Last Minute Disney World Tickets

So you’re planning a last minute trip to Walt Disney World and you’re looking for Last minute Disney World tickets? I’m so glad you’ve found us! Park Savers specialises in saving guests money on tickets to the Walt Disney World Resort, even if it’s last minute, so don’t fret!

Last Minute Disney World Tickets

To purchase tickets and still save last minute be sure to see our available tickets that include 3 to 10 day with 1 park per day, park hopper and park hopper plus options. All you have to do is choose your dates, how many tickets you need and you’re on your way. Savings for last minute tickets can be up to $81 per ticket.

You may find my Booking Guide helpful as you go through this process. It’s simple and realistic and built to save you money.

One thing to keep in mind is that no discounter can offer discounted 1 or 2 day tickets to Disney World. Only Disney themselves can offer these to guests.

Last Minute Disney World Tickets

If you’re not sure as to how many days to spend in the parks, I would highly recommend doing as many as you can. Disney World has so much to see and do that you’ll regret not spending more time there. However, if you’re just not sure, buy the lowest ticket you think you’ll use and then upgrade it later at the parks if you decide to spend more time there.

It’s much easier to upgrade a ticket than it is to downgrade, aka get a refund. Disney is not so hot on this idea and won’t always make it east for you.

Don’t worry about ordering last minute Disney World tickets and not receiving them on-time. Tickets these days are done electronically most of the time so you can just pick them up when you arrive at the parks. This is a very simple process and can actually save you a lot of time because of how fast they do it.

Guests with electronic tickets only need their ticket confirmation code and a photo ID in order to grab their physical tickets from a box office or guest relations.

Walt Disney World Tickets

If you’re a previous guest using MagicBands you can actually skip the box office and head right into the parks assuming you have linked your tickets to your MagicBands ahead of time.

Guests who are needing to book last minute can find that most options are still available for tickets. The hardest part about booking now is going to be your hotel and FastPass+ reservations.

Last Minute Disney World Hotels

Because hotels at Walt Disney World are popular year-round, guests tend to book them 7-8 months in advance. For someone who is booking last-minute these means it may be hard to find a room at the hotel you want as well as finding a good deal.

Disney typically runs promotions on their hotels several months in advance and they tend to stop bookings about a month before the promotion ends. So if you can book your hotel while the promotion is still running there may be a chance to grab a good deal on a room.


If you’re flexible and are okay with staying off property then you’ll have many more options to choose from and have a better chance at snagging a last-minute offer with hotels like Holiday Inn, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Marriott and more. Doing a quick search on websites like Priceline and can be helpful.

Once your hotel is booked, buying your tickets is simple as we mentioned above. Those can be purchased up to 24 hours before and you can still get great savings. Tickets are sent via email so you can link them online to your MDE account.

FastPass+ Reservations Last Minute

The next biggest thing you’re going to want to worry about is your FastPass+ reservations. Because these are typically booked 30-60 days in advance, they can be very limited when you’re booking last minute.

The best thing you can do is have your hotel and tickets set-up online at and start booking what’s available. Don’t panic at your intial viewing of FastPass+ reservations. Go into it knowing that most bigger attractions like Slinky Dog Dash, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Flight of Passage, Soarin’ Around the World, Tower of Terror and others will already be booked out.


Book what you can as soon as you can. Always book them as close together and as early as possible. This allows you time to rearrange, change and add more later on. Yes, it’s still possible to book the bigger attractions even though they are gone right now.

The key to getting good FastPass+ reservations last minute is to keep searching and be persistent. You chances of booking something big before arriving are okay but they actually increase as you get closer to your day in the park. Once you enter the park for the day, you have your best chance at grabbing something.

How is this possible? People change their plans constantly. Someone might have booked a FastPass+ reservation for 4 at Test Track but decided to go to a different park or just not ride at that time. That’s when you can snag their reservation when they cancel or change.

FastPass+ reservations are constantly changing so keep your mobile app open and searching! I personally have landed amazing attractions just 10-15 minutes before being able to ride. So keep on it and keep your phone charged!


If you’re need to find some last minute flights on the cheap as well I highly recommend taking a look at saver airlines like Spirit and Frontier. Other airlines could be JetBlue and Southwest. All of these guys seem to have great fare deals up to the last minute.

I personally love to search when I’m looking last minute. It will show you almost all the airlines and what their prices are and who the cheapest is. It’s a very fast, free service and you can sometimes book directly through them.

Last Minute Disney World Packages

Lastly, you can always try and grab an entire package which is very convenient and can still save you a ton of money. Park Savers has a very simple form that you can fill out for your request. An agent will respond shortly and provide you with a customised quote that includes concierge services!

Disney Springs Closing

These services include booking your FastPass+ reservations and dining when you need it! This is a big time saver and a must-use service that included for free with your package.

Your package can include your hotel, tickets, transportation, flights and dining plan. Depending on how soon your booking to your arrival date, some or most of these things should be available. Our agents do their very best to find the best deal to help you save last minute.

Overall, booking a last minute Disney World vacation is not a bad idea or impossible! There are still options to help you save and get the most out of your vacation. Just follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be fine!