Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion
Intimidator 305

All 13 Kings Dominion Roller Coasters Ranked

Some theme parks, like those at the Walt Disney World Resort, are known for their dark rides. Others, such as Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, are all about the thrills (and Harry Potter). At Kings Dominion, roller coasters are, well, king. Located in Doswell, Virginia, just 75 miles south of Washington, DC, and 20 miles north of Richmond, this 280-acre amusement park is home to over 60 attractions, and almost a quarter of them are roller coasters. Needless to say, Kings Dominion is a coaster enthusiast’s paradise.

So, if you’re planning to visit Kings Dominion sometime in the future, which of these thrilling rides should you add to your repertoire? Read on as we break down everything you need to know about these awesome attractions before we finally rank them from least to most awesome. (Although, all of them are pretty fantastic in their own way and are sure to get your heart racing, whether it’s a little or a lot.) Ok, let’s get to it!

Twisted Timbers roller coaster at Kings Dominion
Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion by Drew Hastings on Unsplash

Kings Dominion’s Roller Coasters: A Crash Course

Before we buckle up for a breakdown of the best Kings Dominion roller coasters, let’s first dive into the basics of these high-speed, high-fun thrill rides. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

How many roller coasters are at Kings Dominion?

Kings Dominion is a haven for roller coaster enthusiasts both young and old, boasting 13 coasters in total. Of those, only one is considered a kiddie coaster. As for the rest of the Kings Dominion roller coasters, the majority of them are relatively family-friendly, with only four of the coasters having a height requirement of 54″.

What is the newest roller coaster at Kings Dominion?

Opened in 2022, Tumbili is the newest roller coaster at Kings Dominion. Following closely behind when it comes to newness is Twisted Timbers, a hybrid coaster that made its highly acclaimed debut in 2018.

What is the oldest Kings Dominion roller coaster?

The oldest roller coaster at Kings Dominion, and the park’s oldest ride in general, is Woodstock Express. Originally named Scooby Doo and, later, Scooby Doo’s Ghoster Coaster, Woodstock Express actually opened a year before Kings Dominion itself in 1974.

Loading area for Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion
Intimidator 305 Loading Area

What is the longest roller coaster at Kings Dominion?

The longest Kings Dominion roller coaster in terms of both ride duration and track length is Intimidator 305, which is pretty impressive when you consider that it is also the fastest coaster in the park. However, given that the ride is inspired by former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, we think that’s rather fitting given stock car racing’s need for speed and infamously long races.

What is the most intense Kings Dominion roller coaster?

Although there are other coasters in the park that have some pretty thrilling moments, the crown for the most intense Kings Dominion roller coaster easily goes to Intimidator 305 (AKA I305). In fact, when the coaster first opened, the extreme G-forces produced (over 5 Gs) even caused some riders to grey- or blackout, or even momentarily lose consciousness altogether. Although the G-forces have been tamed slightly with the redesign of the ride’s first turn, Intimidator 305 still pulls an impressive 4.5 Gs while also laying claim to a max speed of 90 miles per hour and a 300-foot drop at 85 degrees.

Reptilian roller coaster at Kings Dominion
Reptilian (Kings Dominion) 1 by Jeremy Thompson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Ranking the Best Roller Coasters at Kings Dominion

So, what are the best coasters at Kings Dominion? As with attractions at any theme park—whether it be Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disneyland, Busch Gardens in Tampa or SeaWorld—it really depends on your personal preference. (Are you looking for the most intense thrills? What about exciting maneuvers like inversions or lots of airtime? Or maybe you prefer something that mixes in some thoughtful theming.)

For this roller coaster roundup, we’re trying to bear all of that in mind. In other words, while this list might not be definitive, it is comprehensive. Alright, thrill seekers, are you ready for our ranking of the top Kings Dominion roller coaster? Then pull down on your shoulder restraints, and let’s get started!

Apple Zapple at Kings Dominion
Apple Zapple Kings Dominion 2018 by Willow Westervelt is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

13. Great Pumpkin Coaster

If you’re traveling to Kings Dominion with a young child in tow, then you definitely won’t want to miss the Great Pumpkin Coaster in Planet Snoopy. The only true kiddie coaster in Kings Dominion, this wooden coaster is the perfect introduction to the thrills and chills of roller coasters, with its easygoing hills, two turns, and a couple of tummy-turning dips.

Height Restriction: 40″ or taller (at least 36″ if riding accompanied)

Duration: 52 secs

Thrill Level: 2/5

12. Apple Zapple

If your favorite part of a thrill ride is the tight turns and sudden drops, then Apple Zapple is for you. A steel wild mouse coaster, this family-friendly attraction is a great way for kids to dip their toes into the pulse-racing thrills that bigger roller coasters offer. Along with plenty of twists, the biggest thrill is the ride’s hair-raising 50-foot drop.

Height Restriction: 54″ or taller (at least 44″ if riding accompanied)

Max Speed: 35 mph

Duration: 3 mins

Thrill Level: 4/5

Tumbili roller coaster at Kings Dominion
Tumbili by Drew Hastings on Unsplash

11. Woodstock Express

Located in the heart of Planet Snoopy, Woodstock Express is also at the heart of Kings Dominion itself, as it boasts the distinction of being the park’s very first ride. However, its age doesn’t stop it from being a ton of fun, especially for younger thrill seekers. One of Planet Snoopy’s fastest rides, with a top speed of 35 miles per hour, this classic coaster can twist and turn with the best of them—just like Snoopy’s feathered friend himself—while a maximum height of only 35 feet keeps the attraction approachable.

Height Restriction: 46″ or taller (at least 40″ if riding accompanied)

Max Speed: 35 mph

Duration: 1 min and 40 secs

Thrill Level: 4/5

10. Tumbili

Are you ready to rock (head over heels, we mean)? Opened in March 2022, this new roller coaster is also one of the most unique rides in Kings Dominion. Touted as a 4D spin coaster, the only one of its kind in the state of Virginia, Tumbili sends riders tumbling 112 feet in the air at speeds of up to 34 miles per hour, all thanks to its use of state-of-the-art magnetic technology. Think of it like a rollercoaster-ized version of the Zipper carnival ride.

Height Restriction: 48″ or taller (no more than 77″)

Max Speed: 34 mph

Duration: 55 secs

Thrill Level: 5/5

Backlot Stunt Coaster at Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion – Stunt Coaster by Stabbur’s Master is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

9. Backlot Stunt Coaster

Is your favorite part of any action film the chase scene? Do you wish that you could unleash your inner stunt driver out on the open road? Since you can’t really do that without risking life or limb—or, at the very least, an expensive traffic ticket—why not just satisfy your need for speed and daredevil maneuvers on the Backlot Stunt Coaster? From its zero-to-40 linear induction motor launch in only three seconds flat to its white-knuckle sprint through a set of crazy helixes, this no-holds-barred coaster excites from beginning to end. The theming of Backlot Stunt Coaster even takes inspiration from a chase sequence in The Italian Job, seeing riders cruise through a parking garage and dodge bullets fired by police in hot pursuit.

Height Restriction: 48″ or taller

Max Speed: 40 mph

Duration: 2 mins

Thrill Level: 5/5

8. Anaconda

Inspired by the tightly wound coils of the ride’s titular snake, Anaconda brings the thrills with four inversions sprinkled throughout its 2,700 feet of track, including a 360-degree, 100-foot-tall vertical loop and a 90-foot-tall sidewinder. And, since anacondas are also known for their swimming skills, this wild ride is even the world’s first looping coaster with an underwater tunnel that stretches 126 feet and follows a heart-pounding 144-foot drop. If that wasn’t enough excitement, the entire thing touts a high speed of 50 miles per hour.

Height Restriction: 48″ or taller

Max Speed: 50 mph

Duration: 1 min and 50 secs

Thrill Level: 5/5

Anaconda roller coaster at Kings Dominion
Anaconda by Drew Hastings on Unsplash

7. Reptilian

For a coaster of a different kind, don’t miss Reptilian in Jungle X-Pedition. A steel, bobsled-style coaster, Reptilian slithers through the rainforest at speeds of as much as 41 miles per hour. Although you won’t find as many thrills as you can on other Kings Dominion roller coasters, this snakelike ride is unique as the only attraction of its kind currently operating in the United States.

Height Restriction: 46″ or taller (at least 40″ if riding accompanied)

Max Speed: 41 mph

Duration: 2 mins

Thrill Level: 3/5

6. Racer 75

When it comes to Kings Dominion roller coasters, it doesn’t get more quintessential than Racer 75, which holds the title of the most rides given of any attraction in the park. Originally known as Rebel Yell when it made its debut in 1975, the wooden coaster even starred in the 1977 film Rollercoaster and was given the American Coaster Enthusiasts’ Landmark award in 2003. Featuring a pair of racing trains, riders onboard make a mad dash for the classic coaster’s finish line.

Height Restriction: 48″ or taller

Max Speed: 56 mph

Duration: 2 mins and 15 secs

Thrill Level: 4/5

Grizzly at Kings Dominion.0.
Grizzly (Kings Dominion) 3 by Jeremy Thompson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

5. Grizzly

Get ready to roar through the forest just like one of the wilderness’s most imposing predators on Grizzly, which winds through the trees in the Old Virginia section of Kings Dominion. Stretching to 3,162 feet long and 87 feet tall, Grizzly grazes a dense thicket of tree branches at speeds of up to 51 miles per hour. The double-figure-eight track and collection of bunny hills on this wooden roller coaster make for plenty of opportunities for airtime. If you can, try to ride Grizzly at night for an especially exciting ride.

Height Restriction: 48″ or taller

Max Speed: 51 mph

Duration: 2 mins and 30 secs

Thrill Level: 4/5

4. Flight of Fear

Experience a piece of coaster history and high-speed thrills maxing out at 54 miles per hour on Flight of Fear. One of the first roller coasters to use a magnet-powered, linear induction motor launch—the other is its twin at the Kings Island theme park, which was also created by Premier Rides—Flight of Fear catapults riders to its top speed in only four seconds. Once they’ve hit the ground running, the train hurtles through a dazzling array of four surprisingly smooth inversions, including a cobra roll, a sidewinder, and a corkscrew. If that wasn’t reason enough to give Flight of Fear a ride, it is also one of the park’s most award-winning attractions, earning three titles from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions: two for Technology Applied to Amusements and another for Major Theme/Amusement Park Ride/Attraction.

Height Restriction: 54″ or taller

Max Speed: 54 mph

Duration: 2 mins and 24 secs

Thrill Level: 5/5

Dominator roller coaster at Kings Dominion
Dominator by Drew Hastings on Unsplash

3. Dominator

We don’t know about you, but nothing gets our blood pumping quite like an inversion—and Dominator in Kings Dominion’s International Street area has five of them. A transplant from Geauga Lake (later called Six Flags Ohio), this mind-bending floorless coaster is the longest in the world, touting a track length of 4,210 feet. As if that weren’t already impressive enough, it also happens to hold the title of the world’s second-tallest (157 feet) and second-fastest (65 miles per hour) floorless coaster and boasts one of the biggest vertical loops of any attraction anywhere. After climbing the massive chain-lift hill, riders plummet down 148 feet at a 57-degree angle before climbing straight back up into a monstrous 135-foot-tall vertical loop. A cobra roll and a pair of interlocking corkscrews complete the coaster’s all-out inversion assault, making this easily one of the best rides at Kings Dominion.

Height Restriction: 54″ or taller (no more than 78″)

Max Speed: 67 mph

Duration: 2 mins and 6 secs

Thrill Level: 5/5

2. Intimidator 305

If it’s pulse-racing, white-knuckle thrills you’re looking for, nothing can match the heart-pounding intensity of Intimidator 305. Located right next door to Anaconda and Flight of Fear and just a short walk from Backlot Stunt Coaster in Jungle X-Pedition, this high-flying attraction inspired by NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt lays claim to several superlatives as one of the East Coast’s fastest, tallest and certainly most thrilling coasters. Standing proud at 305 feet tall (the third-tallest non-launched coaster after Millennium Force in Cedar Point and Steel Dragon 2000 in Nagashima Spa Land), with an 85-degree, 300-foot drop and a jaw-dropping top speed of 90 miles per hour, Intimidator 305 is the epitome of intense, even without any inversions. Best of all, at 5,100 feet long, its high-speed twists and turns keep going for a full three minutes. For a sneak peek of the action, take a trip up Kings Dominion’s Eiffel Tower to check it out before you ride.

Height Restriction: 54″ or taller (no more than 78″)

Max Speed: 90 mph

Duration: 3 mins

Thrill Level: 5/5

Intimidator 305 roller coaster at Kings Dominion
Intimidator 305 by Drew Hastings on Unsplash

1. Twisted Timbers

If you’re a fiend for airtime, then Twisted Timbers in Candy Apple Grove is an absolute must. Heck, we’re going to go ahead and say that Twisted Timbers is a must-do, no matter what kind of coasters you’re into. Fusing a steel track with wood supports, this hybrid coaster (the Mid-Atlantic’s first) brings the fun with no less than 20 stomach-churning moments of airtime and three inversions, including zero-g roll, a cutback, and a 109-foot-tall barrel roll downdrop. Add in a breakneck pace of up to 54 miles per hour and several tight turns that are sure to have you holding on for dear life, and Twisted Timbers is definitely worthy of the top spot in an already impressive lineup of Kings Dominion roller coasters. Best of all, thanks to Twisted Timbers’ very reasonable height requirement, this is one Kings Dominion thrill ride the whole family can enjoy.

Height Restriction: 48″ or taller

Max Speed: 54 mph

Duration: 2 mins and 20 secs

Thrill Level: 5/5

Twisted Timbers roller coaster at Kings Dominion
Twisted Timbers by Drew Hastings on Unsplash

Well, adrenaline junkies, thanks for coming along for the ride on our roundup and ranking of the best roller coasters at Kings Dominion. Have you ever had a chance to check out these heart-pounding thrill rides? Which Kings Dominion roller coasters are your favorites? Twisted Timbers? Flight of Fear? How about Dominator or Intimidator 305? Let us know your rankings in the comments below! Then, find out how you can make your trip to Kings Dominion even better (AKA cheaper!) with our discount theme park tickets.