New American Girl Disney Princess Collection

In February 2024, American Girl launched a new core collection of Disney princess dolls, including Ariel, Tiana, and Cinderella. Additional characters like Anna and Elsa from Frozen are expected later in 2024. The 18-inch dolls in the core collection are sold for $125 each. They come dressed in their signature outfits from the films, along with themed accessories. Additional dresses, shoes, and accessories are also available for purchase separately.

Key Details on the Princess Dolls


  • Signature dress: Blue dress or pink dress
  • Accessories: Flounder, Sebastian, bows
  • Additional outfits: Mermaid tail outfit


  • Signature dress: Green and yellow ballgown or blue gown
  • Additional outfit: Green and yellow streetwear with matching hat
  • Accessories: Cookbook, tiara, necklace, gloves, beignets


  • Signature dress: Iconic blue ballgown
  • Additional outfit: Cleaning outfit with matching scarf
  • Accessories: Sewing kit, mice

The dolls have details like the characters’ eye and hair color, and elements that reference the films, like Ariel’s seashell bra or Tiana’s beignets.


  • Released summer 2023, limited to 4,000 dolls globally
  • 18″ doll with brown eyes, long black hair in signature twists/ponytail
  • Turquoise headband with crystal trio
  • Golden pointed toe slippers with Swarovski crystals
  • Two-piece outfit with golden lamé and 100+ crystals


  • Released summer 2023, limited to 4,000 dolls globally
  • 18” doll with hazel eyes, long wavy brown hair in half bun with tiara
  • Golden stud earrings with moonlight crystals
  • Golden satin gown with 100+ Swarovski crystals


  • Released summer 2023, limited to 4,000 dolls globally
  • 18” doll with blue-green eyes, long golden blonde braided hair with florals
  • Golden sun necklace with Swarovski crystal
  • Fabric hair flowers with crystals


The American Girl Disney Princess collection combines two beloved brands in a collaboration that fans have long hoped for. The 18-inch collector dolls allow fans to bring home their favorite princesses, with beautiful outfits and thematic accessories to inspire creative play. As the collection expands in 2024 with dolls like Anna and Elsa, it is certain to continue delighting Disney fans of all ages.