Just In – Park Savers Acquires One Smart Mouse

Park Savers, one of the internets fastest growing websites for planning Disney vacations, has acquired One Smart Mouse, another Disney vacation planning website. “We have been talking for quite sometime and decided now was a better time than not,” said Brian Dalton, president of Park Savers. “They have been growing continually year over year like us, have similar planning methods and discount savings for their guests. It falls right in line with our values and goals.”

One Smart Mouse was founded in 2017 as a small planning website for Disney vacation planners. They offered reviews, planning posts and ways to save on vacations.

Park Savers, which has been in the same business for over 10 years, has grown significantly over the past 5 years and has started to acquire smaller website who’s values align with theirs. They plan to keep the writing staff of every website, especially right now during COVID-19. “Even though we’ve seen a drop in purchases and visitors, we are doing everything we can to keep jobs for our staff,” said Brian. “Now more than ever, this is important.”

Guests of One Smart Mouse can use Park Savers to plan and book their vacations with special pricing!

For further press inquires, please contact Brian at: contact@parksavers.com