The Disney Treasure will embark on its maiden voyage on December 21, 2024, offering 7-night Caribbean itineraries from Port Canaveral, Florida.


The Haunted Mansion Parlor: History and Theme

Now let’s step inside the Haunted Mansion Parlor, where a swinging wake awaits, hosted by a jovial ghost captain. The story goes that this merry spirit entered the ghostly realm after a disastrous dinner with his beloved fiancé. The bar’s theme combines the classic Haunted Mansion attraction with a nautical twist befitting the Disney Treasure. Imagineers designed the lounge to resemble an elegant first-class drawing room from a golden age cruise liner.

Fans of the original Haunted Mansion attractions at Disney parks will recognize nostalgic tributes throughout the space, from the iconic purple wallpaper to the distinctive armchair tucked in a corner. The Parlor’s backstory and characters come to life through an eerie portrait gallery showcasing the bar’s ghostly residents, including familiar faces from the parks alongside some new spectral sailors. Keep your eyes open, as you never know when one of these spirits may materialize to socialize over a cocktail.


Signature Spooky Sips and Morsels

Of course, the real stars of the Haunted Mansion Parlor are the themed food and drinks. The mixologists have concocted a menu of cleverly named cocktails that capture the true essence of the Haunted Mansion. For example, the “Sympathetic Libations” is a zero-proof tiki drink that combines sour cherry and blood orange flavors, served in a specialty mug. Those with a sweet tooth can indulge in the “Ghoulish Delight,” a glittery purple concoction of ube fudge, oat milk and tapioca pearls, garnished with a gummy eyeball.

The Parlor also offers a ghostly twist on a classic margarita, presented amidst a swirl of flavored smoke. Topped with a lemon salt foam, this tequila-based cocktail contains a secret message only visible under black light. Even the bar snacks get a haunted makeover, with “Ghostly Tartare” and “Madame Leota’s Seance Bites” providing frighteningly tasty accompaniment to the libations.


Spooktacular Atmosphere and Decor

From the moment you step inside the Haunted Mansion Parlor, the immersive decor and ambiance will transport you to the other side. Victorian-era design details like crystal chandeliers, velvet drapery, and antique mirrors create an elegant yet mysterious setting. The “ghosts” of former cruise ship passengers peer out from vintage photographs in ornate frames. Dim lighting, flickering candles, and wafts of fog set an otherworldly tone. The bar itself resembles a grand pipe organ with brass finishes.

Furnishings feature rich, dark woods and plush upholstery in deep shades of purple and red. Gothic motifs like spiderwebs, skulls, and gargoyles are subtly incorporated throughout. No detail is overlooked, from the haunting melodies echoing softly in the background, to the “invisible ghost pianist” that may tinkle the ivories when you least expect it. Even the servers get into the spirit, donning dapper attire with a few spectral embellishments.


Exclusive Haunted Mansion Merchandise

For Haunted Mansion fans, no visit to the Parlor is complete without perusing the exclusive onboard merchandise collection. These limited-edition items are must-haves for collectors and make perfect mementos of your spirited sojourn at sea. One standout is the Haunted Mansion Parlor Music Box, a replica of an antique music box said to have belonged to the ghost captain’s bride. Legend has it the box only opens in the presence of spirits.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor Clock is another striking keepsake, evoking the grandfather clock from the original Disney parks attraction. For a truly haunting souvenir, the Haunted Mansion Parlor Mirror holds a spooky surprise – just like in the attraction, the infamous hitchhiking ghosts may mysteriously appear in the reflection behind you. Other collectibles include gargoyle bottle stoppers, Madame Leota coasters, and “Host a Ghost” dinner party sets.



The Haunted Mansion Parlor on the Disney Treasure promises an unparalleled experience that will leave guests simultaneously delighted and spooked. By masterfully weaving together the lore of a beloved Disney parks attraction with the romance of vintage ocean liners, Imagineers have created a truly unique venue that showcases the innovation Disney is known for.

From the chilling cocktail concoctions and ghostly gastronomy, to the painstakingly detailed decor and exclusive merchandise, every element immerses guests in a spirited storyline. The Parlor provides the perfect place to socialize with friends, both mortal and immortal, while sailing the high seas. The Haunted Mansion Parlor demonstrates Disney’s commitment to bringing favorite attractions to life in new ways, delighting fans and introducing new audiences to these cherished stories and characters.

It’s just one of many exciting new spaces on the Disney Treasure that will spark the spirit of adventure in cruisers of all ages when the ship sets sail in 2024. And with that, we bid you farewell…but beware, a ghost may follow you home!